Tubshroom vs Showershroom: Difference and Comparison

Keeping the bathroom clean and the drains unclogged can potentially be a challenge for people with long hair and minimal time spared during their busy lives.


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Almost every household faces the problem of clogged bathroom drains, and shower drains and devices like Tubshroom and Showershroom can effectively help with these problems.

Key Takeaways

  1. Tubshroom is designed to catch hair and other debris in bathtubs, while Showershroom is designed for use in showers.
  2. Both products are made of silicone and fit inside the drain.
  3. Tubshroom has a larger surface area than Showershroom.

Tubshroom vs Showershroom

The difference between Tubshroom and Showershroom is that they have different shapes and designs and are also manufactured by different parent companies. Although both Tubshroom and Showershroom are drain protectors, they have some basic differences between them that will be discussed further below.

Tubshroom vs Showershroom

Tubshroom is a drain protector for your bathroom or shower which is not only stain-resistant but also dust-resistant.

It comes in a variety of colours and can be easily installed in your bathroom or shower to prevent its drains from being blocked by large waste particles or even hair and other shower products and residues.

Showershroom is also a drain protector for your bathroom or shower, which is not only stain and rust-resistant but also scratch-resistant, making it last longer and look pleasant.

It is easily fitted and installed in your bathroom or shower to prevent its drains from being clogged or blocked in any way.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTubshroomShowershroom
SizeTubshroom is a 1.5 inches sized drain protector.Showershroom is a 2-inch sized drain protector.
WeightTubshroom weighs around 0.48 ounces.Showershroom weighs around 1.44 ounces.
MaterialTubshroom is made up of silicone.Showershroom is made up of rubber.
Stand out FeatureTubshroom has a snug fit design better fitting to the bathroom drain.Showershroom has a scratch-resistant exterior.
PriceTubshroom is costlier than the Showershroom.Showershroom is less expensive compared to Tubshroom.

What is Tubshroom?

Tubshroom is a new age drain protector helpful to prevent drain clogging by unwanted materials being stuck in the shower and keep the bathroom clean and tidy.

In today’s world, tub shroom is almost an essential commodity and can be used in any drains that run vertically downwards, draining water and waste out of your house.

It is a small device that is light and easy to install. It measures only 1.5 inches and weighs around 0.48 ounces. This makes this small piece of equipment easy to handle.

It has no crossbars needed for support, and no batteries are required for its functioning; and hence they are very easy to install.

Tubshroom comes in four different variants and in many colour choices to choose from, matching your bathroom design. It is stain-resistant.

Rust-resistant; however, it is not scratch-resistant like the shower shroom. It has a snug fit design, which means it is made with a silicone material that hugs your drain to give the perfect fit.

It is priced a little higher than the shower room probably because of its building material; however, it works with both human and pet hair, which is caught in its patterned net yet allows free flow of water, avoiding any blockage or clogging.

What is Showershroom?

Showershroom is also a new age drain protector helpful to prevent drain blockage by any unwanted materials being stuck in the shower and keep the bathroom clean and tidy.

It allows free flow of water by trapping hair and other large waste materials in a ring below its water holes, allowing easy removal as well.

It is also a small device, although slightly larger and heavier than the tubshroom. Its size makes it perfect to be installed in almost all drains of the house.

It also has no crossbars, and hence installation is very easy, and no batteries are required for its functions.

Showershroom comes in two different variants and has fewer colour choices than the tubshroom. Showershroom also sells shower stalls. It has a patented design meant to allow free water flow.

It is not a snug fit like the tubshroom. Interestingly, along with being rust and stain-resistant, it is also scratch-resistant.

It is also cheaper, probably due to rubber used as its building material. However, this 2-inch drain protector is mighty in inaction and gets its work done with efficiency.

The only drawback is that silicone proves to be a more long-lasting material than rubber.

Main Differences Between Tubshroom and Showershroom

  1. A tubshroom is generally meant for bathrooms, whereas a shower room is built for showers and specializes in hair collection.
  2. Tubshroom is a slightly smaller device, measuring only 1.5 inches, whereas showershroom measures around 2 inches.
  3. Tubshroom can fit in any type of drain as it has a snug fit design, whereas a showershroom is meant only for round drains.
  4. Tubshroom can fit in drains having a width up to about 1.75 inches, whereas showershroom can fit in drains of a diameter of about 2 inches wide.
  5. Tubshroom is not scratch resistant, whereas the showershroom is scratch resistant.
  6. Tubshroom comes in more colour and variants in comparison to showershroom.
  7. Tubshroom is made up of better material – silicone but the showershroom is made up of rubber.
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