Vellfire vs KIA Carnival: Difference and Comparison

Now we all are seeing the carbon emission percentage increasing every year exponentially and one of the main reasons is private vehicles and different gas emissions out of it.

Recently, the buzzword is EV batteries and more production of lithium around the world and all major manufacturing car company want to utilize it for a better future.

Car manufacturing companies moving towards replacing diesel/petrol vehicles with EV batteries which would be environmentally friendly as well.

Key Takeaways

  1. Vellfire offers a more luxurious interior with premium features than the Kia Carnival.
  2. Kia Carnival provides a more affordable option with competitive performance and features.
  3. Both vehicles cater to the premium MPV segment, offering spacious seating and versatile storage options.

Vellfire vs Kia Carnival

The difference between Vellfire and KIA is that Vellifre is the signature minivan of Toyota Car Manufacturing Company whereas KIA Carnival is a recently launched minivan of KIA manufacturing company. Both Vellfire and KIA Carnival are minivans however their engine design and other features are different. In the below sections we will see the more detailed difference.

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Vellfire was launched by Toyota in Feb 2020 only in Indian and it’s was not welcomed much in the USA and Europe. It’s 7 seater hybrid electric car that is self-charging also and the best electric car in India to date with a significant reduction in carbon-di-oxide emission which makes it environmentally friendly also.

Kia Carnival is also a minivan similar to Vellfire but it comes with multiple variants and in different colors. All of the variants of KIA Carnival is diesel-based engine however it has electronic stability control.

It was launched in Auto Expo 2020 and recently the company has announced a new variant of it to be launched in 2022 March which would be available in US and Asian markets only.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonVellFireKIA Carnival
BrandVellfire is MPV of Toyota car manufacturing companyCarnival is MPV of KIA car manufacturing company
Engine TypeIt is a Hybrid electric car It has a diesel-based engine
Launch DateThe launching date of Vellfire is 26th Feb 2020KIA Carnival Launched in Auto-Expo 2020
PowerThe power of Vellfire is 87 bhp.The power of the KIA Carnival is 197 bhp.
PriceStarting price is 90 lakhsStarting range is 25 lakhs

What is VellFire?

Vellfire is a Toyota MPV(multi-purpose vehicle)  which is also referred to as Mountain of MPV because of the features and comfort it provides.

MPV is also called a people carrier because of its size and number of seats in it.

MPV is tall and box-like bodies which allows it to have more interior space for more seats which is probably more than hair saloon or hatchback too.

As Vellfire name is derived from velvet and fire which signifies the smoothness and passionate characteristics and Toyota has tried to live up with it while manufacturing it.

It’s more than a typical luxury car that comes with a hybrid engine(petrol and electric) powered by 2490cc which produces almost 115 bhp(brake horsepower) and 198Nm torque which makes it highly efficient and energy-saving driving It has 16.4 km/l mileage.

In 2020 India has released a BS6 norm which speaks about the percentage of pollutants emission out of the ignition of the car and Toyota Vellfire beats all of those norms and came up with a self-charging electric car which made it not even pass the BS6 norms but environment-friendly because of high reduction in CO2 emission.

It’s one of the VIP MPV available in India with all luxury and powered by bulletproof as well.

toyota vellfire

What is KIA Carnival?

KIA, which has emerged as a big brand in the car manufacturing sector now after a big failure back in the late 1990s where it’s has declared bankruptcy.

Not all of us would know this interesting fact about KIA, KIA is a subsidiary of Hyundai automobile company which holds major of its shares.

KIA drew its biggest attention in Aug 2014 when Pope Francis rode in of the KIA vehicle and since then KIA has not looked back. Declaring bankruptcy in 1998 and then making the top of the list in most reliable car in the US.

KIA Carnival is also a minivan similar and it’s has tried to become VIP MPV in the Indian market but it’s not any close to Toyota’s Vellfire.

KIA Carnival is a diesel-based engine that comes in 5 different variants with price ranges from 25 lakh as its cheapest and 35 lakh for its best feature.

Names of different variants of KIA are Limousine Plus, Premium, Prestige 6 STR, Prestige, Limousine where KIA carnival Premium is the cheapest one while KIA carnival Limousine is the most expensive variant.

KIA carnival has better brake horsepower and torque which are 197 and 440Nm respectively which allows it to reach top speed in lesser time which has the downside of lower mileage of 14km/l.

kia carnival

Main Differences Between Vellfire and KIA Carnival

The distinguishing factor between Vellfire and KIA Carnival can be summed on the following grounds:

  1. Vellfire is a VIP minivan of  Toyota automobile company which has headquarters in USS whereas KIA carnival is KIA branch MPV but it’s a subsidiary of Hyundai whose headquarters in South Korea Seoul.
  2. Toyota’s Vellfire has a mileage of almost 16.5km/l whereas KIA Carnival has 14km/L
  3. Toyota’s Vellfire is powered by two electric motors and one battery along with 1 petrol whereas KIA Carnival has 2.2 L 4-cylinder diesel.
  4. Toyota Vellfire has only one variant whereas KIA carnival has 5 different variants which come in different with different engine power.
  5. Toyota Vellfire launched with its top model with an on-road price of almost 90 lakhs and to avoid the taxes on car Vellfire Toyota is planning to manufacture Vellfire in India whereas KIA carnival comes in a range of 25 to 35 lakhs.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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