Braun IPL 3 vs 5: Difference and Comparison

The number of flashes offered by an IPL device essentially connotes the device’s longevity.

Thus, the augmented number of flashes offered by a Braun IPL 5 device translates to roughly a longevity of 22 years, while the diminished flashes offered by the Braun IPL 3 device translates to a total durability of 15 years.

Key Takeaways

  1. Braun IPL 3 and 5 are at-home hair removal devices that use Intense Pulsed Light technology to remove hair.
  2. Braun IPL 5 has more intensity levels than IPL 3, which makes it suitable for darker skin tones, while IPL 3 is better for lighter skin tones.
  3. Braun IPL 5 has a gliding mode that makes it easier to use, while IPL 3 requires a more manual approach.

Braun IPL 3 vs. 5

The difference between the Braun IPL 3 and IPL 5 models is that the former model is equipped with a diminished capacity of flashes compared to the latter. The Braun IPL 3 model offers a user 300,000 flashes, while the Braun IPL 5 model offers 400,000 flashes.

Braun IPL 3 vs 5

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBraun IPL 3Braun IPL 5
Number of FlashesThe Braun IPL 3 offers 300,000 flashes.The Braun IPL 5 offers 400,000 flashes.
DesignThe Braun IPL 3 model sports a white body with lilac trim.The Braun IPL 5 model has a white body with golden trim.
PriceThe Braun IPL 3 model is a lucrative option among the IPL models available.The Braun IPL 5 is one of the most premium IPL models and thus is valued at the higher end of the price spectrum.
WeightThis model is slightly lighter than the IPL 5 variant.This model is slightly heavier than the IPL 3 variant.
Session DurationThe recommended duration of each session is 9 minutes.The recommended duration of each session is less than 5 minutes.
Result Visibility PromiseThe Braun IPL 3 promises visible results within 3 months.The Braun IPL 5 promises visible results in 4 weeks.
Skin Type CompatibilityMost compatible with medium and darker skin tones.Well-suited for individuals with a lighter skin tone.
Intensity and Comfort LevelsThe Braun IPL 3 variant offers the user only 3 intensity levels. There are only 2 comfort levels on this model.The Braun IPL 5 model offers users 10 intensity variants and 3 comfort levels.

What is Braun IPL 3?

The Braun IPL 3 device created by the trusted Braun brand promises permanent hair reduction within 3 months. The intelligent sensors fitted into the product automatically adapt to the contours of one’s skin to achieve optimal hair removal.

The distinctive look of the IPL 3 sets it apart from the other models. The device sports a white body with lilac trim. With a longevity of 300,000 flashes, the Braun IPL 3 model is a preferred choice in the lucrative category of IPL devices.

The curvy, ergonomic shape of the device offers the user a safe, optimal, and simple method of permanent hair removal. It is best suited for those with a medium to dark skin tone. Braun IPL 3 has been clinically proven effective and safe for usage.

braun ipl 3

What is Braun IPL 5?

The Braun IPL 5 variant is a premium product in home hair removal devices. The device is elevated with golden trim on its white body. With 400,000 flashes, this model offers better longevity prospects than the other lower-level variants.

Braun IPL 5 offers multiple intensity levels. This implies that the product suits those with slightly lighter skin tones.

These higher intensity levels are unsafe for individuals with darker skin hues. This model’s ‘extra gentle’ mode provides the user with a much more controlled experience.

The stipulated session durations with the Braun IPL 5 are also much shorter. Each session can be completed within merely 5 minutes. This model thus provides a premium experience with a promise of swift efficacy.

braun ipl 5

Main Differences Between Braun IPL 3 and 5

  1. The main difference between the Braun IPL 3 and 5 is that the former model offers fewer flashes. The number of flashes an IPL device offers implies the product’s longevity. The Braun IPL 3 offers 300,000 flashes, while the IPL 5 variant offers 400,000 flashes.
  2. Braun IPL 3 has a white body and a lilac trim, while the IPL 5 version has a golden trim.
  3. The two products differ in terms of their market prices. The Braun IPL 3 model is more cost-effective, while the Braun IPL 5 model is on the higher end of the price spectrum.
  4. The IPL 3 model is lighter than the IPL 5 model.
  5. The Braun IPL 3 is more suited for medium to darker skin tones. The IPL 5 variant is better suited for lighter skin tones.
  6. The Braun IPL 5 model offers users 10 intensity levels, while the IPL 3 variant offers only 3. The two models also differ in terms of the comfort levels each offers. The former model offers 3 comfort levels, while the latter offers only 2.
  7. Each device promises a different period for witnessing visible results. The Braun IPL 3 device promises results within 3 months, while the IPL 5 variant promises results in 4 weeks.
  8. The stipulated session durations for each product are also different. The IPL 3 model stipulates 9-minute sessions for the best outcome, while the IPL 5 variant postulates sessions of less than 5 minutes.

Last Updated : 31 July, 2023

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