Difference Between Baitcast and Spinning

Fishing is not as simple as it seems. A fisher must weigh up numerous factors including the location, weather, tides, water temperature, turbidity, barometric pressure, and even the type of reel.

When it comes to reels, elements such as line capacity, casting distance, lure weight, speed of throw, and even wind intensity affect the process of fishing. Baitcast and spinning reels are specialized to counter such elements.

Baitcast vs Spinning

The main difference between baitcast and spinning is that both the reels have a different structure which affects the ideal type of fish meant to be captured by them. While baitcast reels are made for casting lures that are heavy, spinning reels are made for casting lures that are light in weight.

Baitcasr vs Spinning

Baitcast reels are placed on top of the rod which makes the spool parallel to the rod. Due to this, the spool moves along with the casting line while fishing. It may be quite difficult to manage such type of a reel as a certain angle is required to make a cast.

Spinning reels are one of the easiest to use reels in the market. Due to their structural design, these rods are perfect for lightweight casting. These reels even have a button to switch between locked and free spool. They are even perfect for a fisher to just test the waters. This makes them the perfect choice for beginners and children.

Comparison Table Between Baitcast and Spinning

Parameters of ComparisonBaitcastSpinning
UseBaitcast reel works best when used for offshore fishing.Spinning reel works best when used for in-shore fishing.
StrengthBaitcast reels can be used for heavy-weight fishing.Spinning reels are best for casting lightweight lures.
PositionBaitcast reels are placed on top of the rod.Spinning reels are placed below the rod.
Level of DifficultyBaitcast reels are comparatively difficult to use because of their structure.Spinning reels are easy to use and are thus the perfect choice for beginners and children.
ReadjustmentThe user must set up the spool spin and lure weight according to their liking before use.The user does not need to re-adjust the spool spin and lure weight after every use.
CostBaitcast reels are more expensive.Spinning reels are very budget-friendly.
BacklashesBaitcast reels have a high risk of backlashing while in use.Spinning reels do not backlash at all and thus making it a convenient option.

What is Baitcast?

Baitcast is a kind of reel that is best to use for offshore fishing. This is one of the most popular products in the market. These reels have a rigid structural design. The reel is placed on top of the rod, making the two-stand parallel to each other. Due to this, when the line is cast, the spool moves along with it.

Line types such as fluorocarbon, monofilament, and braid are best suited for such a type of reel. However, baicast reels have a heavy risk of backlashing. This happens when the spool ends up moving faster than the casting line. As a result, the user is left with a knotted-up fishing line.

Baitcast reels can be used with many different lures, baits, and lines. For this, the user required a certain amount of experience. This makes this reel an ideal choice for advanced fishermen who know how to make such adjustments correctly. Moreover, the reel works well while catching heavy fish, which increases the overall difficulty level.

A fisherman must press the button of the reel to release the casting line. At that time, the bait is dropped automatically. Most fishermen use their thumb to break and control the casting line. By doing so, they manage to reduce the risk of a backlash.

What is Spinning?

Spinning reels are meant for inshore fishing. These types of reels are easy to use which makes them perfect for beginners and children. Light-weight lures and baits are best suited to be paired with them. Even live baits work well.

The reels are built-in with a drag system that helps adjust the amount of tension the fishing line undergoes. This is done with the help of a spool on the top of the knob that allows the user to calibrate the frictionless plates. The system provides aid to the fishermen while fighting the fish.

Another advantage of using a spinning reel is that just by unscrewing a knob, it can change the orientation from right to left-handed. Moreover, the reel even has a switch at its bottom that allows a user to back-reel. The spool of the reel always faces the top of the rod. At the time of casting, the line peels off.

These reels came to popularity in the 1870s in North America. Then, they were also called fixed-spool reels or eggbeaters. Due to their lightweight, people could use artificial flies as lures for trout or salmon. The bait could easily be cast with minimal effort. Moreover, spinning reels are placed below the rod which facilitates better stability.

Main Differences Between Baitcast and Spinning

  1. Baitcast reels are best suited for offshore fishing while spinning reels are best suited for inshore fishing.
  2. Baitcast reels are stronger than spinning reels.
  3. Baitcast reels are placed above the rod while spinning reels are placed below the rod.
  4. The spool spin and lure weight need to be readjusted in baitcast reels while spinning reels require no such readjustment.
  5. Baitcast reels have a high risk of backlashes while there is no such risk with spinning reels.


Baitcast and spinning reels are the most popular choice for fishermen across the world. A major difference between both is baitcast reels are placed above the rod while spinning reels are placed underneath it. The difference in their structure changes the kind of mechanisms with which they work.

Moreover, this also affects the dynamics of the lure and spool. While baitcast reels are best suited with heavy-weight lures, spinning reels work best with lightweight lures. This makes baitcast reels a better option for advanced fishermen and spinning reels for beginners and children. Baitcast reels are also pricier than the latter, so it is a popular choice among serious fishermen.


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