Difference Between Barrel Jeans and Mom Jeans

Denim is the most versatile and valuable item of the wardrobe. Jeans are the most worn outfits and are often regarded as the most comfortable. Jeans are constantly evolving and coming out with new shapes, styles, cuts, colors, lengths, designs, and sizes. The two most popular styles of jeans are barrel jeans and mom jeans.


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Barrel Jeans vs Mom Jeans

The difference between barrel jeans and mom jeans is that barrel jeans look similar to tapered jeans but are quite fitted at the waist while mom jeans are baggier and looser from the waist and thigh area. Barrel jeans look flattering as they are fitted while mom jeans might not look much flattering but are more comfortable to wear.

Barrel Jeans vs Mom Jeans

Barrel jeans were launched first in 2017 by Whistles in its signature version. Barrel jeans are available in various colors and details. Barrel jeans have a voluminous silhouette and accentuate the curves. Barrel jeans have a wide area in the leg and are tapered in the end, so it is also known as balloon jeans.

On the other hand, mom jeans were meant for women who were housewives or had just given birth, to hide their belly and love handles with the high waist jeans. Mom Jeans were initially only available in the classic blue color and later included various other colors also.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBarrel jeansMom Jeans
Other name Balloon jeans, tapered jeans High waisted jeans or straight-leg jeans
OriginLaunched first in 2017 Worn first by women in the 70s
Fitting Tight fittingLoose fitting
Type Considered as a modern style and trend Considered as a vintage classic style
Colors Available in various colorsAvailable in various colors but initially was available only in blue color

What is Barrel Jeans?

Barrel jeans are also known as balloon jeans. Barrel jeans look similar to tapered jeans but are quite fitted at the waist. The thigh area in barrel jeans is also fitted which provides a flattering shape to the outfit. Barrel jeans were launched first in 2017 by Whistles in its signature version. The trend of barrel jeans is loved by the customers and is in demand, as it is comfortable as well as flattering.

Experts and stylists say that the trend of barrel jeans is not for a few months and has the potential to last longer. The thigh area provided in barrel jeans is quite wide. This provides a voluminous silhouette to the bottom wear. The wide-leg look which is curved and has a bottom fly is loved in the current season.

Various other details are often added like pleating at the waist, crop at the ankle, a torn knee, combination in the fabric which makes it soft or stiff, elasticated waistband, and various other details. The details are chosen based on personal comfort and style.

The style of barrel jeans can be contentious to some people as the resultant look is a tad frumpy. Barrel jeans can be styled in a thousand ways. Right from a simple look to a well-layered look with boots, barrel jeans are trending in the fashion moment. Most of the fabrics of barrel jeans are of stretchable material, which means moving around and bending the knees would be quite easy in the jeans.

What is Mom Jeans?

Mom jeans are also known as tapered jeans. These kinds of gene types are usually high-waisted and tapered at the end of the leg. The jeans are not only comfortable but also quite flattering. Mom jeans derived their name in the 70s as it was worn by the women who were stay-at-home moms or housewives.

Mom jeans initially had a wide cut at the hips and the crotch area and were super high waisted which made the bottom wear quite comfortable to wear. Mom jeans gained popularity in the younger woman around the 80s. Mom jeans have the potential to accentuate the bottom and make the waist look slim and tiny.

Mom jeans are ideal for people who are thicker on the thighs as the jeans are quite loose on the thighs and tend to shape the hip area. Mom jeans have modern details which look stylish and can be used to style in various ways. Mom jeans can be styled with various types of footwear like flats or heels and baggy or tight shirts.

Mom jeans can effectively hide belly fat and love handles. The jeans elongate the body and provide a contoured shape. It highlights the natural waist of the body. Some mom jeans also produce crunching noise while walking. Hence, good, soft fabric can eliminate the shuffling sound.

Main Differences Between Barrel Jeans and Mom Jeans

  1. Barrel jeans are fitted at the waist while mom jeans are comparatively less fitted at the waist.
  2. Barrel jeans have loose-fitting legs while mom jeans have a tapered fitting at the legs.
  3. Barrel jeans are cropped just above the ankle while mom jeans are cropped quite higher than the ankle.
  4. Barrel jeans have a relaxed look while mom jeans are baggier and looser overall.
  5. Barrel jeans cannot hide belly fat or love handles while mom jeans can hide belly fat and love handles.
Difference Between Barrel Jeans and Mom Jeans


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