Difference Between Primerica and Allstate

The term insurance nowadays holds utter significance in the day-to-day life of any human being, and because of this particular reason, it becomes extremely important to check and compare all the possible insurance policies available before opting for any particular one. Primerica and Allstate are two such insurance-providing companies having operations in similar countries. 

Primerica vs Allstate 

The main difference between Primerica and Allstate is that the former happens to be a company that was established around 40 years ago while the latter is around 90 years old company. Apart from the difference in the establishment of both the businesses, there is a difference between the way these two companies conduct their business operations and the kind of insurance policies they sell. 

Primerica vs Allstate

Primerica is an insurance company based in Georgia in the United States of America. The company has been in the market for the past 40 years, and since then, it has been excelling in the field of insurance.

The biggest attraction of the company is that it has affordable plans for middle-class families as well. 

But on the other hand, Allstate is a company based in Illinois and was founded around 90 years ago. The company basically started with the insurance for automobiles but eventually landed in the field of other insurance policies such as health and life insurance as well. 

Comparison Table Between Primerica and Allstate 

Parameters of Comparison Primerica  Allstate  
Definition  It refers to an American insurance company specialized in term insurance plans.                   It refers to an American insurance company started in auto insurance plans. 
Founded in It was founded on 10th February 1977. It was founded in April 1931. 
Headquarters  The headquarters of this particular company is in Georgia. The headquarters of this particular company is in Illinois. 
Specialized in This company basically specializes in term insurance policies. This company basically specializes in auto insurance policies. 
Products available This company offers different types of term life insurance plans and other products as well. This company provides all types of insurance products including insurance for pets as well. 

What is Primerica? 

Around 44 here’s ago, on 10th February 1977, a person named A.L. Williams proposed to launch a particular insurance company that is today known as the Primerica insurance company. The company has been in the market for nearly four decades, and since then, it has earned a lot of fame as an insurance provider.  

This company is particularly based in the Georgia State of United States of America and has been operating from its headquarters since then. However, the operations of this company are not just limited to the United States of America and are also expanded to the reach of certain other countries such as Canada.

In the market of insurance policies, this particular company caters to the need of middle-class families per se and therefore has been a successful venture between such class of people especially.  

Although this company has been specialized in providing term insurance plans, certain other financial products are also available at the disposal of the customers by this company. However, one crucial thing about this company is that it is not just any regular insurance company and caters to the market of multilevel marketing as well. 

What is Allstate? 

In the past 90 years of its existence, the company has catered to the needs of a large set of people.  

A very interesting fact about this particular company is that it never started from a particular office and was initially sold by way of mail to certain customers. However, with the expansion in the business, the company acquired a completely new identity and emerged as one of the largest insurance policy seller companies in the United States of America.  

But this company does not only cater to the needs of the people of the United States but also to the people of Canada, and this makes this company a competitor to other companies having operations in similar countries. While on the outset, the company specializes in auto insurance plans at its start date from that particular area but nevertheless, there are a lot of products sold by the company.

From life insurance plans to pet insurance plans, Allstate has something for everyone. 

Main Differences Between Primerica and Allstate 

  1. Primerica insurance company was founded on 10th February 1977, while on the other hand, Allstate insurance company was founded in April 1931. 
  2. Primerica insurance company has been in the market for the past 40 years, while on the other hand, Allstate insurance company has been in the market for the past 90 years. 
  3. Primerica insurance company has its headquarters established in Georgia, while on the other hand, Allstate insurance company has its headquarters established in Illinois, United States of America. 
  4. Primerica insurance company mainly specializes in term insurance plans, while on the other hand, Allstate insurance company mainly specializes in auto insurance plans. 
  5. Primerica insurance company operates as not just an insurance company but a multi marketing company as well, while on the other hand, Allstate insurance company operates as an insurance company primarily and conclusively. 


For any person, his insurance happens to be a backup plan in case any misfortune or accident takes place regarding his life or any other precious thing he wishes to protect. The concept of insurance is indeed not a new one, but there are many companies that are working in a revolutionary method in this particular field.

Two such companies to be named here are the Primerica insurance company and Allstate insurance company.  

There are a lot of differences between the technical operating method between these two companies, but there exists one particular similarity due to which it becomes very crucial to differentiate between these two. This similarity is that both companies operate in both United States and Canada.  


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