Toyota Innova vs Kia Carnival: Difference and Comparison

As many of us are passionate about cars. After experiencing two-wheelers, we attract towards four-wheelers.

Thought of driving once in my life. To buy a new car, you must get the knowledge of those things.

The Toyota Innova and Kia Carnival are top companies’ models with various features that you really want. But you must compare one thing with another to get the correct thing which is better for you and what suits you and gives pleasure to you. 

Getting into the car is heaven sometimes, but if not a good car, then you feel the hell to ride every time. So, selecting a good car is the first thing even before driving.

Because many times it becomes our home when we are stuck outside. Choosing wisely will make woo! 

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota Innova is a compact MPV with a seating capacity of up to eight passengers, while Kia Carnival is a larger MPV that can accommodate up to eleven passengers.
  2. Kia Carnival offers more luxury features and interior space than Toyota Innova, making it a more comfortable choice for long trips.
  3. Toyota Innova is known for its reliability and lower cost of ownership, whereas Kia Carnival is a more premium offering with a higher price tag.

Toyota Innova vs Kia Carnival

The Toyota Innova is a mid-size multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) produced by the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota and is known for its reliable performance and spacious interior. The Kia Carnival is a full-size MPV produced by the South Korean car manufacturer Kia and is known for its luxurious features.

Toyota Innova vs Kia Carnival

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The Toyota Innova is cool and looks like a master. Have a supreme exterior and ultra-designed interior.

The Toyota Innova have a fuel capacity of 55 litres and has a wide space to welcome you warmly. It has many entertainment features that make you engaged.

The design makes you feel like wow. Have an excellent design. 

The Kia carnival is great and looks like luxury and gives you a wonderful travelling experience. The fuel capacity of the Kia Carnival is 60 litres, and has a multilink rear suspension.

It has a dual sunroof to help to balance the temperature around the car and make comfortable who are sitting inside. More than anything, it gives the best travelling experience. 

Comparison Table

Parameters on Comparison Toyota Innova  Kia Carnival  
Brand Toyota is the brand Kia is the brand 
Engine type 2.2L VGT diesel engine type 2.4L diesel engine type 
Displacement 2199 2393
Max power 197.2bpm@3800rpm 148bpm@3400rpm 
Fuel typediesel diesel 
Tank capacity 60.0L 55.0L
Front suspension Macpherson strut with coil spring Double wishbone with torsion bar 
Rear suspension multilink 4-link with spring rower
Steering type power power 

What is Toyota Innova? 

The brand of Toyota Innova is Toyota which is a popular car-producing factory. The Toyota Innova have an excellent silhouette on its front side with a bumper and stunning diamond-cut alloy wheels simply, it is a league of its own.

The stunning design makes you feel like royalty when you drive on the road. The alloy wheels help you to reach your destination on time with no obstacles that can bare you. 

If exterior design makes you feel excellent, then the interior is steeped in luxury and elegance. It has an unequalled space that welcomes you like home, and you feel wonderful comfort inside it.

The mass entertainment system is special in Toyota and you really feel the party inside when the music is on.  

It is not only good in its style but also gives you incomparable safety too. It has 7-SRS airbags and helps you in any eventuality. Adding that electronic brakeforce distribution is available makes you safe on every journey.

Toyota cares about its customers as much as they can. That’s why it has a multi safety measures to make sure its customers are safe.

Simply it roars like a lion. And feels like a human with wings. 

toyota innova scaled

What is Kia Carnival? 

The popular brand Kia introduces this new style of Kia Carnival. You can experience the real luxuries here.

It has one-touch powered sliding doors to make you feel the extravagance. An LED headlamp is a unique character with a powerful role.

The sputtering alloy wheel of the Kia Carnival makes you fly on the road. Ultra-speed capability gives you the experience of flying. 

The seat is made up of Napa leather upholstery and has a rear touch screen for your entertainment at the carnival. The favourite and everyone want is temperature, and here it has tri-zone automatic temperature control that enables everyone sitting inside to flow in the air.

The final and ultimate feature is a dual sunroof which makes you feel the air in dreams in real. It has wider space than you think, giving you extra space to make it better. 

The Kia Carnival gives you the feel of where you need and want and dream for it. The features provided by Kia Carnival are amazing and help you to give a wonderful journey that you really want to spend your time peacefully.

The dual sunroof is one fine feature to give you pleasure inside and helps to manage yourself from UV rays, and makes you more and more comfortable. 

kia carnival

Main Differences Between Toyota Innova and Kia Carnival 

  1. The Toyota have an engine type 2.4L diesel engine, and Kia Carnival has a 2.2L VGT diesel engine. 
  2. The displacement of Toyota Innova is 2199, and for Kia Carnival is 2393 
  3. The Toyota have CD, DVD, and radio for entertainment, while Kia Carnival has only a radio and a rear touch screen. 
  4. Toyota Innova is available in black, grey shadows and white shadows, and Kia Carnival is available only in white, black, and silver. 
  5. The drivetrain of Toyota Innova is RWD, and of Kia Carnival is EWD. 
  6. The transmission in Toyota is manual 5-gears, and Kia Carnival is automatic and with a 8-gear manual. 

Last Updated : July 28th, 2023

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