SUV vs Sedan: Difference and Comparison

In modern days cars are the most popular and chosen mode of transportation. They are the most preferred because of their convenient features and the comfort that they provide.

Different types of cars have been manufactured to cater to the needs of the people. Two such types of cars are SUVs and sedans.

All the cars have different manufacturers, designs, body types, price ranges, and other features under which cars are classified.

Key Takeaways

  1. SUVs (sport utility vehicles) are larger vehicles with higher ground clearance, designed for versatility and off-road capabilities; sedans are lower, four-door vehicles with separate compartments for passengers and luggage, designed for comfortable on-road transportation.
  2. SUVs offer more cargo space, passenger capacity, and towing capabilities; sedans are more fuel-efficient and easier to manoeuvre in urban environments.
  3. SUVs have all-wheel or four-wheel drive systems for improved traction; sedans primarily have front-wheel or rear-wheel drive systems.

SUV vs Sedan

SUVs are a type of vehicle designed for off-road use and have higher ground clearance than sedans. They are larger and taller than sedans and have four or all-wheel drive capabilities. Sedans are smaller and lower to the ground than SUVs, making them more comfortable and cost-effective.

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SUV is a sports utility vehicle or suburban utility vehicle. It has been designed like a station wagon with the chassis of light trucks. SUVs are bigger, tougher, and more powerful than the usual vehicles.

The sedan is also known as a saloon. It is the most common design of cars.

It is an affordable and comfortable car and has a lot of legroom.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonSUVSedan
SpecificationThey are sports utility vehicle. It is 7 seater or moreThey are the most common type of car. They are family cars, 4-5 seater.
CompartmentsThey have a separate compartment for the engine, and they have a combined passenger and cargo space.There are three separate engine, passenger, and cargo compartments.
Ground ClearanceSUVs have high-ground clearanceLow ground clearance
Fuel EfficiencyThey are bigger and hence consume fuelThey are smaller and hence more fuel-efficient
SpecialtyThey are designed to handle heavy loads and rough terrainsThey are made to suit one’s comfort
MaintenanceThey require high maintenanceThey do not need high maintenance
ParkingSUVs  are huge cars hence they need more parking spaceSedans are compact hence they can adjust in regular parking space
Suitable RoadThey are built for driving in tough conditionThey are built for flat terrains and comfortable ride

What is SUV?

SUV is also known as a sports or suburban utility vehicle; it is a type of car classification. SUV is a vehicle designed like a station wagon with the chassis of a light truck.

SUVs are tougher, bigger, and more powerful than most cars. The vehicle can be ridden both off-roads and also on roads.

It is built for driving through tough conditions. It has the combined feature of many vehicles, such as pickup trucks, minivans, and large sedans.

The car also has high ground clearance, regardless of its huge body and weight compared to other cars. As SUVs have a huge bodies, they consume much more fuel than required.

Most SUVs produced these days have a uni-body construction and a separate body-on-frame method. SUVs are a two-box design, like a station wagon, with an engine compartment in the front, followed by a combined passenger and cargo space.

Until 2010 many SUV models were available in 2-door body styles. But later, manufacturers discontinued the two-door model as the uprising 4-door model was gaining more popularity.

suv 1

What is Sedan?

The sedan is also known as a saloon. It is a passenger car.

The sedan has two-row seating. It has a three-box configuration with separate engine, passenger, and cargo compartments.

Among all the cars in the market, it is claimed that the sedan has the least storage capacity. It is said that sedans prioritize passenger seating over storage.

A sedan has a B-pillar structure that supports the roof. It is a three-box design, with the engine in the front, passenger seating in the center, and the engine in the bottom end. It is suggested that sedans have 4 doors.

In the 20th century, there were different variations of the sedan, such as close-coupled sedans ( it was produced in the  US during the 1920s and 1930), coach sedans ( it has two-door and for 4-5 passengers ), closed-couple saloons ( it was originated as four-door through bred sporting horse-drawn carriages), club sedan ( it was a highly appointed model using the sedan chassis), sedans ( they are a smaller version of sedans). Sedans can also be classified into several types: notchback, two-door, hardtop, hatchback, and chauffeured.


Main Differences Between SUVs and Sedans

  1. SUVs are sports utility vehicles. They are 7 seaters or more. Sedans are the most common type of car. They are family cars, 4-5 seater.
  2. SUVs have separate compartments for engines, but the cargo and passenger compartments are combined. The passenger seats in SUVs are 3 rows, whereas, in sedans, there are always 3 separate compartments for the engine, passenger, and cargo.
  3. SUVs being heavy-weight cars, still have high ground clearance, whereas sedans being comparatively lighter, have low ground clearance.
  4. As sedans are huge and are very heavily weighed, they consume more fuel, whereas sedans being lightweight cars consume less fuel.
  5. SUVs are designed for rough terrain and uneasy roads, whereas sedans are made more comfortable and spacious for passengers.
  6. SUVs require high maintenance, while sedans do not need high maintenance.
  7. SUVs being the more bulky vehicle, requires more parking space, whereas sedans being smaller cars, can adjust in compact spaces.
  8. SUVs are built for rough terrains and to go through steep slopes; they are adventure cars, whereas sedan is best driven in plain terrain for a comfortable ride.
Difference Between SUV and Sedan

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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