Cowboy vs Cowgirl Hat: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. Cowboy Hat: The cowboy hat is a traditional wide-brimmed hat with a high crown, made of felt or straw. It is commonly associated with Western and cowboy culture. Cowboy hats are worn by ranchers, cowboys, and those participating in rodeo events. They provide sun protection and a distinct Western aesthetic.
  2. Cowgirl Hat: The cowgirl hat is a variation of the cowboy hat designed specifically for women. It shares similar characteristics with the cowboy hat, such as a wide brim and a high crown. Cowgirl hats feature decorative elements like colorful bands, feathers, or embellishments to reflect a feminine and stylish look while maintaining the functionality of a cowboy hat.
  3. Difference: While both hats serve similar purposes of sun protection and Western fashion, cowgirl hats may feature more feminine accents and designs.

What is a Cowboy Hat?

A cowboy hat is a type of hat that gets used in Western-themed activities. It works as an icon of Western culture. These hats have a wide brim, high crown, and crease in the center.

The hat’s crown may be rounded or oval and can be squared off too. The ruffle also can be implemented in different ways based on the style. The brim is wide and flat, with a slight upturn at the sides.

The material of cowboy hats is felt or leather. One can see a few adornments regarding the hat’s decoration on the brim. Satin or leather are brimming decorations. Wire or other material helps the whole design to be in shape.

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In the West, it is worn as a fashion accessory. Special occasions such as memorable days, rodeos, or country weddings are good times to wear cowboy hats, boots, and Western attire.

What is a Cowgirl Hat?

A cowgirl hat is the feminine version of a cowboy hat. Being in the same category, they share several similarities but also several differences. Cowgirl hat has a more feminine style.

It is a fashion accessory, but one can wear it in Western-themed activities. The cowgirl hat is more rounded with a softer impression to achieve the feminine look. Cowgirl hats come in a variety of materials. Straw, leather, and felt are some of the most used materials.

Cowgirl hats can have lace, ribbons, and rhinestones for decorating purposes. Cowgirl hats can be worn alone or with a Western outfit, such as boots or denim jackets. Wearing this hat during horseback riding is very common.

Western themes outdoor activities are a great place to show off the decorated hat. This type of hat stands as a strength and symbol of the independence of women in the American West. These hats hold a big part in Western cowboy movies.

Difference Between Cowboy and Cowgirl Hat

  1. Cowboy hats are taller, and the size varies between 5 to 6 inches. Cowgirl hats are shorter, varying from 3 to 4 inches.
  2. Cowboy hats are more comprehensive than narrow ones.
  3. Cowboy hats are not very colorful; they mainly come in black, brown, and grey. On the contrary, cowgirl hats come in bright colors like red, pink, and so on.
  4. Cowboy hats are not much decorated; they may have satin or leather hatbands. On the other hand, cowgirl hats are mainly adorned with jewelry in the hatband and center.
  5. The sides of cowboy hats have a slight upturn, but cowgirl hats will be prominently upturned.
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Comparison Between Cowboy and Cowgirl Hat

Parameter of ComparisonCowboy HatCowgirl Hat
Crown HeightIt is taller, and the size varies between 5 to 6 inches.It is shorter, and the size varies between 3 to 4 inches.
WidthIts width is more expansive.Its width is comparatively narrow.
ShapeIts brim is flat, and its sides are slightly upturned.Its sides are prominently upturned.
ColorIt comes in dark colors like black, brown, and grey.It is more colorful with a variety of colors, such as pastel and bright colors.
DecorationMaximum cowboy hats for men carry slight decoration outside a satin or leather hatband.A woman’s hat may retain a broader, more colorful hatband adorned with jewelry.

Last Updated : 14 October, 2023

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