Difference Between Teak Wood and Sheesham Wood

Woods in furniture manufacturing has a very long history. Woods have always been used to manufacture furniture of different types depending on what kind of wood is being utilized. Some woods are sturdy while some are not. Teak wood and Sheesham wood are also two types of woods used worldwide to make various types of stuff.

Teak Wood vs Sheesham Wood

The main difference between Teak wood and Sheesham wood is that the main source of Teak wood is known to be Teak trees which are members of the Lamiaceae family. Sheesham wood, on the other hand, is obtained from the Sheesham tree which belongs to a family known as Fabaceae. Both planks of wood are considered the best option for making furniture.

Teak Wood vs Sheesham Wood

Teak wood is acquired from the tree found in tropical areas that belongs to the family known as Lamiaceae. Teak wood is a hardwood and becomes available to be harvested almost in twenty years. That is one of the major reasons why Teak wood is so expensive. It is used to manufacture many types of furniture and other stuff.

Sheesham wood is acquired from a native tree in India and southern Iraq. This tree is known as Indian rosewood and grows quite rapidly. The size of the Sheesham tree can vary depending on many factors. It can be found at any place in India. Also, Sheesham wood is used a lot in furniture.

Comparison Table Between Teak Wood and Sheesham Wood

Parameters Of ComparisonTeak WoodSheesham Wood
SourceTeak woods are branches and trunks of the Teak tree from the Lamiaceae family. Sheesham woods are branches and trunks of Sheesham tree from the Fabaceae family.
WeightTeak wood is generally heavier and that’s why they are used to make big pieces of furniture. Sheesham wood is generally lighter than Teak and is used to make small objects with different shapes.
DurabilityTeak wood has enough amount of natural oil that makes it less prone to moisture and rot. Sheesham woods contain a high amount of water already inside of them and that’s why they are less durable than Teak.
CostTeak woods provide all the features of Sheesham with advanced level and that’s it is quite expensive. Sheesham wood is a cheaper option if a person does not want to spend extra bucks on furniture.
ColourBy taking a closer look, it is observed that Teak woods have a golden and honey brown color. Sheesham woods generally comes in golden, brown, and reddish-brown colors that look beautiful.

What is Teak Wood?

Teak wood is the product of the Teak tree which is also known as Tectona grandis. Tectona grandis is a native tree in southeast Asia. Teak wood is compact and close-grained wood that becomes more desirable to the making of different types of furniture. The color of teak wood is generally golden with a smooth texture.

Apart from being beneficial in furniture manufacturing, Teak wood is a very rich and firm source of oil and rubber. And because it contains natural oil and rubber, it becomes very durable and strong. Teak wood can be impermeable in conditions of extreme weather, it is water-resistant and does not rot easily.

Also, Teakwood does not require frequent maintenance since it is already a very long-lasting type of wood. The teak tree can grow up to 50 meters and has a lifespan of about 100 years long. This tall tree is deciduous and is resistant to any type of cracking, fungus, splitting, weathering, termites, etc.

It takes around 20 years for a teak tree to become a proper tree from a plant. Looking at its durability and density, the Teak tree is considered to be one of the fastest-growing trees. The furniture made of Teak wood appears very nice.

What is Sheesham Wood?

Sheesham wood is one of the most preferred wood for furniture. It is very pliable and durable. Sheesham wood can be molded into any form. Due to its durability, Sheesham wood furniture is long-lasting and gives a very classical look. Most of the beds are made from Sheesham wood.

This wood comes in the category of hardwoods and by hardwood, one can understand the fact that is obtained from dicot trees. Sheesham wood comes in a brown and reddish color, it can be golden as well. There are visible dark streaks on the Sheesham wood that are typically known as wood marking.

The interlocked grain structure of the Sheesham wood makes it sturdy and durable. Sheesham Woods have always been in high demand because it has multiple uses. It is used worldwide for carvings due to its pliability feature since it becomes easier to make a different beautiful shape on Sheesham wood.

One of the major specifications of Sheesham wood is that it is termite-resistance that can be useful if a person is intending to keep the furniture for a long period. Termites are a huge disease for wood furniture. Yet it is suggested that the Sheesham wood furniture should not be exposed to excessive temperature.

Main Differences Between Teak Wood and Sheesham Wood

  1. The uses of Teak woods are making outdoor furniture, boats, veneers, decks, etc. While the uses of Sheesham wood are making indoor furniture, small objects, beds, etc.
  2. The other names Teak woods are known as is Tectona grandis and Shagwan woods. While Sheesham woods are also known as rosewood and Dalbergia sissoo.
  3. Teak wood has order known as Lamiales and belongs to the Lamiaceae family. On the other hand, Sheesham wood has Fabales order and belongs to Fabaceae.
  4. It takes around 20 years for Teak to become a full-grown tree. On the other hand, Sheesham three takes about five to ten years to become a tree.
  5. Teak wood takes a longer time to grow and has additional features, that’s why they’re expensive. While Sheesham woods are cheaper compared to Teak.


By observing every quality and specification of Teak and Sheesham woods one can decide what he should go for. Sheesham woods is also durable but Teak offers more durability. Both of them are equally used in the wood industry and have a notable place to fill.

They are not very different from each other, even sometimes people who don’t have information can mistake both Teak and Sheesham woods for each other.

Wood crafting is one of the salient mediums of employment in every country because there is not a single Object that can not be manufactured by using woods. Hence, both types of woods are considered to be important.


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