Argument vs Discussion: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. An argument is a disagreement between two or more parties where each party presents its point of view, while a discussion is a conversation or exchange of ideas between two or more parties.
  2. Arguments are emotionally charged and lead to conflict, while discussions are respectful and aim to understand the other person’s perspective.
  3. The goal of an argument is to prove oneself right and the other party wrong, while a discussion aims to arrive at a common understanding or solution.
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What is an Argument?

A disagreement between more than two individuals presenting evidence to support their position frequently results in an argument. An argument is a statement or series of words used to persuade others that your point of view is valid. Arguments can be treated as independent concepts for theoretical purposes, removed from the circumstances in which they are used in actual human activities.

 The goal of an argument is to provide reasoning and evidence to show the actual value of a claim, which can be accomplished by proving whether the assertion is true or untrue. A string of statements is only an argument if they do this.

Argumentation happens in groups. Two or more people engaging in an argument must respond to each other’s claims and disputes. Argumentation involves supporting, modifying, or defending viewpoints following claims and justifications rather than merely restating them.

Arguments develop as a result of the contributions made by the dialogue participants. However, most arguments need to be presented rationally and as rational, which can sometimes make them challenging to understand. Yet every argument that is an argument should be able to be rephrased in this way.

What is a Discussion?

Discussion requires proper consideration of a specific issue or subject. The focus of a debate is intellectual growth. Prima facie is not appropriate in meetings, as opposed to arguments. The Purpose of a discussion is to share different aspects and knowledge or sometimes to achieve common ground. There is no one correct or no one wrong.

The focus of intellectual growth is a discussion. Prima facie is not appropriate in meetings, as opposed to arguments. All discussions must begin with proper deliberation. Talking about a problem is the first step toward finding a lasting solution.

Some discussions start on their own. For instance, you can chat with a group of individuals about the football game from last night or a scandal involving a famous person. Discussions of this nature are for exchanging ideas; no conclusion is required. They facilitate deeper interpersonal understanding.

Some discussions are explicitly planned to pique attention or provide entertainment. They could be prepared in such a way that those with strong opinions have a chance to express them. They include radio or television discussion shows, for instance. Knowing the goal of a discussion is helpful when participating in one. It also helps if everyone engaged is aware of the plan.


Difference Between Argument and Discussion

  1. Discussion tends to have a lot more positive vibe than argument, associated with unpleasant conflicts or disagreements.
  2. A discussion sheds light and comes from an open mind; it exchanges knowledge and always tries to prove what is right. An argument throws heat because it is driven by ego and a closed mind; it expresses ignorance and always tries to establish who is right.
  3. An individual is less emotional and more practical in a discussion; meanwhile, an argument is affected by emotions and can lead to unwanted disputes.
  4. Discussions are more rational, and Arguments are mostly less logical.
  5. The process is calm, with positive energy involved while discussing. Argumenting requires a lot of energy while speaking because of the emotions involved.

Comparison Between Argument and Discussion.

Parameter of ComparisonArgumentDiscussion
DefinitionAn idea is a statement or remarks favouring or against something.A discussion requires communication between group members and a desire to exchange ideas respectfully.
ProcessIt is rational and reasonable.It is less logical and energy-consuming.
MotiveTo achieve a common ground or establish what is right.To prove who is correct.
Emotions involvedMore Emotions.Fewer emotions.
Natureis unhealthy and better to avoid.Healthy and good for increasing knowledge.
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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