Difference Between Rj10 and Rj22

Even though they provide Ethernet services, they require wire connectors or Registered Jacks, which come in various configurations and are commonly used in telecommunication exchange companies.


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Rj10 vs Rj22

The difference between Rj10 and Rj22 is that Rj10 is a smaller, square-shaped device made of plastic that exposes the connecting wires. Rj22, on the other hand, is a tiny, square-shaped device that permits sight of the connecting cables.

Rj10 vs Rj22

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For telecommunication businesses, it is a widely used registered jack. Except for the United States, Rj10 may be utilized for single-line telephony in many nations.

Rj22 has a 4P4C layout, which stands for 4 Positions and 4 Connectors. Rj22 is not a registered jack, although it is informally included. In telephone handsets, the Rj22 port is utilized.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRj10Rj22
Configuration6P4C and 6P2C are two different types of 6P4C.4P4C
Physical CharacteristicsIt’s a square-shaped gadget with a small footprint.It’s a square-shaped gadget that’s tiny in size.
Used ForTelephone lines and modems contain them.They can be found in phone handsets.
Number of wires 6P4C has two different configurations. It can handle four wires at once, but the 6P2C can only retain two.It can hold four wires at once.
DisadvantageOnly telephone handsets may be used with it.It isn’t suitable for high-speed transmissions.

What is Rj10?

Rj10 is a trademarked jack that was developed in the 1970s in the United States. These registered jacks aim to connect a voice or data equipment item to a long-distance carrier. It is the most often used registered jack.

The device with the 6P4C configuration can concurrently handle four wires, but the device with the 6P2C design can only run two wires at a time.

The benefit of using Rj10 is that it has a dual setup, and the device’s body is constructed of plastic, making it more robust and more straightforward to use.

What is Rj22?

Rj22 is a modulator, not a jack, that connects cables and wires of other electrical appliances in computer networking, telecommunications, and audio headsets.

It has four positions and four connections, according to the decoded meaning.

This gadget can handle four cables at once. It does, however, have the restriction of just being used in telephone handsets.

Main Differences Between Rj10 and Rj22

  1. Rj22, on the other hand, is used to connect a telephone handset.
  2. Rj10 has the drawback of being unable to handle large transmissions, whilst Rj22 can only be used for a telephone handset.
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