Difference Between Grand Prix and Grand Am

Automobiles are trending worldwide and have started to become the new sensation. Cars, motorbikes, cycles, trucks, cabs, and other vehicles have started enjoying fame and popularity.

Pontiac vehicles are one amongst the various automobiles that are rising in fame and money. Two of such Pontiac cars are Grand Prix and Grand Am.

Grand Prix vs Grand Am

The main difference between the Grand Prix and Grand Am is that the Grand Prix has a plain body and automobile AC system. On the other hand, Gand am is a curved-bodied and manual AC featured vehicle. Both the automobiles have amazing features and are different from each other in several aspects.

Grand Prix vs Grand Am

Grand Prix is a high-maintenance sports car that is often used in racing events. This car is manufactured and produced by several famous car companies and brands.

It is beautifully designed and has a stylish body shape. A Grand Prix doesn’t have a manual air conditioning system. It is widely used by rich industrialists and rich businessmen.

Grand Am is a stylish and famous raving and sports car that is also used in racing events along with grand Prix. This vehicle has a theater dimming feature and also has a manual AC system.

It doesn’t require a very high quantity of power supply for its functioning. This car is easily available in different parts of the world.

Comparison Table Between Grand Prix and Grand Am

Parameters Of ComparisonGrand PrixGrand Am
Power RequiredGrand Prix requires a high amount of power to function.Grand Am requires a comparatively low amount of power to run/ function.
Theater DimmingThe feature of theater dimming is not present in Grand Prix.Grand Am has the feature of theater dimming.
Important FeatureThis car provides a dual-mode air conditioning feature.Front manual air conditioning feature is present in a Grand Am vehicle.
Body StyleThe body style of the Grand Prix is plain and smooth.Grand Am has a body with curves and distinguishing lines.
XM Satellite RadioGrand Prix doesn’t have an XM satellite radio.XM satellite radio is a distinguishing feature of Grand Am. AQ

What is Grand Prix?

Grand Prix is an amazing sports and racing car which has a big engine and is big in length and width. It requires high quality and quantity of power to run fast. These middle-sized and full-sized cars can travel long distances without any issue.

The Grand Prix has stopped being manufactured or produced by the end of the year 2008. The last model of this vehicle is a base model. The base model of the Grand Prix has the following features:

  • A power of 200 horsepower V6
  • Sport-tuned suspension
  • A sportier GXP (It has a power of 303 horsepower V8)

Grand Prix has been replaced by an Australian car named G8. The replacement car was introduced in the year 2009 (one year after the discontinuation of the production of Grand Prix cars).

The year 2008 was the last year when Grand Prix enjoyed its spotlight.

The Grand Prix has several qualities. Some of these qualities are given below:

  • A V6 engine.
  • A rally gauge cluster (it has oil, water, fuel, and volt gauges)
  • A dual-mode automatic air conditioner
  • A small backseat
  • A few plastic interior parts
  • Rear and front reading lamps
  • A unique, plain, simple, and smooth body style

What is Grand Am?

Grand Am is a compact sports car that generally covers short distances. It was initially manufactured and designed by Pontiac and functioned for several years. It was Pontiac’s one of the greatest cars to be ever produced.

Grand Am had stopped being produced by the end of the year 1980 and was soon replaced by Pontiac 600. The compact car was later reintroduced as a replacement for the Pontiac Phoenix in the year 1985.

It was then again replaced by Pontiac G6 after being claimed as the best-selling Pontiac car. This sports car has several information and details. Its details are mentioned below:

  • Manufacturer – General Motors
  • Production – 1973 to 1975, 1977 to 1980, and 1984 to 2005
  • Successor – Pontiac G6 (in the year 2006)
  • Predecessor – Pontiac LeMans (in the year 1973), Pontiac Phoenix (in the year 1985), and Pontiac Tempest (in the year 1999)
  • Body Style – 2-door fastback coupe, 2-door notchback coupe, 4-door fastback sedan, and 4-door notchback sedan

Grand Am has an average rating and has several characteristic features. Some of its features are:

  • It has a manual air conditioning feature
  • It has a theater dimming system
  • XM satellite radio
  • Ram air system
  • It has a unique body shape with curves and beautiful lines
  • The high amount of interior space

Main Differences Between Grand Prix and Grand Am

  1. Grand Prix isn’t installed with an XM satellite radio while on the other hand, an XM satellite radio is installed in the Grand Am.
  2. Grand Prix has a plain and smooth body while on other hand, the Grand Am has a curved body.
  3. Grand Prix didn’t involve a theater dimming system while on the other hand, the Grand Am has a theater dimming feature.
  4. The power required to run a Grand Prix is quite high while on the other hand, the power required to function a Grand Am is comparatively low.
  5. Grand Prix has an automatic air conditioning feature while on the other hand, the Grand Am has a manual air conditioning system.


Several cars can be noticed in the streets of modern and developed countries. Cars of different brands are quite famous across the globe. Different car brands hold different popularity statuses.

Different cars have different styling features, body designs, engines, and functioning Capabilities.

Pontiac cars/ vehicles are of two types. Grand Prix and the Grand-Am are the two types of Pontiac automobiles. Grand Prix is a plain and smooth automobile while on the other hand, Grand Am is a curved body vehicle.

Grand Prix is a high-power vehicle. It has an automatic air conditioner. Grand Am is a low-power vehicle. It has a manual air conditioner.


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