Accor Hotels vs Airbnb: Difference and Comparison

When we think about vacations or any type of group excursion, the first thing that comes to mind is the hotel where we will stay, the cost, the availability, and the facilities.

As a result, Accor Hotels and Airbnb are coming up with new ideas and technologies to improve travelers’ experiences and assist them in finding the finest hotel.

Both of these businesses are focused on the same market, yet their functions and approaches to the market are vastly different.

Key Takeaways

  1. Accor Hotels is a multinational hotel group with a range of properties, while Airbnb is a platform connecting hosts and travelers for short-term lodging.
  2. Accor Hotels provide standardized services and amenities, whereas Airbnb experiences vary based on individual hosts and properties.
  3. Airbnb offers more diverse accommodations, including private homes and apartments, while Accor Hotels operates branded hotels and resorts.

Accor Hotels vs Airbnb

Accor Hotels is a traditional hotel chain that offers standard accommodations with fixed pricing and staffed front desk and room service. Airbnb is a platform that allows individuals to rent out their private residences as short-term rentals with dynamic pricing and limited on-site support.

Accor Hotels vs Airbnb

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Accor  Hotels is a worldwide hospitality corporation headquartered in France that owns, operates, and leases hotels, resorts, and vacation properties.

It is Europe’s single largest hospitality corporation and the world’s sixth-largest. Under the Wojo brand, Accor also offers a network of co-working offices in its hotels and as freestanding venues.

Accor has spent nearly 45 years reinventing its companies to stay up with the changing world, to deliver unique, high-quality products.

Airbnb originated in 2008 when three tourists were searching for a place to stay were hosted by two designers who had rooms to offer.

Thousands of hosts and travelers have signed up for a free Airbnb account to promote their property and book unique accommodations all around the world.

Both travelers and locals benefit from the passion and interests that Airbnb hosts share.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonAccor HotelsAirbnb
Industry TypeHospitalityLodging
FoundersGérard Pelisson
Paul Dubrule
Brian Chesky
Joe Gebbia
Nathan Blecharczyk
HeadquartersTour Sequana, Issy-les-Moulineaux, FranceSan Francisco, California, U.S
CompetitorsHilton Worldwide, Hyatt Hotels, Marriott International, etcVrbo,, Tripadvisor, Agoda, Expedia, TUI Villas, etc.

What is Accor Hotels?

Accor SA (Accor) is a company that works in the hospitality industry. It operates hotels with premium and upscale, midscale, and economical labels, and manages and franchisees them.

A number of its luxury and upscale hotel brands are associated with the company, including Sofitel, Pullman, Raffles, Fairmont, Grand Mercure, etc.  

Accor Hotels is a chain of hotels and  Europe’s largest hotel chain aspires to be more than a hotel chain; it wants to be a hospitality platform that is a part of people’s everyday life, whether they are traveling or not.

The present aim for Accor Hotels is to open a new hotel every 3 days, to increase that number to one hotel each day in the following three years.

Accor was renamed Accor Hotels and adopted a new slogan: ‘Feel Welcome.’ The company grew from owning a single hotel in a single city to operating 32 properties in one country.

It is the only hotel brand that caters to all pricing ranges, from budget to plush and expensive. Not only this they provide some of the best services among all the hotel industry, some of its services are listed below:

  • Rooms at Accor Hotels are accessible for conferences, marriages, and other events, making them the ideal setting for any occasion.
  • Warm wooden flooring, spacious bathtubs, and perfect design distinguish the premium rooms, ensuring a comfortable stay.
  • While you relax in the in-house spa or Jacuzzi, your children can enjoy a variety of activities at Accor Hotel.
  • Your stay will be more than acceptable thanks to amenities such as concierge, porter, early check-in, childcare, and a health club.
accor hotels scaled

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a website that connects people who wish to rent out their homes with others who are looking for places to stay in specific areas.

Since 2007, when its co-founders originally came up with the notion of inviting paying visitors to sleep on an inflatable mattress in their sitting room, the firm has gone a long way. 

The hospitality business has been transformed by Airbnb. Tourists would have booked a room or hostel for their vacation to another city before 2008.

But these same people are now using Airbnb to find a place to stay. The concept behind Airbnb is simple: find a method for locals to earn some additional cash by leasing out their empty room or home to visitors.

Hosts that use this platform can market their rentals to millions of individuals across the world while also knowing that a large corporation will manage payments and provide help if needed.

For guests, Airbnb can provide a welcoming environment with more personality, possibly even with a kitchen to prevent eating out, and at a lesser cost than hotels.

Airbnb is one of the most innovative ways of choosing a hotel or a place to stay, some of the features that are experienced by connecting with Airbnb is as follows:

  • While hotels are centrally placed, Airbnb allows you to choose from cabins, villas, and apartments that are off the main road. This allows you to be closer to nature while also providing you with greater privacy.
  • Airbnb hosts can vary a lot in the way they check-in guests, in contrast to hotels.
  • Airbnb hosts tend to care about cleanliness, and some even offer cleaning services.
  • Airbnb also makes traveling with your pet more convenient.

Main Differences Between Accor Hotels and Airbnb

1. Accor Hotels is a hospitality company that is attempting to integrate technology, whereas Airbnb is a technology company that is attempting to improve its lodging service.

2. Accor Hotels seems to be valued by the capital markets on its revenues and income, while Airbnb is valued by the volume of tourists and clicks.

3. Accor provides a full-fledged hotels service to its customer while Airbnb helps them to find a place for their stay at a reasonable price.

4. Accor Hotels is have its roots in the hospitality business while Airbnb is a technology firm at its core.

5. Accor Hotels business does not give any extra benefit to the common people but the innovative ideas of Airbnb give greater benefit to the people by allowing them to lease their room for money and saves money for the traveler by providing them with cheap options.


Last Updated : 22 July, 2023

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