Rj25 vs Rj45: Difference and Comparison

Registered jack is a telecommunication network that is used to connect local data and voice equipment to local or long-distance service.


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In this modern world, internet and voice connection is more important, and the registered jack cables play an important role in electronics. The registered jack is named by Rj text, followed by two digits expressing the form.

Key Takeaways

  1. RJ25 and RJ45 are types of connectors used in telecommunications and computer networking.
  2. RJ25 has four conductors, while RJ45 has eight conductors.
  3. RJ45 is more commonly used for Ethernet connections, while RJ25 is used for telephone connections.

Rj25 vs Rj45

RJ25 is a type of registered jack which is made up of plastics, and transparent. The wires in an RJ25 are visible because they are transparent. Rj45 is a jack which connects a data networking interface that connects a device to a local area network. It has eight pins they are 568A and T568B cables.

Rj25 vs Rj45

RJ25 is also a type of registered jack, and it is made up of plastics and it is transparent. Rj25 is made up of three pairs of copper strands, and they allow to exchange of information to three different lines.

Rj25 is made up of thin wires and made up of plastics, and it has six connectors.

Rj45 is a type of registered jack, and It is also a patch cord of Cat6. In networking connection, Rj45 has a pinout for all the twisted pair cables.

Rj45 is made up of plastic, and the wires in it are visible because they are transparent. Rj45 cables are used for internet networking.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRj25Rj45
ApplicationRj25 is mostly used in mobile phones and personal computers.Rj45 is used for internet connectivity with laptops, Wi-Fi, and data.
PurposeRj25 is mainly found in business cables.Rj45 is commonly found in switches and network cards.
Number of pinsRj25 has a total of 6 pins.Rj45 has a total of 8 pins.
ConnectorsIt can be connected to three computers simultaneously.The computers can be connected to six computers simultaneously.
Shape and sizeThe Rj25 is small and is square in shapeThe RJ45 is longer, and it is a rectangle.

What is Rj25?

Rj25 is a type of registered jack that is made up of plastic, and wires inside it are visible as they are made up of transparent plastic.

RJ25 is the smallest jack, but we should not underestimate it because it is one of the most powerful connectors.

It connects six cables simultaneously, and it also connects three computers at one time as it has a 6P6C configuration.

The copper pin in RJ25 produces an electromagnetic pulse conductor.

Gold is covered around it to protect it from rusting. It is small in size and square in shape, and an IR cable is also connected to it.

RJ25 is the smallest, and it is thin. It is light weighted, and it lasts for a long period of time.

The material often displays ties using translucent plastic.

The microcontroller and power controller are the prototype machines.

Rj25 has different types of wires in this connector, which fill all the slots. It is used for data and networking purposes and used in business cables.

RJ25 is used as a tool for mobile phones.

The computers can be connected simultaneously to three computers. It is smaller when compared to RJ45, but it is more powerful.

It has a switch relay and a current sensor through which the power supply and the remainder pass through and it can accommodate six cables simultaneously.

What is Rj45?

Rj45 is one of the registered jacks which connects a data networking interface that connects a device to a local area network.

The Rj45 has eight pins with two versions, and they are 568A and T568B cables.

The 8 pins are of different colors, and they are blue, green, white, and brown, but only four wires take action in the data and voice transmission.

Rj45 experienced crosstalk from line to line. Rj45 has eight different pins, which are of different shapes where four are solid, and the other four are striped.

The Rj45 provides 1Gbps per second. The Rj45 is part of a registered jack with the standard number 45, and it is used to connect networks to Ethernet.

The range of Rj45 is up to 100 to 1000 meters. Out of eight pins, four pins are used for sending and receiving data, and the other four are used for networking roles.

Rj45 has a pinout for twisted pair cables in data connections. The crossover is used for connecting one computer to another.

Rj45 is a connector, and it can be used in routers and printers.

Rj45 has a bandwidth of up to 100 MHz and supports 10 or 100 speeds. Rj45 is used to connect to cat5 and cat6 cables. Rj45 is used to connect network connections in laptops, personal computers, and mobiles.


Main Differences Between Rj25 and Rj45

  1. Rj25 is mostly used in mobile phones and personal computers, and Rj45 is used for internet connection for all electronic devices.
  2. Rj25 has a totally 6 number of pins, and Rj45 has a total 8 number of pins.
  3. Rj25 are mainly found in business cables, and Rj45 are found in network card and switches.
  4. Rj25 can connect three computers simultaneously, and Rj45 can connect six computers simultaneously.
  5. The Rj25 is small, and it is square in shape, and Rj45 is longer and it is more rectangular.
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