a Coupe vs a Sedan: Difference and Comparison

A car is an automobile that runs primarily on the road, has 2-8 seats, has four wheels, and is used for transportation for humans and not goods.

Key Takeaways

  1. Coupes have two doors and a sleeker, sportier design, while sedans have four doors and a more spacious, practical design.
  2. Sedans provide more room for passengers and storage, offering greater comfort and convenience for families.
  3. Coupes have a sportier performance and handling, while sedans prioritize a smooth and comfortable ride.

Coupe vs Sedan

A coupe is a two-door car with a fixed roof. It is smaller and stylish and has a sloping rear roofline and a sportier look and feel. Coupes are created for performance and style. A sedan is a passenger car with four doors, a fixed roof, and a separate trunk compartment for cargo.

Coupe vs Sedan

A coupe is a passenger car consisting of two doors. The term was first used for horse-drawn carriages. The definition of a coupe is a fixed car roof with one or two rows of a seat and a sloping roofline.

A sedan, also called a saloon in British English, is a family car consisting of an engine, cargo, and passenger with separate compartments. This car has a three-box configuration.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCoupeSedan
SizeLess than 33 cubic feet.More than 33 cubic feet.
PerformanceHigher performanceWith few changes can give superior performance.
DoorTwo doorsFour doors
Cargo SpaceLess More
StyleSporty-lookFunctional look

What is a Coupe?

The word ‘coupe; comes from a French word meaning shorter than the standard one. It was first used for horse-drawn carriages that consisted of two passengers without any rear-facing seats.

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The definition became blurred when almost all the cars made by manufacturers came in 2+2 body style, i.e., roofline, two doors, sleek, sloping, and two functional seats up front, plus two small seats in the back.

It can also be called a convertible coupe. The window coupe had a rear window and two side windows.

A coupe SUV is something that consists of four doors but comes under the category of a coupe.


What is a Sedan?

The word ‘sedan’ comes from a 17th-century word, litter, that means human-powered transport. In those times, the sedan was a chair that carried one person enclosed in a box with windows and was carried by porters.

The interior space of a sedan is more than 33 cubic feet. A sedan can have both two front doors.

The standard style of sedans includes Fastback sedans, hatchback or liftback sedans, hardtop sedans, and notchback sedans.


Main Differences Between a Coupe and a Sedan

  1.  A coupe has less cargo space with typical seating of four people. A sedan has more cargo space, providing luxury and ample space for headrooms.
  2. A coupe has a sporty look with sleek windows and a sloping rear roofline. A sedan has a functional look with a four-door configuration.
Difference Between a Coupe and a Sedan
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Last Updated : 05 September, 2023

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