Difference Between Rj11 and Rj22

Telecommunication was once used in households and workspaces, but now the use of telephones has become limited.


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Although they provide Ethernet services and for that, they require wire connectors or Registered Jacks, which come up with many types of configurations and are used in telecommunication exchange companies. And some of them are named – Rj11, Rj25, Rj12, Rj22, Rj9, etc.

Key Takeaways

  1. RJ11 and RJ22 are telephone connectors, but RJ11 is a 4-wire connector, while RJ22 is a 2-wire connector.
  2. RJ11 is commonly used for connecting telephones, modems, and fax machines, while RJ22 is typically used for connecting handset cords.
  3. The physical differences between RJ11 and RJ22 connectors are their size and their number of contacts. RJ11 has six contacts, and RJ22 has four contacts.

Rj11 vs Rj22

The difference between Rj11 and Rj22 is that Rj11 is a compact device and is square-shaped, made up of plastic and lets the connection wires visible. On the other hand, Rj22 is a device that is small and is also square-shaped and allows visibility of the connection wires.

Rj11 vs Rj22

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Rj11 is a registered jack with a configuration of 6P4C and 6P2C. It is a commonly used registered jack for telecommunication companies.

Rj11 can be used for single-line telecommunication in many countries except the United States. It has copper pins as conductors with a gold coating over it to prevent it from rusting.

Rj22 comes with a configuration of 4P4C which means 4 Positions and 4 Connectors. Rj22 is not a registered jack but unofficially is a part of it. The Rj22 port is used in telephone handsets.

It also has a capacity of holding 4 wires at the same time but unfortunately has limited use. The copper pins are used as conductors and are plated with gold to prevent rusting.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRj11Rj22
Configuration6P4C and 6P2C4P4C
Physical CharacteristicsIt is a compact square-shaped device.It is a small square-shaped device.
Used For They are used in telephone lines and modems.They are used in telephone handsets.
Number of wires usedThey have two configurations in 6P4C. It can hold 4 wires, while 6P2C can hold 2 wires at the same time.It has the capacity to hold 4 wires at the same time.
DisadvantageIt can only be used for telephone handsets.It cannot be used for heavy transmissions.

What is Rj11?

Rj11 is a registered jack that was invented in the United States in the 1970s. The purpose of these registered jacks is to connect the long-distance carrier to a voice or data equipment device.

It is the most common registered jacks used. It is a connector used for connecting single-line live wires of telephone exchange companies.

The physical appearance of the device is compact and square-shaped size. Also, it is available in two configurations – one is 6P4C, and the second one is 6P2C.

After decoding these names, it is meant for 6 positions and 4 connections, 6 positions 2 connections.

The device with the 6P4C configuration can handle the four wires simultaneously, while the device with the 6P2C configuration can handle only two wires at a time.

Rj11 comes up with copper wire pins used as conductors and is plated with gold to avoid rusting. The advantage of using Rj11 is that it comes with a dual configuration, and the body of the device is made up of plastics which makes it more durable and easier to use.

It also comes with one disadvantage that it cannot handle heavy transmissions.

rj11 1

What is Rj22?

Rj22 is not a registered jack, but a modulator used to connect cables and wires of other electrical appliances in computer networking, telecommunication equipment, and audio headsets.

The physical appearance of the Rj22 device looks similar to Rj11 but differs in configuration and shape. Rj22 is a small square-shaped device that is available with a configuration of 4P4C.

The decode meaning for this is that it comes with 4 positions and 4 connections. The body of the Rj22 device is made up of plastic and is rigid.

It also allows visibility of the connected wires to look through it.

Rj22 has copper pins that work as the conductor and are gold plated to avoid rusting. These are used mainly in telephone handsets.

The advantages of using Rj22 is that because the body of the device is made up of plastic, it is durable. The look of the device is appealing.

This device can handle 4 wires simultaneously. However, it comes with a limitation that it can only be used in telephone handsets.


Main Differences Between Rj11 and Rj22

  1. The Registered Jack 11 comes with two configurations of 6P4C (meaning 6 Position 4 Conductor) and 6P2C (6 Position 2 Conductor). In contrast to that, Registered Jack 22 comes with 4P4C (4 Position 4 Conductor).
  2. The Rj11 is made of transparent plastic, a compact and square-shaped device. In contrast to that, Rj22 is comparably small and square-shaped.
  3. As Rj11 has two configurations, i.e. 6P4C and 6P2C, the first device can hold 4 wires, and the second one can hold 2 wires, while Rj22 can hold 4 wires at the same time.
  4. Rj11 is used in telephone lines and modems. On the other hand, Rj22 is used for a telephone handset. 
  5. A significant disadvantage of Rj11 cannot hold the heavy transmission while Rj22 is that it can only be used for a telephone handset. 


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