Difference Between Cisco SNT and Cisco SNTP

SNT and SNTP are services provided by Cisco. Cisco is a California-based worldwide software corporation.


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Cisco is a vital provider to Silicon Valley’s growth by developing, manufacturing, and distributing networking apparatus, software, telecoms, and other high-tech goods and services.

Cisco is a software firm that deals in specialised markets such as the Internet of Things, cyber security, communications, and power efficiency.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cisco Smart Net Total Care (SNT) offers 24/7 technical support, hardware replacement, and software updates, ensuring optimal network performance and uptime.
  2. Cisco Smart Net Total Care Plus (SNTP) provides additional benefits, such as proactive monitoring, advanced analytics, and expert consultation, helping businesses optimize and future-proof their networks.
  3. The choice between SNT and SNTP depends on the organization’s network complexity, resources, and desired level of support to maintain efficient and secure operations.

Cisco SNT vs Cisco SNTP

CISCO SNTP provides more accurate time synchronization compared to SNT, making it suitable for applications that require highly accurate time synchronization. SNTP also includes more advanced features, such as support for NTP, which provides a higher degree of accuracy and reliability.

Cisco SNT vs Cisco SNTP

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The Cisco SMARTnet Solution is a multi-award-winning technical support solution that gives their customer’s IT staff 24/7 access to TAC specialists and Cisco.com services.

To handle important network issues, you get the quick, competent response you need, as well as dedicated responsibility. It ensures that your business processes are always available, secure, and performing at their best.

Cisco SNTP stands for SMARTnet premium solution. It is very similar to SNT and provides all the benefits provided by the Cisco SNT with additional features like replacement components being delivered in the shortest period possible.

For advanced replacement components, expect a 2-hour response time, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, even on Cisco-observed holidays.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCisco SNTCisco SNTP
Full-FormSNT stands for SMARTnetSNTP stands for SMARTnet Premium
MeaningIt is a technical support service that provides companies with access to expert and Cisco resources.It is a similar technical support service to SNT with premium features like faster response time.
Response Time< 4 hours< 2 hours
Equipment CoverageCoverage on selected equipmentCoverage on all equipment
Hardware replacementApproximately 10 daysApproximately 7 hours to a single day
Onsite engineer optionNot available with SNTAvailable with premium services

What is Cisco SNT?

Clients can get application updates and patches, licenced membership to Cisco Interaction Online, advanced systems maintenance, and expert support from Cisco SNT.

Customers with internal maintenance support can use Cisco Systems’ SNT, which provides services to suit their maintenance needs.

Cisco’s SMARTnet solution is based on the company’s concept of breaking down traditional business boundaries in order to achieve the following goals: making all of Cisco’s knowledge, applications, and assistance

available to its customers on-demand; providing a quick response and high customer satisfaction; increasing user productivity; and significantly lowering the cost of doing business.

Cisco SMARTnet oversees contracts for enterprise, healthcare, small-to-midmarket businesses, SLED, and federal clients all across the world.

Cisco can apply the best practices it has learned and refined via careful certification testing to give a real white-glove experience across all sectors and organisations of all sizes.

The Cisco SNT provides global access to expert engineers all-around the day and every day of the year. It provides access to Cisco’s broad online knowledge base, resources, and tools at any time.

As part of your licenced feature set, SNT provides updates to your operating system software, including minor and major versions, as part of your licence.

It features Smart Call Home provides proactive diagnostics and real-time notifications on a limited number of devices.

What is Cisco SNTP?

The SMARTnet premium solution is what Cisco SNTP stands for. It is extremely similar to SNT and offers all of the benefits of Cisco SNT with the added bonus of replacement components arriving in the quickest time feasible.

Expect a 4-hour or 2-hour response time for advanced replacement components. Cisco-observed holidays are observed seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Cisco SNTP is a collection of materials geared toward providing clients with the latest technological information and tools at any moment, on-demand.

Customers that use SNTP have approved access to high-value technical resources and an increasing number of tailored pages, allowing them to resolve issues faster.

They can swiftly handle numerous issues online using automated technologies and customised material based on the customer’s network configuration.

The complete self-help tech support facilities available on Cisco.com as part of the customers’ SNTP Service agreement provide customers access to Cisco expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In-house IT employees can swiftly handle many issues online using automated troubleshooting tools, saving a substantial amount of time, effort, and money.

Cisco SNTP provides industry-leading core competencies and practices that grow and evolve as customer requirements change.

Consumers’ feedback is used to improve premium products, services, and processes through a unique methodology.

Main Differences Between Cisco SNT and Cisco SNTP

  • Cisco SNT and Cisco SNTP are both technical support services, however, SNT is the basic pack and SNTP is the premium package that comes with additional services like fast replacement and support.
  • Cisco SNT comes with a 90-day contract and has to be purchased after a limited time, whereas SNTP users can enjoy renewable contracts that users or customers can negotiate beforehand.
  • Cisco SNT has a higher response time of approximately around 4 hours, whereas SNTP provides premium support with a slower response time of around 2 hours.
  • SNT services do not come with smart service diagnostics and alerts, whereas SNTP comes with full-fledged access to smart service diagnostics and alerts.
  • SNT users can only access on-site engineers if they are available at that particular location, whereas SNT Premium users or SNTP users get complete access to on-site engineers on a preferred basis.
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