Five-Star vs Seven-Star Hotels: Difference and Comparison

Comfort and luxury are feelings that every individual wants to experience. Hotels come into the picture when people go out for a vacation or any official and unofficial trip.

Five and Seven-star hotels are two types of luxurious hotels that can provide all the necessary satisfaction to their customers.

Key Takeaways

  1. Five-star hotels have a higher level of luxury and service than four-star hotels.
  2. The hospitality industry does not officially recognize seven-star hotels and markets gimmicks.
  3. Seven-star hotels are more expensive and exclusive than five-star hotels, but this may not necessarily translate to a better experience.

Five-Star vs Seven-Star Hotel

The difference between five-star and seven-star hotels is that five-star hotels use the formal rating system where they classify their hotels as five stars, whereas seven-star hotels unofficially declare them as seven stars. The services provided by five-star hotels are somewhat the same as seven-star hotels, but the prices charged are more by seven stars.

Five Star vs Seven Star Hotel

Five-star hotels are officially the highest-rated hotels that provide all the necessary as well as luxurious facilities to their customers.

They seek to provide standardized services to their customers. Five-star hotels have great architecture and interior designs and are only affordable to the rich.

Certain hotels categorize themselves as 7 stars due to the unique and luxurious services they provide to their customers.

There is no such concept of classifying a hotel as seven-star, but a hotel can unofficially declare itself as seven-star on account of the services it provides to the customers.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFive Star HotelSeven Star Hotel
LegalityA hotel can officially declare itself as five-star as per the set standards, as there is a provision for rating a hotel as five-star.There is no such provision for officially declaring a hotel as seven-star, but unofficially a hotel can do so on account of its services.
ComfortFive-star hotels seek to provide their customers with a good quality of comfort by providing all possible facilities.Seven-star hotels provide quality services and comfort to people that are more than five-star hotels.
Cost of stayingThe cost of staying and booking a five-star room is comparatively lower than a seven-star hotel room.The cost of booking a room in a seven-star is comparatively higher than a five-star hotel room.
Personalized servicesFive-star hotels may or may not provide any personalized services.Seven Star hotels provide personalized services to their customers.
ArchitectureThe architecture of five-star hotels is better than other 3 star hotels.The architecture of seven-star hotels is magnificent and better than 5-star hotels.

What is Five Star Hotel?

Five-star hotels refer to highly rated and graded hotels providing their customers with all sorts of comforts and luxuries. They are officially rated as five stars per the international classification standard.

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The facilities provided by five-star hotels are:-

  • 24-hour reception service is one of the most popular services provided by five-star hotels.
  • Special and personalized welcome and serving beverages as complementaries.
  • Round-the-clock room service and the facility of a bar may also be provided.
  • Access to swimming pools, free Wifi, and laundry service are some common services that are also provided.

The staff of these hotels is well-trained, and they have a proper dress code. They have a standard process for dealing with customer issues and queries. They are well-groomed and fluent in English as well.

A five-star hotel has different grades of rooms, with the most expensive and luxurious presidential suite. These hotels are also available to be booked for weddings and events.

Political figures and businessmen are the ones who have the economic capacity to book a room in these hotels and avail all the comforts and luxuries.

In India, five-star hotels are present in every Tier-1 and Tier-2 city where people are more economically stronger.

five star hotel

What is Seven Star Hotel?

Seven-star hotels are more advanced and luxurious when compared to five-star hotels. There are only a few such hotels in a country.

There is no formal and official system of rating a hotel as seven-star, but hotels grade themselves as seven-star hotels due to the luxurious and attractive facilities they provide.

The unique facilities provided by these seven-star hotels are:-

  • Every floor has private and individual receptions that are active the whole day.
  • Pick-up facilities are also provided. Some hotels even use Rolls-Royce to pick up their customers.
  • Suits may have a personal swimming pool and bar.
  • These hotels also provide the facility of a golf court and various indoor games.
  • Some also have undersea dining.
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These hotels are hard to find. These hotels are present in big metropolitan cities all around the globe. They offer various packages in which a large number of facilities are included.

For example, TownHouse Galleria is one of the famous certified seven-star hotels that is based in Italy. Seven-star hotels are only affordable by big business tycoons who have millions and billions of money.

A middle-class family with limited economic means cannot afford to stay in such hotels.

seven star hotel

Main Differences Between Five-Star and Seven-Star Hotels

  1. A hotel can officially declare itself as five-star as per the set standards and regulations, whereas there is no formal way of declaring a hotel as seven-star. A hotel can do so on account of its services.
  2. The cost of living in a five-star hotel is comparatively lesser when compared to a seven-star hotel.
  3. The facilities provided by five-star hotels are luxurious, but the facilities provided by seven-star hotels are exceptional.
  4. Five-star hotels provide only a few personalized services. On the other hand, numerous personalized services are provided by seven-star hotels.
  5. The architecture and interior design of five-star hotels are less attractive when compared to a seven-star hotel.
Difference Between Five Star and Seven Star Hotel

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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13 thoughts on “Five-Star vs Seven-Star Hotels: Difference and Comparison”

  1. The facilities of a five-star hotel are impressive, but seven-star hotels take luxury to another level with individual receptions and Rolls-Royce pick-up services.

  2. The unique services provided by seven-star hotels such as personal swimming pools and undersea dining are extraordinary.

  3. Five-star hotels are based on international standards, while seven-star hotels are declared as such, due to the luxury they offer.

  4. It’s fascinating how seven-star hotels provide exceptional personalized services which are not common in five-star hotels.

  5. The cost of staying in a seven-star hotel is indeed higher than a five-star hotel. However, the facilities and services make up for it.

  6. The architecture and interior design of seven-star hotels are truly magnificent, a step above that of five-star hotels.

  7. The understanding of the differences between five and seven-star hotels is essential for travelers seeking specific luxury experiences.


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