Difference Between Weebly and WordPress

Web hosting services and web content development services are the main sources through which the internet provides us with satisfactory answers to our questions.

There various such websites.Two such are Weebly and WordPress.

WordPress is a content development service website whereas Weebly is a web hosting service website.

Their main function is to be able to write and add to the existing content.

Weebly vs WordPress

The difference between Weebly and WordPress is that it is easier to make modifications to Weebly. This is because Weebly does not require knowledge of codes whereas it is necessary to know basic codes for WordPress.

Weebly vs WordPress

Weebly is a web hosting website that also has a content management system. The elements of the system are drag and drop type so they are easy to access and operate. But they do not allow much customization.

WordPress is a website that is used for content development. It is a free and open content management system or CMS for short. They have various features for helping users like plugins and templates.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWeeblyWordPress
EaseIt is an easy website builder. It does not require to learn or know codes for making modifications.This website requires people or editors to know basic coding programmes to make modifications to posts and articles.
FlexibilityIt only allows customization up to an extent and no external tools can be used on the website since it is protected from the public.The user can customize their website to their match. They also allow the use of external tools for the modifications as they give complete access. They also have various plugins.
HelpingThey have various help guides with answers to your questions. But since the website is relatively easier to use, there would not be many questions.They have a community forum that answers your questions. They also have WordPress support for answering your queries.
MaintenanceSince they are private, the maintenance and updates are taken care of by the technical care unit. You would not have to do anything.WordPress would give you notifications for updates and you would have to manually click on the updates that are compatible for your device.
CostOne can use Weebly for free but there would be constant advertisements being displayed. To avoid them, one can subscribe to one of their premium plans.WordPress cannot be used for free. You will have to subscribe to one of the hosting services that are more expensive than Weebly

What is Weebly?

Weebly is a website that has web hosting services. Its current headquarters is in San Fransisco and was first founded on March 29, 2006.

According to the 2018 census, Weebly had nearly 600,000 paid subscribers.

Weebly can be used for free. But there would be a constant display of advertisements on the page and some of the features may appear to be locked for the user.

The content designers of the website use simple widget-based site builders for operating and upgrading the website. So, the updates and fixing of problems are taken care of by this team.

The consumers have an option for changing the ending of the URL of the file.

They also provide unlimited storage but can be specific for a few users only. They also have android and iOS apps for ease of access.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that is called CMS in short. They allow designing and creating necessary contents or making of new websites for their purposes.

Though they are easy to use, as they require the usage of codes, they are very flexible.

They allow customization of the website according to the users and also provide features like plugins and templates for suggestions.

It was first released on May 27, 2003. It was initially released as a blog-publishing website but then it later developed with many more features.

It is now one of the most popular content management systems.

For using WordPress, you would have to install it in your server or use it as a software managing website ‘wordpress.org’.


Main Differences Between Weebly and WordPress

  1. Weebly is easier to use. They do not work with codes so one does not need to know different codes for making modifications to their posts. But in the case of WordPress, it has a higher learning curve than Weebly. It requires the knowledge of basic coding languages to be able to make modifications to their posts.
  2. The flexibility of the two is also different. Weebly allows customization but only up to an extent. It also does not allow external tools to be used as the website is private and locked. This is not the case with WordPress. The user can customize their website according to their desires along with external tools for this customization. This website also provides various plugins.
  3. In terms of help and support, the two websites work differently. Weebly has a helper guide that has answers to possible questions you may have. But since they are easy to work with, one may not have any questions. WordPress has a community forum where questions are posted and they are answered by others. But they also have a WordPress Support Provider that assigns you a group of personal experts.
  4. The maintenance of Weebly is taken care of by the technical support unit. They would automatically fix bugs or problems with the website along with required updates. On the other hand, WordPress would only notify about available updates and the users would have to manually accept the updates that satisfy their needs and are compatible with their system. This is one of the important features of WordPress.
  5. Weebly can be used free of cost. One does not require to have a subscribed account to access the features of the website but they would come across a constant display of advertisements. These can be avoided by subscribing to a premium deal. Whereas WordPress is paid. One can choose a hosting service and the cost would depend on the hosting service being chosen.
Difference Between Weebly and WordPress


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