Difference Between Rj9 and Rj22

Both rj9 and rj22 are very similar to each other one can rarely see any difference between them. However, there are a few differences that can be addressed.

Like any other cable or connector, they are used to connect the telephone headset to the port so as to connect them for transferring signals over a long distance.

With the incoming of handheld devices, the demand for these networking registered jacks has comparatively gone down.

Rj9 vs Rj22

The main difference between rj9 and rj22 is that rj9 is typically or particularly used for connecting the telephone of a particular type to the headset, whereas rj22 can be used for connecting the telephone to the headset as well as it acts as a modulator between the wires of two devices. However, the jacks price may also depend in terms of cost depending on the manufacturing company.

Rj9 vs Rj22

Rj9 is considered one of the oldest registered jack types, which makes an excellent connection between any telephone and handset.

It consists of a hard plastic casing that can be plugged into the telephone, and the other end is connected to the headset and hence makes an exchange of audio possible among the two callers.

Rj22 is very similar to that of rj9 and has the same dimension as the plastic case, which is plugged in between two devices. One can see the four-colored connectivity between the wires through the plastic casing.

It is usually square in shape like that of the rj9 casing. It has a configuration of 4P4C which means it has four positions and four connectors exactly like that of rj9.

Comparison Table Between Rj9 and Rj22

Parameters of ComparisonRj9Rj22
CostIt generally costs less than rj22. However, this sometimes may not be true.It costs more than rj9, but it may depend on the manufacturing company.
LaunchedIt was launched before rj22.It was launched after rj9
UseThe jack establishes connectivity between telephone and headset in particular.The jack establishes connectivity between two devices
Short-form It is a short form of registered jack 9.It is a short form of registered jack 22.
DurabilityThis jack is generally less durable comparatively.This jack is more durable comparatively.

What is Rj9?

Rj9 is a short form to registered jack. It has a typical square shape and has made up of 4P4C type. It has a sturdy plastic casing through which the connecting wires are visible.

It is used to connect a particular type of telephone to a typical headset so as to enable conversation between two sides.

With the evolution of wireless signals, rj9 has become less in demand. It is not especially used in radio stations or landlines.

It has long durability as the wire has a strong cover which acts as a protection for the four colored wires it helps to put together.

One can easily find these jacks in the market as well as online stores. These jacks were used as an interface back then.

They were used in PCOs and radio recording places as they were able to transfer data across long distances very clearly.

They do convert audio into an analog signal so as to transfer them through wires. They also take the help of an amplifier to make sure the audio reaches the other end clearly.

What is Rj22?

Rj22 is the short form for registered jack. It is very similar to any four positioned and four connectors having a registered jack.

It has a plastic casing very similar to that of rj9. Hence rj9 and rj22 registered jacks can be used interchangeably when it comes to telecommunication, that is, the connection of the telephone and a headset.

However, these jacks also help to transfer signals among any two other devices in which the two ends of the jack fit perfectly.

It also has a plastic casing that connects four wires together to convert audio signal to analog signal and hence facilitate communication like that of any registered jack.

These jacks were launched after rj9 but play almost all the functions similar to one another.

In the long run, these types of jacks are quite durable and stable and hence can even withstand harsh conditions. This makes the jack able to withstand outside conditions, which may or may not be required.

With the coming of ethernet (RJ45) and wireless cables, demands for these types of jacks have lessened rapidly. However, these jacks may be still used in places that are underdeveloped or have less signal overall.

Main Differences Between Rj9 and Rj22

  1. Rj9 is comparatively less expensive than rj22 when seen back at times.
  2. Rj9 is used majorly in connecting landline to handset whereas rj22 can connect landline as well as other communication networking devices to one another.
  3. Rj9 was launched before rj22.
  4. Rj9 is the short form of registered jack 9, whereas rj22 is the short form of registered jack 22.
  5. Rj9 is less durable than rj22; however, this may or may not depend on the manufacturing company.


It can be concluded that like any other registered jacks rj9 and rj22 are used to connect to devices to facilitate communication with another person using analog signals converted to audio voices and vice versa.

Overall, one can use these rj9 and rj22 cables in place of one another both in terms of name and use as they have the same size as the casing.

Hence they can easily replace each other as there are no major differences between them. Even by looking at both of these jacks, one cannot easily separate them as they are the same in terms of structure and looks.

It is the company that separately names these jacks when they are manufactured in the factory.


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