Cap vs Hat: Difference and Comparison

Fashion and accessories are terms that go hand in hand. To complete one’s look, accessories are the most important part.

Each accessory signifies certain styles, whereas some accessories are used for purposes other than just completing the style. They are also used for comfort.

Caps and hats have been formal and casual accessories since they were. They are both headgears related to the rock genre in fashion.

Though they are both headgears, there are still differences between them.

Key Takeaways

  1. A cap has a visor or a bill, while a hat does not.
  2. A cap is made of a structured fabric, while a hat can be made of various materials, including straw, felt, or wool.
  3. Caps are commonly worn for sports or casual outings, while hats are worn for more formal occasions or as a fashion accessory.

Cap vs Hat

Cap and Hat differ because a cap does not have a brim to block the sunlight. They have a visor or peak instead to provide shade, whereas hats have brims that may differ in size.

Cap vs Hat

Caps are headgears that are worn for casual attires. They are worn with causal attires and are also used for providing shade against sunlight.

They do not block out sunlight because they do not have a brim. Caps do not have size as they do not have a shaped crown.

Hats are also headgear-like caps. Hats are used for formal attires like suits. There are different types of hats, and this difference is because of the shape of the crown and the size of the brim.

Though they are mostly used for formal attire, they can also be worn with casuals or for religious purposes.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCapHat
DefinitionCap is a headgear that is soft and flat but without a shaped crown.A hat is a headgear with a brim and shaped crown.
BrimCaps do not have brims. They have visors or peaks instead.A hat has a brim surrounding the entire hat structure. The shape and size of the brim differ for each hat.
CrownThey do not have a shape, but they fit perfectly on everyone’s head and fit close to the head.Hats have shape crown that is loose for some and fit for others.
SunlightThey do not protect themselves from the sunlight. But if they have a visor, they can provide shade against it.They protect from the sunlight by blocking it with the brim. This also depends on the size of the brim.
UsageMen mostly wear caps to get shade against the sun and provide warmth in the winter.Hats do not have a specific use. They can be worn by both men and women as a fashion accessory or for religious purposes.

What is Cap?

Caps are seen as accessories for casual wear as headgear. Though men wear them, there are a majority of women who also find comfort in wearing caps.

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Caps are also used for various other purposes other than as an accessory. They are used for shade or warmth in the winter season.

Caps can also be seen to be a part of a uniform. Sportspersons use them.

Depending on the purpose of the cap, they are many types of them. The difference between these types is also marked by the type of cloth used.

The cloth used for making shade caps is different from the others.

The preference of caps for sportspersons is because they are lightweight and do not interrupt one from performing their activity.


What is Hat?

Hats are seen to be worn with formal attire like suits. Michael Jackson’s suit wouldn’t be the same without his hat to complete the look. Both men and women use hats.

There are many types of hats depending on the size of the brim and also their purpose since it depends on the brim. Some hat types are a bucket, visors, fedoras, and cowboy hats.

These are the most popular ones.

Other than formal attires, they can also be used for casual attires and are seen to be used for religious purposes.

In some areas, hats denote one’s rank and status in society.


Main Differences Between Cap and Hat

  1. Cap and hat are both headgear. But a cap is a soft, flat hat without any brim, peak, or shape crown. Only certain types of caps are seen to have a brim. All the hats have a brim and a shaped crown.
  2. Caps do not have brims. They have visors or peaks that act like brims. At the same time, hats have a brim surrounding the basic hat structure. These brims are of different sizes.
  3. Caps have a crown, but they are not shaped crowns. Therefore, the caps do not have a particular stiff shape and fit close to one’s head. They fit perfectly on all individuals without needing to care for the size. On the other hand, hats have a shaped crown. So they fit differently for each individual, and you need to check the fittings of a hat before purchasing.
  4. Hats protect from the sunlight. They block the sunlight with the brim. The amount of sunlight a hat can block depends on the size of the brim. The size of the brim also determines how much of your body is blocked from the sunlight. Whereas caps do not protect or block the sunlight. They provide shade if they have a visor or a peak.
  5. Men predominantly wear caps. They are worn to get shade against the sun during summer and provide warmth during winter. They can also be used as a fashion accessory with casual clothes. At the same time, men and women wear hats as fashion accessories and for religious purposes. They do not have a fixed purpose.
Difference Between Cap and Hat
  1. Folding vizor for caps and hats. (
  2. Hats and caps with moveable bills or brims (
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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