Balloon Jeans vs Mom Jeans: Difference and Comparison

Denim is perhaps the most basic and significant piece of clothing in the wardrobe. Jeans are the most commonly worn attire and are thought of as being the most relaxed.

Jeans are changing constantly, with new patterns, designs, cuts, colors, sizes, and patterns being introduced. Balloon jeans and mom jeans are the two most popular types of jeans.

Key Takeaways

  1. Balloon jeans have a loose fit through the hips and thighs, tapering to a narrow ankle, while mom jeans have a high waist and a more relaxed fit.
  2. Vintage fashion trends inspire both styles, but balloon jeans have a more exaggerated silhouette.
  3. Both types of jeans can be styled in various ways to create unique and fashionable looks.

Balloon Jeans vs Mom Jeans

Balloon jeans are a modern interpretation of the classic ’80s and ’90s style of jeans. They are high-waisted with a relaxed fit and a tapered ankle. Mom jeans are a retro style, the ’80s and ’90s style. They are high-waisted with a relaxed fit via the hips and thighs and a straight or tapered leg.

Balloon Jeans vs Mom Jeans

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Balloon jeans, also referred to as bubble and barrel pants are a type of denim. They’re baggy, much like straight-leg styles that Young Generation likes, but they also have a millennial-approved defined waist and a narrower ankle hem.

Because the appearance is more extreme and voluminous, balloon jeans are a more fashionable substitute to boot-cut jeans.

The style of Mom jeans has a high waist, because of which the bum appears flatter and longer, and there seems to be a relaxed fit near the zipper area.

Although this style has a stigma attached to it as considered to be unfashionable and unflattering, still contemporary brands are making these jeans come back in full force and now also offering them with innovations such as cropped and destroyed washes.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBalloon JeansMom Jeans
TypeModern style and trendVintage classic style
LegsLoose-fittingTapered fitting
HemJust above the ankleQuite higher than ankle
WaistFittedComparatively less fitted
Hiding extra fatCannot hide belly fat and love handlesCan hide belly fat and love handles

What is Balloon Jeans?

Balloon jeans are another name for barrel jeans. Balloon jeans resemble tapered jeans but are more defined at the waist.

The thigh region in balloon jeans is again fitted, giving the wearer an appealing shape. Whistles were the first to introduce balloon jeans in its signature version in 2017.

The balloon jeans pattern is popular among the masses because it is both relaxed and flattering.

According to professionals and stylists, the balloon jeans trend isn’t going away anytime soon and can last much longer. The thigh area in balloon jeans is quite large.

This gives the bottom a bulky shape. In this season, the wide-leg style with curved legs and a bottom fly is popular.

Pleating at the waist, a crop at the ankle, a tattered knee, a fusion in the cloth that makes it smooth or rigid, a stretchy waistband, and other specifics are frequently added. The details are chosen with individual style and comfort in mind.

Some people dislike the balloon jeans-style because it gives them a frumpy appearance.

Balloon jeans can be worn in a variety of forms. Balloon jeans are getting popular in the fashion world right now, from a basic look to a stylish look with boots.

The majority of the fabrics used in balloon jeans are stretchy, which means that transitioning around and flexing the knees would be simple in the jeans.

barrel jeans

What is Mom Jeans?

Mom’s Jeans first appeared in the 1980s. Middle-aged women wear it to regularly run daily chores.

Mom Jeans are fluid and formed of comfy fabric, and they were popular among housewives in the 1980s and 1990s.

It was for this simple fact that these jeans were officially named mom Jeans.

Although the youngsters of the time were unconcerned about jeans, they despised mom jeans as they were worn by middle-aged women.

Mom Jeans, on the other hand, made a comeback with a more fashionable look and became an important aspect of young women’s attire.

Mom jeans have become a staple in almost every woman’s wardrobe. 

The basic layout of mom jeans is that they are somewhat baggy in the thighs but slacken down. Mom jeans aren’t too baggy.

Mom jeans are distinguished by their high-lifted waist, which offers both comfort and support. Most women prefer to wear mom jeans by wrapping the hem to just above the ankles.

The term Mom Jeans was first used in a television show SNL skit written by Tina Fey to mock such jeans by using the fictitious brand name ‘mom jeans’. However, it has become the official name for these jeans.

mom jeans

Main Differences Between Balloon Jeans and Mom Jeans

  1. Balloon jeans have a modern style and trend while mom jeans are a vintage classic style. 
  2. Balloon jeans have loose-fitting legs and mom jeans have a tapered fitting. 
  3. Balloon jeans are cropped just above the ankle, having a hem there. Mom jeans are cropped a bit higher than the ankle.
  4. At waist balloon jeans are more fitted as compared to mom jeans. 
  5. Balloon jeans do not hide belly fat or love handles while mom jeans can hide the same. 

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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