Toyota Land Cruiser vs Nissan Patrol: Difference and Comparison

The passion or attraction towards four-wheelers increased among the people. Their need is secondary, but dignity is primary.

For that, they compete themselves to buy new whenever something is introduced newly in the market. The Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol are top brands in making four-wheelers and selling over the world.

They are the top and most expensive brands for four-wheelers designers. It is a good choice for people who are looking for spectacular four-wheelers.

Toyota and Nissan are popular brands in four wheelers.

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser emphasizes luxury, comfort, and off-road performance, while Nissan Patrol focuses on power, agility, and affordability.
  2. Toyota Land Cruiser offers a range of engines, including V6, V8, and diesel options, whereas Nissan Patrol provides V6 and V8 petrol engines.
  3. Toyota Land Cruiser has a larger global presence, while Nissan Patrol is more popular in the Middle East and Australia.

Toyota Land Cruiser Vs Nissan Patrol

The difference between Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol is Toyota has 6-speed gear steering, and Nissan has 5-speed gearing. Both have very well-structured safety measures. Toyota has a stunning interior, and Nissan has an excellent exterior. Both have features that make you wonder. Toyota is best in wheel size, but Nissan gives you better mileage.

Toyota Land Cruiser Vs Nissan Patrol

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The Toyota land cruiser is a comfortable and attractive four-wheeler. The engine type is neat.

Confer you a smooth journey. The adjustable steering type gives you a delightful driving experience.

The spacious interior accommodates around five members. Have more options for entertainment.

But safety is crucial, and Toyota is an expert in it. It gives a luxurious ride with large safety measures.

The Nissan Patrol is one of the most attractive and expensive four-wheelers. It makes you feel royal.

It has an excellent exterior that prompts you to drive. It has 18 mixture alloy wheels that make you fly on the road with no thought of its type.

It has five doors, with an FWD drive type. Intelligent mobility technology gives you foaming safety with true heaven while you are driving. It makes you guarded on every journey.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonToyota Land CruiserNissan Patrol
Number of cylinders6 cylinders8 cylinders
Wheel sizeR17 R 18
Drive type4×4FWD
Fuel tank capacity138Litres140Litres
Rear cameraYesNo
Torque385 NM527 NM
Rear spoilerNoYes
Side supporterNoYes

What is Toyota Land Cruiser?

The Toyota land cruiser is known for its stunning design. It has a 4.5-litre storage capacity.

It works on a V8 turbo diesel engine with a six-speed automatic gearbox. Features like multi-terrain, all-angle cameras, crawl control, and stunning divergence make it a competent vehicle.

The spacious seats that everyone asks for are convenient is effective in Toyota. It was launched in 1951 from that day.

It is the most selected vehicle by people.

Around 10.4 million units have been sold now over in 170 countries. The body frame is modelled by a ladder frame which gives rigidity to the vehicles.

It also includes high steeled or coated plates with heavy door handles. The power train is contoured to move 70mm forward and 40 mm backwards for a better travel experience.

This fertile design makes low centre gravitational force and wide rear distribution. It makes lowers the weight of the vehicle resulting in lame conveyance.

Toyota always gives you comfort. It is manufactured by hydraulic power steering combined with an electric steering actuator for the high-performance engine in oppressive environments.

Electronic brakes are the genii of Toyota. A 12.5-inch display screen makes you see off the road and select the six options for your amenity. It provided the inclinometer data in the display.

toyota land cruiser

What is Nissan Patrol?

Nissan Patrol is a four-wheeler manufacturer origin in Japan and sold all over the world. Nissan safari, Nissan America, and Datsun patrol are other terms of Nissan Patrol.

It has a glossy look that entices everyone. Nissan provides many mobility technologies for safety measures.

The storage capacity of Nissan is 5.6 L. Nissan has a V8 engine and is ready for any terrain.

It has a rugged body type with proliferate exterior.

The Nissan Patrol has a power of 298km with 527 NM torque resulting in optimum fuel efficiency. Even the most dangerous road will fear when Nissan Patrol is on the road.

The refined assistance makes you feel like you are safe than ever. The front headlight has 52 LEDs, and its exterior shows the royal in eyes.

It pulls around 3500 kg weight. Gives you a wonderful journey. It has a displacement of 4759 with the DOHC inline engine type.

The 18-mixture alloy makes the wheel stronger and roars on the road.

The advanced technologies are in the row. Blindspot detecting, moving object detection, land departure warning, and emergency brakes are the features that make you feel safer than ever.

It shows you the next level of safety in the running world. It gives you a mileage of 15 km.

nissan patrol

Main Difference Between Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol

  1. The Toyota land cruiser has six cylinders, and Nissan has eight cylinders
  2. The Toyota has a wheel size of R 17, and Nissan has a wheel size of R 18.
  3. Toyota has no side supporters, but Nissan has side supporters.
  4. The fuel tank capacity of Toyota is 138 L, and Nissan has 140 L.
  5. Toyota has a 6-speed gearbox, and Nissan has 5- speed gearbox.
  6. Toyota has a torque of 385 NM, and Nissan has a torque of 527 NM
Difference Between Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol

Last Updated : 04 August, 2023

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