Braun 9 Series vs Philips 9000: Difference and Comparison

Once human beings have attained the necessities of food, shelter, clothing, and company, they move on to seek the fulfilment of needs such as self-grooming.

These days, self-grooming is a must for anyone who wants to appear well socially and leave a good impression on the people they come across.

Many tools aid in the process of self-grooming for both men and women. A very common such tool is the trimmer.

A trimmer is a device with a motorized blade that trims the hair on one’s body to the desired length, thus giving the user an option for various looks and feels.

Philips and Braun are two very prominent trimmer manufacturing companies.

The Braun company has a series of trimmers, or electric razors, called the 9 series. Meanwhile, in competition, Philips has its range of electric razors called Philips 9000.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Braun 9 Series has a more advanced shaving head than the Philips 9000, which provides a closer and smoother shave.
  2. The Braun 9 Series has a longer battery life than the Philips 9000, which means it can be used for more shaves before recharging.
  3. The Philips 9000 has a smart cleaning system that automatically cleans and charges the shaver, while the Braun 9 Series requires manual cleaning.

Braun 9 Series vs Philips 9000

The difference between Braun 9 series and the Philips 9000 is that the Braun 9 series has 2 shaver foils, which can have either 1 or 2 vibrating middle trimmers. In contrast, the Philips 9000 series has three rotating blades attached to one common head.

Due to this, the Philips models are more efficient in catching wild hair, while the Braun models are more efficient in shaping the outline of the beard.

Braun 9 Series vs Philips 9000

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBraun 9 SeriesPhilips 9000
Blade SystemBraun Electric Razors have 2 shaver foils, with 1 or 2 vibrating middle trimmers.Philips Electric Razors have three separate rotating blades on a common head.
Motion of ShavingVertical Motion.Rotating Motion.
Replacement TimeDetachable parts can be used for 24 months for the Braun 9 Series.Detachable parts can be used for 18 months.
System TypeBraun uses a foil system.Uses a head system.
Accessory TypeDoes not have many separate accessories.Comes with a wide range of separate accessories.

What is Braun 9 Series?

The Braun 9 series is the flagship electric razor series released by Braun in 2015. Braun is a German company that used to be known as Braun AG.

The company is based in a place called Kronberg im Taunus. The parent company of Braun was Gillette up until the year 2007.

However, after 2007, Braun became a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, as they had acquired Gillette.

The founder of Braun, Max Braun, was a mechanical engineer who started his career by manufacturing radio components.

However, he then manufactured ‘high-fidelity’ audio systems and even film slide projectors.

However, it was only around the 1950s when Braun started manufacturing the iconic electric shaving products for which the company is known today.

Besides projectors, audio systems, and electric shavers, Braun also manufactured kitchen appliances. 

Until 1982, the Gillette group had let Braun function as an independent subsidiary company.

However, in 1982, The Gillette Group decided that Braun should become an integrated company unit. Hence, the parent company would assume full control of all the operations of its subsidiary company.

However, in the years to come, Braun, and its subsidiary brands would be the leading appliances in the market, especially in the home utility sector. 

The Braun 9 Series is a very much-awaited electric razor series made by the company.

However, there have been minor glitches in the products over time, such as making minor updates, thus resulting in some accessories being incompatible, price fluctuations, etc.

In 2015, Braun released the original 9 Series trio, the 9090cc, 9095cc, and 9093cc. They, later on, went to be updated and came out as the 9290cc, 9291cc, 9293s, 9295cc, and 9260s.

Most of these trimmers are suitable for dry and wet use, except for a few models. Braun provides a travelling case along with these trimmers of two textile or leather materials.

The travelling case is not an accessory of choice and depends on the model that is being purchased.

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What is Philips 9000?

The Philips 9000 Series electric razors is the range of flagship razors made by the electric appliance company Philips. Philips is a huge company that was founded in Eindhoven.

The major headquarters of the company is in Amsterdam. However, the Benelux headquarters is still located in the founding city of Eindhoven. Although Philips has a variety of divisions that serve a variety of technological purposes, the main area of focus for Philips is the health industry. 

Initially, the company was founded by Gerard Philips and his father, Frederik. At first, the main product that the company manufactured was the light bulb.

But in 2013, the company decided to remove the word electronics from its name because it was getting more and more focused on the healthcare industry; hence the word ‘electronics’ did not go well with the brand name.

Philips is one of the leading manufacturers of personal grooming and hygiene equipment. They have been known to manufacture many appliances, from trimmers to toothbrushes.

Their trimmers are popular worldwide, and Philips has been known to associate with well-known celebrities and sportspersons to endorse their products.

The 9000 Series has three rotary blades in three separate locations, which share a common head on the trimmer.

They flex to some extent to accommodate and adjust to the shape of the face of the user.

However, due to three rotary blades, if one needs to shape their beard very finely, they need to switch the blade. Most 9000 series trimmers are usable in both dry and wet conditions.

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philips 9000

Main Differences Between Braun 9 Series and Philips 9000

  1. The main difference between Braun 9 Series and the Philips 9000 is that the Braun 9 series has 2 shaver foils, which can have either 1 or 2 vibrating middle trimmers. In contrast, the Philips 9000 series has three rotating blades attached to one common head.
  2. Braun requires vertical motion during shaving, while Philips requires a rotating motion.\
  3. Braun parts are replaced after 24 months, while the time is 18 months for Philips.
  4. Braun uses a foil system, while Philips uses a head system.
  5. Braun does not require many accessories, while Philips offers a wide range.
Difference Between Braun 9 Series and Philips 9000

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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