Nintendo DSi vs Nintendo DSi XL: Difference and Comparison

Nintendo is a multinational company for video games and consumer electronics. On 23 September 1889, this company was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi in Kiyotaka, Japan.

The key people are its president, namely Shuntaro Furukawa and Shigeru Miyamoto as its fellow. It was formerly known as Nintendo Karuta.  

Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL are two gaming consoles belonging to the Nintendo DS family. The series of Nintendo’s DS is now four models old.

There are better features in each new gaming console than the one preceding it. This article highlights the difference between Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Nintendo DSi XL has larger screens than Nintendo DSi, with a diagonal screen size of 4.2 inches compared to the DSi’s 3.25 inches.
  2. DSi XL has a wider viewing angle and a longer battery life than DSi.
  3. Both consoles are compatible with the same games and have similar features, such as a touch screen, Wi-Fi, and a camera.

Nintendo DSi vs Nintendo DSi XL 

The Nintendo DSi is a slimmer and lighter version of the DS Lite and features two built-in cameras. The Nintendo DSi XL is a larger DSi version with a wider screen and longer battery life. The DSi is more portable and lightweight, making it convenient. The DSi XL has a larger gaming screen.

Nintendo DSi vs Nintendo DSi XL

The Nintendo DSi came out in 2008; among the Nintendo DS console, it is the third iteration. For storage purposes, it can support an SD card.

Additionally, it can download games by accessing the Nintendo DSi Shop, referred to as DSi Ware. It also has a downloadable Internet browser. 

The Nintendo DSi XL is a gaming system with a dual-screen handheld. On November 21, 2009, DSi XL was launched in Japan, and on March 28, 2010, it also became available in North America.

It consists of two cameras, music editing software, an SD card slot, and photo editing software. 

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonNintendo DSi Nintendo DSi XL
Release year20082009
InventorMasato KuwaharaNot by a single person but rather by a whole team
WeightLighterHeavier by 50% of DSi
StylusShorterLonger by almost 4cm of DSi

What is Nintendo DSi? 

On the Nintendo DSi, the library of Nintendo DS is playable, though there are some notable exceptions.

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Those games are come with an accessory as packed and utilize the cartridge slot of Game Boy Advance. With the help of a connection to Wi-Fi, Nintendo DSi can also go online.  

A Multiplayer option is offered in some of the games.

The shop Nintendo DSi has many downloadable applications and games which can also be accessed over the connection of Wi-Fi. The Nintendo DSi is packed with photo editing software that is easy to use.  

Just like the Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DS, the Nintendo DSi comes installed with the picture chat program of PictoChat, an alarm, and a clock.

Its built-in sound software allows users to record sounds as well as play with music of ACC format uploaded to an SD card.  

The Nintendo DSi is also accessible to DSi Ware. The games appear on DSi Ware and on the App Store of Apple and vice versa. Some of the popular apps and titles consist of Oregon Trail, The Mario Clock, Bird and Beans, and Dr Mario Express. 

nintendo dsi

What is Nintendo DSi XL?  

The Nintendo DSi XL can play the entire library of Nintendo DS, except games that use the Game Boy Advance slot of cartridge for vital accessories. For item swapping as well as multiplayer sessions in DSi XL, use a connection of Wi-Fi.  

Wi-Fi connection is also used to access the shop of Nintendo DSi and further DSi Ware, which are specific applications and games available in the online shop. For Nintendo points, the downloads are mostly paid.

These can be bought through credit cards or with prepaid cards with Nintendo points.  

The Nintendo DSi XL is bundled with an opera Internet browser, a pen-sized stylus, a simple animation program known as Flipnote Studio, and games of two Brain Age Express: Arts and Math. Nintendo DS games can be played by DSi XL.  

Play music editor of DSi XL allows you to upload ACC-formatted songs through an SD card, play around with them, and then download work to the SD card again.

With the help of an SD card, easy sharing and transferring can take place of photos and music. 

nintendo dsi

Main Differences Between Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL 

  1. In terms of dimensions, Nintendo DSi offers a 75mm length, a width of 137mm, and at last 1.9mm height. Meanwhile, the dimensions of the Nintendo DSi XL are 161mm in length, 91.4m in width, and 21.2mm in height.  
  2. When it comes to the screen, Nintendo DSi has a smaller LCD screen with 3.25-inch screens. In contrast, an LCD screen of 4.2 screens is installed on Nintendo DSi XL, which is larger than Nintendo DSi.  
  3. The Nintendo DSi can last while gaming between 9 hours to 14 hours under minimum brightness. Under the same settings, one full charge can last 13 to 17 hours for the Nintendo DSi XL, which is why DSi XL provides a better battery life.  
  4. Nintendo DSi speakers do not sound better due to their tiny speakers. On the other hand, Nintendo DSi XL offers a slightly better bigger speaker, which as a result, gives off a better sound.  
  5. It is easy to fit Nintendo DSi into pockets of shirts and jackets. On the flip side, it is necessary to carry a bag if you want to carry Nintendo DSi XL with you. 
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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