Difference Between a Coupe and a Sedan

A car is an automobile that runs primarily on the road, has 2-8 seats, has four wheels, and is used for transportation for humans and not goods.

Coupe vs Sedan

The main difference between a coupe and a sedan is that a coupe car is usually shorter in length and has small doors and windows. While a sedan is longer, that gives it luxury and comfortability over a coupe. A sedan has more cargo space for carrying additional luggage and passengers. A coupe is generally considered sportier as it can have only 2 seats for driving with less interior and more machinery.

Coupe vs Sedan

A coupe means a passenger car consisting of two doors. The term was first used for horse-drawn carriages. Definition of a coupe is a fixed car roof with one or two rows of a seat and a sloping roofline.

A sedan, also called a saloon in British English, is a family car consisting of an engine, cargo, and passenger with separate compartments. This car has a three-box configuration.

Comparison Table Between a Coupe and a Sedan

Parameters of ComparisonCoupeSedan
SizeLess than 33 cubic feet.More than 33 cubic feet.
PerformanceHigher performanceWith few changes can give superior performance.
DoorTwo doorsFour doors
Cargo SpaceLess More
StyleSporty-lookFunctional look

What is a Coupe?

The word ‘coupe; comes from a french word meaning shorter than the standard one. It was first used for horse-drawn carriages that consisted of two passengers without any rear-facing seats.

The definition became blurred when almost all the cars made by manufacturers came in 2+2 body style, i.e., roofline, two doors, sleek, sloping, and two functional seats up front, plus two small seats in the back.

It can also be called a convertible coupe. Three window coupe had a rear window and two side windows.

Coupe SUV is something that consists of four doors but comes under the category of a coupe.

What is a Sedan?

The word ‘sedan’ comes from a 17th-century word litter that means human-powered transport. In those times, the sedan was a chair trhat6 carried one person enclosed in a box with windows and was carried by porters.

The interior space of a sedan is more than 33 cubic feet. A sedan can have both two and front doors.

The standard style of sedans includes Fastback sedans, hatchback or liftback sedans, hardtop sedans, and notchback sedans.

Main Differences Between a Coupe and a Sedan

  1.  A coupe has less cargo space with typical seating of four people. A sedan has more cargo space providing luxury and ample space for headrooms.
  2. A coupe has a sporty look with sleek windows and a sloping rear roofline. A sedan has a functional look with a four-door configuration.
Difference Between a Coupe and a Sedan


Since the revolution of cars, manufacturers have blurred the difference between the two. Sedans are considered a family car because of their space and comfortability.


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