Beanie vs Stocking Cap: Difference and Comparison

Hats have been a very vital part of people’s outfits for centuries. The trend of the hat was originated from western countries and spread across the world.

Beanie and stocking caps are also two significant types of hats that are loved by everyone. They provide a stunning and classical look at the same time.

Key Takeaways

  1. Beanies are close-fitting, brimless hats made from various materials, such as wool or cotton.
  2. Stocking caps are long, tapered hats with cuffs, featuring a pom-pom at the top.
  3. Both hats provide warmth and can be fashionable, but beanies offer a more casual and versatile style.

Beanie vs Stocking Cap

The difference between Beanie and Stocking cap is that Beanie is a type of hat which is oval-shaped and designed to perfectly fit on the back of the head. On the other hand, a stocking cap is a hat that is conical-shaped and longer than a Beanie. Both Beanie and Stocking caps are made for the winter season that has different shapes.

Beanie vs Stocking Cap

Beanie is a hat that is worn on the backside of the head. It has a round bottom and a half oval shape.

Beanies are very trendy among youth because they go with almost every outfit. Beanies are mostly worn in the winter season to protect the body from cold.

The stocking cap is considered to be a hat that is almost in the shape of a cone with a tassel hanging down from aside. Stocking protects a person from the cold as well as his hair because it is long and does not damage the hair.

Most of the time it is knitted while sometimes it is made out of particular fabrics for fashion.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonBeanieStocking Cap
YearBeanies were introduced quite long ago in the 12th century for the people to wear in winters. Stocking caps have their origin roots belonging to the 17th century as there are no proofs found before that.
StructureBeanie hats are designed in such a way that it perfectly fits a person’s back of the head. Stocking caps are longer and have enough space that is beneficial to reduce hair damage.
ShapeTalking about the shape, a Beanie is circular at the bottom and oval-shaped on the upper area. Talking about the shape, a stocking cap is also circular at the bottom but conical-shaped on the upper area.
Other namesThe other names used in the place of Beanie are skullcap, beret, pillbox, bonnet, fez, tam o’shante, etc. The other names used in the place of a stocking cap are baseball cap, bowler, biretta, boater, etc.
Made of The materials commonly used to make a Beanie are viscose, knits, cotton, fleece, etc. The materials commonly used to make a stocking cap are silk, leather, woolen, and some other types of fabrics.

What is Beanie?

Beanie, also known as a seamed cap, is a hat that is widely used in the winter season. It can be worn by everyone no matter what gender and age they belong to.

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Beanies are brimless hats that came into existence in the 20th century. At first, these hats were only meant for boys but by time females also included them in their outfits.

Beanies were also called skull caps when they were introduced because they were flat and nicely fitted on the back of the head.

From the time when workers and miners wore beanies to the time they became baseball caps, beanies have come through a long journey.

It is said that these caps were known as beanies because of their bean-size structure. It is very soft and provides a great fit for the head.

Some beanies do not have cups that fold while some do. Also, it thoroughly depends on the creativity of the maker if he wants to add some ornamental touch, for example, tassels, buttons, pom-pom, etc.

There comes a wide range of beanies that comes in the market such as tossie caps, skull caps, knit caps, ski hats, etc. The same goes for material that is used to make a Beanie because there are various types of material used.


What is Stocking Cap?

The stocking cap is made out of wool and other fabrics as well. It can be both knitted and stitched. It starts from the round shape the gets tapered which results in a conical shape. Although there are various types of stockings caps are available.

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Also, there is a pom-pom or tassel is attached to the endpoint for making a stocking cap appear cute. A stocking cap is known by different names at different places.

Stocking caps are very stretchable and quite long. Just like a Beanie, stocking caps can have a folded brim as well as it can be plain.

In some variants of stocking caps, there is a strip given at the bottom so it can be tied under the chin.

There is a very interesting variant of a stocking cap known as a balaclava, which has a separate fold from the cap, it is used to cover the whole face leaving only eyes open. The origin point of the stocking caps goes way back to the 15th century.

Stocking caps are also used widely in the winter season. They are very comfortable and provide a soft feeling for the skin.

In modern times, stocking caps are a significant part of fashion and extremely popular in the younger generation since it gives a classical look.

stocking cap

Main Differences Between Beanie and Stocking Cap

  1. A Beanie comes in different types such as Ski masks, cuffless beanies, brimmed beanies, etc. While there is no specific type of stocking cap.
  2. A Beanie has limited height the is perfect to cover the whole head. On the other hand, stocking caps are longer and they can have multiple measurements of height.
  3. Talking about the fit, Beanies are made to fit the head and feel a bit tighter. On the other hand, stocking caps are slouchy and loose.
  4. Beanies are known to be a hat that comes in an oval shape. On the other hand, due to its design, stocking caps seem to be in the shape of a cone.
  5. Beanies have been a part of people’s clothes since the 12th century. On the other hand, stocking caps were introduced in the 17th century.
Difference Between Beanie and Stocking Cap

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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