Difference Between MUV and SUV

SUVs are not only similar to a truck in terms of their built, but also in terms of their sturdy features and engine strength. SUVs have an elevated body, while MUVs can be classed as simply larger sedans with an enhanced passenger capacity than normal cars.


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They represent a sub-category of SUVs. This seminal difference in the appearance and lineage of the two cars is reflected in the other notable differences between the two.

Key Takeaways

  1. MUV, or multi-utility vehicle, is designed to be versatile and adaptable for various purposes.
  2. SUV, or sports utility vehicle, is a type of car that is designed for off-road driving and has a higher ground clearance than other cars.
  3. MUVs are more suited for families and cargo transportation, while SUVs are designed for rough terrain and outdoor activities.


The difference between MUV and SUV is that MUV is derived from the famed line of passenger minivans, while SUV is an improvement on the sturdy design of a truck.


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A Multi-Utility Vehicle is a spacious car used to ferry at least 5-6 people. While a Sports Utility Vehicle is a lightweight automobile, effectively designed as an adventure car that is equipped to tackle the rough outdoor terrain.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMUVSUV
Pedigree and DesignThe design of a MUV reflects features similar to a minivan.  The design of a SUV reflects its similarities with a truck.
Full-formMulti-Utility Vehicle.Sports Utility Vehicle.
Terrain SuitabilityCannot be used for off-roading purposes.Can be used for off-roading purposes.
Drive SystemMUVs operate on a FWD system.Either the RWD or AWD system is used by most SUVs.
CostLess expensive than SUVs.More expensive than MUVs.
Fuel-EfficiencyMUVs tend to be fuel-efficient, offering good mileage.SUVs are not fuel-efficient and offer poor mileage.
Engine strengthThe engine of a MUV is weaker than an SUV.The engine of a SUV is stronger than a MUV.

What is MUV?

A Multi-Utility Vehicle or MUV is a large, spacious car that was built as an improved and stylized station wagon. It is considered to be a subset of the broader SUV category of automobiles. MUVs are essentially family cars that help improve the travel experience by offering an enhanced passenger capacity.

Operating on a FWD system, MUVs are suited for traveling on leveled roads. Their cost-effective designs and augmented mileage rates make them a top choice among most people looking for family cars. Connoting their spacious interiors and core functionality, these cars are often called ‘people movers’.

Most MUVs fall in the lower end of the price spectrum. However, MUVs are not well-suited for undulating terrains. They also have smaller and less powerful engines, making them an ill fit for off-roading adventures.


What is SUV?

SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles are cars derived from an improved and stylized truck design. These cars are famed for their sporty look and sturdy design. The body of a SUV is constructed on an elevated and raised platform- mimicking a truck’s design.

Much like trucks, they are strong and fit for off-roading adventures.

The powerful engine of a SUV is distinctively unmatched. They operate on RWD or AWD systems, making navigation hassle-free and smooth. This makes controlling the vehicle easier when driving through rough terrains. Thus, they are renowned as adventure cars.

A drawback with these cars is that they tend to be expensive when compared to the other subset prototypes available in the same genre. They also offer poor mileage capacities and the cost of maintaining the car can be high.

Most people tend to choose a MUV over a SUV due to these disadvantages.


Main Differences Between MUV and SUV

  1. The main difference between a MUV and a SUV is that the design for the former is derived from a minivan, and the design for the latter is derived from a truck. The former resembles a larger sedan with enhanced passenger capacities, while the latter represent adventure cars that are strong and sturdy like trucks.
  2. The abbreviations of the two terms are different. While MUV stands for a Multi-Utility Vehicle, SUV is a shorthand commonly used to connote a Sports Utility Vehicle.
  3. SUVs are adventure cars suited for rough terrains and frequent off-roading. MUVs are not suitable choices for such terrains.
  4. A MUV generally operates on a FWD or Front Wheel Drive system. This eliminates the need for a driveshaft, making the interior of the car spacious. While SUVs generally use the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) or Auto-Wheel Drive (AWD) systems.
  5. The cost of an SUV is generally higher than a MUV. MUVs are available in the market from a lower price point and their cost of maintenance is also relatively lower. These factors make them much more cost-effective than SUVs.
  6. SUVs have more powerful engines than MUVs. The strength of a MUV engine is inferior when compared to an SUV engine.
  7. The two subcategories of automobiles are also contrary when their fuel efficiency levels are compared. MUVs tend to be more economical and fuel-efficient, while SUVs are known to offer much lower mileage and augmented fuel expenses. SUVs are generally hailed as gas busters due to their high fuel exhaustion.
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