Difference Between Leela Palace Hotels and ITC Grand Chola

People like to visit a place which provides ultimate comfort in different aspects. People who want such a luxurious ambiance with a proper serene environment pay their visit to high star-rated hotels.


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These hotels make their stay a luxurious one by providing top-class facilities and amenities that they could wish.

These 5-star includes various kinds such as resorts and boutique hotels.

Leela Palace Hotels vs ITC Grand Chola

The difference between Leela Palace Hotels and ITC Grand Chola is that Leela Palace Hotels is a collection of eleven luxury hotels and palaces in various places of India. On the other hand, ITC Grand Chola is a single 5-star hotel located in Chennai under the brand name of the ITC hotels group.

Leela Palace Hotels vs ITC Grand Chola

The Leela tale began in 1986, with the opening of The Leela Mumbai, when its creator, Late Captain C P Krishnan Nair, started building The Leela Palaces, Hotels, and Resorts at the age of 65.

Everyone except Captain C P Krishnan Nair was shocked by The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts’ success.

ITC Grand Chola is a destination with its awe-inspiring scale and majesty. The hotel is a grandeur monument to Southern India’s greatest empires of the Imperial Cholas.

It is located in the center of Chennai and has one of the country’s largest conference, banqueting, and exposition facilities.

There are four different places of entry, each with its own aesthetic identity.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLeela Palace HotelsITC Grand Chola
LocationThe Leela palace hotel has its location in eleven places around the world.The ITC Grand Chola is present in Guindy place of Chennai, Tamilnadu.
TypeThe Leela palace hotels are a group of hotels that includes hotels located in different locations.The ITC Grand Chola is a hotel under the group and brand of ITC Hotels.
DiscoveryThe group of hotels was founded by Late Captain C P Krishnan Nair,  at the age of 65.The ITC Grand Chola discovery by ITC Hotels and development touched by Larsen and Toubro.
Founding yearThe Leela palace group of hotels got started in the year of 1986.The ITC Grand Chola has its inauguration in the year 2012.
Unique featureJamavar, Citrus, and Le Cirque Signature are among the restaurants within the company’s hotels and resorts.There are 10 floors in this hotel with an area of 1,624,000-square-foot.

What is Leela Palace Hotels?

One of the most well-known names in the Indian hospitality business is Hotel Leela Venture Ltd. The Leela palaces and resorts are a five-star luxury hotel and resort chain.

The Leela Kempinski in Mumbai is one of India’s finest 5-star premium hotels that includes 396 rooms, and the area spreads out over 11 acres.

The Leela Palace in Goa is a high-end resort with 152 rooms. The hotel stands on 75 acres of land and features a 12-hole golf course.

Both the recreational and business sectors are the responsibility of the corporation. The Leela Palace Kempinski is present in Bangalore, which is close to commercial, cultural, and business districts.

There are 358 rooms at the hotel. It also has a business center, a royal club, and a fitness and pool facility.

Leela Palaces and Resorts is investing Rs 500 crore in building three new hotels in Udaipur, Chennai, and Hyderabad as part of its expansion plan.

In Goa, Mumbai, and Bangalore the corporation now owns three properties. The properties in Chennai and Hyderabad will be promoted as corporate hotels, while Udaipur has classified to sell as luxury hotels.

The main reason for the expansion plans is a 25% rise in foreign visitor visits last year and a severe lack of rooms.

What is ITC Grand Chola?

ITC Grand Chola situates on Mount Road in Chennai, 5 miles from the Chennai International Airport. It has ten eating options, an outdoor pool, and a fitness facility. Kayakalp is a spa and wellness center.

The Royal Spa has 12 treatment rooms where an individual gets the option to choose from a wide range of massages and therapies.

The Luxury Chocolate Boutique features a large selection of artisan chocolates. Cheroot Malt & Cigar Lounge & Tranquebar offers drinks and light bites.

With ten distinct dining places, the hotel caters to gourmets with various regions. These include regional, national, and international cuisine.

Madras Pavilion, a three-course buffet restaurant, and Cafe Mercara Express, an all-day dining establishment, serve international and local delicacies.

The hotel has 522 rooms and 78 serviced apartments, each of which is a work of art in terms of design aesthetics.

It has the country’s largest conference, banqueting, and exposition facilities. Free WiFi is available in public areas and facilitates free valet parking.

There are seven restaurants, three outdoor pools, and a full-service spa at this hotel.

Two bars/lounges, a 24-hour health club, and a snack bar are the other attractions. Deep soaking baths are included in all 600 rooms, as well as free WiFi and 24-hour room service.

LED TVs with satellite channels provide entertainment, and guests will also enjoy a pillow menu and bottled water.

Main Differences Between Leela Palace Hotels and ITC Grand Chola

  1. The Leela palace hotels locates in eleven different places of the world, but the ITC Grand Chola is present in Chennai, Tamilnadu area.
  2. The Leela palace hotels has its foundation by Late Captain C P Krishnan Nair at the old age of 65 years, while the ITC Grand Chola came to existence by the ITC group of hotels.
  3. The Leela palace hotels are a group of hotels, whereas the ITC Grand Chola is a hotel under the brand of the ITC group of hotels.
  4. The Leela palace hotels have their signature restaurants in their own resorts only, and the ITC Grand Chola includes 10 floors with an area of 1,624,000-square-foot.
  5. The Leela palace hotels came into existence in 1986, whereas the ITC Grand Chola has its opening on 15 September 2012.


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