Difference Between Cubic Feet and Square Feet

People used to measure the area using different quantities. These measurements are very useful when we buy some land or some particular place. There they used to tell the buyer in terms of cubic feet or square feet.


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This will help the buyer understand the value of the land or place they will buy or invest in. For this, mathematical calculations will play an important role. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Cubic feet are used to measure the volume of three-dimensional objects, while square feet are used to measure the area of two-dimensional objects.
  2. Cubic feet are expressed in the form of length x width x height, while square feet are expressed in the form of length x width.
  3. Cubic feet are a unit of measurement used for measuring the volume of objects like refrigerators and rooms, while square feet are used for measuring the area of objects like floors and walls.

Cubic Feet vs Square Feet

The difference between Cubic Feet and Square Feet is that cubic feet are used for measuring volume. But square feet are used for measuring areas. The dimensional type used in cubic feet is three-dimensional since they are cubic and are dealt with volumes. But the dimensional type used in square feet is two-dimensional since they are squares and are dealt with area. 

Cubic Feet vs Square Feet

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A cubic foot is a concept taught in mathematics for students to understand the concept of feet. It is sometimes called cubic feet because it is a unit of volume that is used in the United States of America and also in the United Kingdom.

This unit system is imperial, and it is customary in the US. Cubic feet can also be measured in metric terms as well. 

Square feet is a concept used in mathematics used for measuring feet in square size. It has also got another name called a square foot. Both square feet and square feet can be used.

This concept is used in real life in places of measuring some land. Many land brokers will use the term square feet to measure the size of the place and tell them to the buyer. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCubic FeetSquare Feet
MeasurementIt is used for measuring the volumeIt is used for measuring the area
Dimension typeIt is three dimensionalIt is two dimensional
HeightCubic feet have a one-foot heightSquare feet do not have height
SI unit0.02831685 m3It does come under the area therefore, it has no square unit
SymbolFeet Cube or ft3Feet Square or ft2

What are Cubic Feet?

Cubic feet are used for measuring volume. We can figure out cubic feet by determining their length and height. There are some formulas available for calculating cubic feet. The dimensions will be measured by 1 foot.

Since cubic feet mean 3, it will use 3 feet to measure. We can also calculate cubic feet from inches. Likewise, we can calculate cubic feet from centimetres and yards. Even cubic inches can also be converted to cubic feet.

All these conversions will follow a separate formula. Sometimes, in the problem, one requirement in the formula will be missed, and it can be found with the help of other requirements.

For simpler understanding in lower classes, students will be given direct problems so that they will understand the formula first and can solve the problem easily.

If they are given indirect problems, then solving them would become tough. Practising problems with a simpler approach will help us to arrive at the solution faster.

This is the concept that will be taught in mathematics. To become storing in this concept, we need to understand centimetres, millimetres, inches, and cents.

These are some of the additional things that will be used in cubic feet calculation. Sometimes the questions will be a mix of these units.

Once they understand them well, they can solve any number of problems. Understanding the concepts is the key here to solving problems faster. 

cubic feet

What are Square Feet?

Square feet are a concept used for measuring the flat space that is covered by the area. Square feet will be calculated with the help of length and width.

To calculate the square feet, you have to multiply the length of the place in feet by the width of the place. This is the basic formula that is used in calculating square feet.

The meaning 1 square foot means the area that has a 1-foot length. We can calculate the square feet with any amount of given space. 

This is the basic concept that is taught in mathematics to school students. Before understanding or starting this concept, they should have an idea of length and width because these are two basic things that are used in the formula.

Without having an understanding, they cannot process the problem because not all problems will directly state the length and width. In some problems, they will be given indirectly.

In some other cases, they will be given in a diagram. From that diagram, we have to identify the length and width. So, a basic understanding is very important.

Once they start with small and easy problems, they can understand the concept easily and then can move on to bigger problems. Square feet can also be converted to guz.

Even the house measurement is also done with square feet. It will give the person the idea of whether to invest the amount in buying it or not.

Main Differences Between Cubic Feet and Square Feet

  1. Cubic Feet are used for measuring volume. On the other hand, square feet are used for measuring area.
  2. The dimension type used in cubic feet is three-dimensional. On the other hand, the dimension type used in square feet is two-dimensional.
  3. The height in cubic feet is one foot. On the other hand, square feet do not have height as it deals with the area which has length and width.
  4. The SI unit of cubic feet is 0.02831685 m3. On the other hand, square feet does not have an SI unit as it comes under area.
  5. The symbol used in cubic feet is Feet Cube or ft3. On the other hand, the symbol used in square feet is Feet Square or ft2. 
Difference Between Cubic Feet and Square Feet
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