RJ11 vs RJ25: Difference and Comparison

A registered jack (RJ) is a generic telecommunications network interface that connects voice and data equipment to a local exchange or long-distance carrier service.

Registered jackets are designated primarily by RJ text, followed by two digits expressing the form.

Both crimp gold pin connectors used in telecoms, networking, and low-voltage illumination applications are RJ11 and RJ25.

The disparity depends on the number of places on the connector and the real number of contacts. The connector is bigger as there are more locations.

The norm only specifies a connector’s cable pattern, not geometry or sex.

The name “Jack,” even though the standard does not distinguish the sex of the connector, applies to the female connector.

These connectors are called “modular connectors, ” which have made the phone network more modular in the early days. For the wiring of telecommunications networks, the RJ specification is mostly specified.

The RJ-standard cable patterned connectors are called RJ connectors and can be used in men and women.

Key Takeaways

  1. RJ11 is a modular connector with four conductors and is used for connecting telephones. In comparison, RJ25 is a modular connector with six conductors and is used for connecting data equipment.
  2. RJ11 connectors are smaller than RJ25 connectors and are commonly used in residential settings, while RJ25 connectors are larger and are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings.
  3. RJ11 connectors are more commonly used for voice applications, while RJ25 connectors are used for voice and data applications.

RJ11 vs RJ25

RJ11 is a small, square-shaped plastic telephone interface with a 6P2C and 6P4C configuration. It is used as an adapter for the internet and modems. RJ25 is a small but powerful modular connector that uses a configuration of 6P6C. It is used for telephone systems in businesses.

RJ11 vs RJ25

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The Rj11 is a square and lightweight unit with a diameter of 9,66mm. It’s made of solid plastic that is made of hard and durable plastic. It is visually apparent, which makes it possible to see the attached wires. The pattern for the Rj11 must be configured. A 6P2C pattern is the first setup. This means the connector has six locations and two attachment points, enabling it to handle two copper wires simultaneously.

The second setting is pattern 6P4C. The connector has 6 locations and 4 points of attachment. This allows it to accommodate up to 4 wires per go, two more than the 6P2C, which gives it a better transfer capacity.

The Rj25 is significantly smaller than the Rj11 but powerful. It is lightweight and translucent in square form, giving it a fascinating appearance. This jack is set to 6P6C. It has 6 locations and 6 attachment points, ensuring 6 copper wires can be handled simultaneously.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonRJ11RJ25
Physical characteristicsIt is a square-shaped compact cord used to connect two computers.It is small and square. It is used to connect three computers.
ConfigurationThe configuration of rj11 is 6P2C/ 6P4C.
The configuration of rj25 is 6P6C.
ApplicationConnections of handset and modemTools for phones
PurposeRJ11 is commonly used in domestic connections.RJ12 is found mainly in business cables.
Connector The computer can be connected to one computer.The computer can be connected simultaneously to three computers.

What is RJ11?

An RJ11 port is available to many machines. It’s on the computer’s side on notebooks. It is on the back or somewhere on the front near the DVD tray on desktop computers.

This socket’s essential function is to communicate with modems. The RJ11 jack is a little wider, just next to a socket that looks the same.

This network socket RJ45 connects to a DSL internet connection and is now the most used adapter. Both sockets are connected to a network adapter that converts machine data into a network-friendly format.

At the base of the RJ11 port are 6 channels, each with a metal stripe of copper.

This strip is a contract that forms a bond in the plug tough to the sockets when the matching metal strips are. The telephone line may be connected to the RJ11 port on a device to make calls.

This setup requires network adapter-compatible call control tools. Typically such applications can accept faxes and archive them as data files.

It also allows you to build an extension and voice mail structure for your switchboard.

Calling can be sent to an automatic response or held in a holding position, whether the caller listens to the computer’s music or message.

rj11 1

What is RJ25?

This unit is much smaller than the Rj11, but not to be underestimated. The material is used to display the ties using translucent plastic.

Contrary to Rj11, this unit has a 6P6C configuration, allowing it to accommodate up to 6 cables simultaneously.

It has copper pins that serve as electromagnetic pulse conductors. They are covered with gold to avoid rusting. This computer can be connected simultaneously to three computers.

Pros of rj25 are- It can accommodate six wires at a time. It is powerful and long-lasting. It has gold-coated copper pins to prevent rusting. Three devices can be connected simultaneously.

The prototype machine has two boxes – one with a microcontroller and power control and the second with an IR cable.

Electricity reaches the receptacle IEC 320 on the back, and a power outlet of 5-15R can be connected to the power supply of the entertainment centre.

A part of A.C. Input current is translated into 5 VDC for using components by switching mode. The power supply and the remainder pass through a switched relay and a current sensor.

Control outlet of the machine. The IR sensor can receive a remote signal of around 15 meters.


Main Differences RJ11 Between and RJ25

  1. RJ11 is a cable adapter for the internet, ADSL and modem cable applications, etc., whereas RJ25 jackets for telephone systems are used in networking.
  2. RJ11 is a connector with four slots, whereas RJ25’s a six-slot plug.
  3. RJ11 has 6 positions of 4 wires, whereas RJ25 has 6 cable positions.
  4. RJ11 is 4P4C and 6P4C, whereas RJ25 is the norm for 6P6C cabling. There are also 6 wires in the conduit, which fill all the available slots.
  5. RJ11 is smaller than RJ25 visually, whereas rj25 is Shot bigger than RJ11 Physically.
  6. Rj11 is Square form compact, whereas rj25 is Compact. More round, lighter.
Difference Between RJ11 and RJ25
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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