Difference Between Cisco MSE and Cisco CMX

Cisco is an American multinational company that provides its services in IT and networking. The MSE( Mobility service engine) is a hardware engine, and the CMX is software.


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Often these two get confused among the professionals. They are two different terms with different functionalities.

Cisco MSE vs Cisco CMX

The difference between MSE and CMX is that the MSE is hardware that runs the application on the network. The CMX is a network application that is indeed software. They both are used to get the precise location but, their usage is different on the devices. The CMX implements with the cisco unified network infrastructure along with the cisco MSE. Both have many models and versions released by cisco. The primary function of MSE is to locate devices and the CMX delivers the information.

Cisco MSE vs Cisco CMX

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The CMX is a software solution that takes the user’s location and provides location-oriented services on mobile phones. By using the wireless infrastructure of cisco, the CMX furnishes mobile services.

It does analytics with cisco intelligence and offers various aids. The duties of CMX delivers by the three components, namely CMX connect, location, and CMX analytics.

The CMX is software runs by bare metal that gives better performance. The vital work of CMX is to deliver pertinent information to the customers.

The MSE is hardware that can connect the devices by location of both the wired and wireless. The MSE has greater manageability, scalability, security, and engagement.

The business application is easily deployed and provides a better workflow. It offers various configurations on a network topology with types of services.

The MSE has a Context-Aware Service(CAS) that gives the precise location of devices.

Through the CPI, the MSE can make interact with the operators. When MSE connects with cisco’s unified network architecture, it enhances the base-level locations.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCisco MSECisco CMX
DefinitionThe MSE is a hardware solution to track the devices.The CMX is a software solution to locate devices and provides information.
TypeThe MSE is hardware.The CMX is software.
UsageThe MSE track the physical location.The CMX uses the location to give information.
FeaturesThe MSE is detecting.The CMX is detecting, connecting, and engaging.
Primary servicesThe MSE does Content-Aware Services.The CMX does deliver relevant content.

What is Cisco MSE?

The MSE stands for Mobility Service Engines. It is the hardware device that tracks the physical location of another device. It can locate both wired and wireless network applications.

By using LAN controllers and Cisco Aironet CAPWAP APs, the MSE finds the physical location of the devices.

The MSE can locate wi-fi, clients, active RFID tags, and rogue clients. In simple, it is a hardware platform to connect the device by its location.

The MSE can access it by launching it from the web browser initially. After that creating an account and sign in. For audit trails and regulatory performance, the MSE stores the location history.

It provides secure protocols for access data. The MSE can directly connect to wireless infrastructure and gives a single network.

It has greater scalability and performance. The MSE can scale up to 25,000 elements in Context-Aware Services(CAS)

The MSE can access the external systems by SOAP/AP. The tasks like the execution of algorithms, maintenance of information, trigger notifications, process locations, and depository of wireless devices did by MSE.

The MSE is an open platform of modular fashion. The time difference of arrival technology provides greater accuracy in its work.

Adaptive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System can make sure safety from virus attacks and allow third-party applications.

What is Cisco CMX?

The CMX stands for Connected Mobile Experiences. It is a solution gives to the customers by showing the relevant content by their searching and location.

It is a wireless infrastructure that provides better space to the users. The CMX helps the employees in an organization to connect directly to the wireless network with personalized content. It works on three components.

The components are the backbone of the CMX to supply an efficient service to the customers. The ordering and deployment show that CMX premises the cloud as a services model.

The Cisco CMX location component presence gives access to the wi-fi devices by the method called gauging. It provides a small amount of granulation and accuracy compared to triangulation.

The clean air technology offers a feature of BLE beacons decode and encode. The RSSI triangulation makes the packets refresh fast and gives decent location details.

It makes us surprise by its flexibility and programmability. The property management systems offer centralized work and eliminate the gateways.

The Cisco-connect has a customized and modular user interface. It makes it easy to track the location by opt-in and opt-out.

It has multiple onboarding options like simple registration, SMS checking, social media log in, and engagement. Cisco-connects gives a location-based policy.

Cisco analytics provides a dashboard for tracking the busiest day and your insights. By using the X, Y coordinates, the cisco analytics gives a better granular location.

Main Differences Between Cisco MSE and Cisco CMX

  1. The MSE is hardware that runs the CMX network application.
  2. The MSE has RSSI and TDOA. The CMX has location, CMX analytics and CMX connect.
  3. The MSE tracks the physical spot, and the CMX uses the location to give information.
  4. The MSE helps in detecting, and The CMX supports in detecting, connecting, and engaging.
  5. The MSE is used for Content-Aware Services, whereas the CMX delivers relevant content.
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