Difference Between Toyota Vellfire and Alphard

In the luxury production of Toyota, both Toyota Vellfire and Alphard are very prominent in the international market for their lavish structure.


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The re-designed model of the two needs an apt view to make choice between both cars. In appearance and technology, they seem very alike although different on multiple levels, and their distinguishing factors are listed below:

Toyota Vellfire vs Alphard

The difference between Toyota Vellfire and Alphard is that Toyota Vellfire is counted in the most luxurious car of Toyota whereas Alphard is counted in the Sporty car. The Toyota Vellfire has much more space as seven to eight people can sit at a time and is more spacious than the Toyota Alphard. 

Toyota Vellfire vs Alphard

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The Toyota Vellfire is the fully-loaded minivan variant model. The car is spacious with a split sunroof for first and second-row passengers.

The model was launched in the year May 2008 with the van-shaped car having seven to eight people capacity sitting. It has a unique feature of remote-operated seat adjustments and panic brake adjustments for security purposes.

The Alphard is the second generation car of Toyota from Japan. It is a sporty car of Toyota motors which was launched in the year 2002 having AWD– All Wheel Drive feature.

Alphard has the characteristic of a Multi-Purpose Vehicle with real leather seats and premium finishing in every part of the interior.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota VellfireAlphard
EngineThe Engine displacement of the Toyota Vellfire is 2499 cc.The Engine displacement of the Toyota Alphard is 3456 cc.
ExteriorThe Exterior of Vellfire represents the Bold and Daring impression. The Exterior of Alphard represents Valiant and luxury.
LaunchedThe Toyota Vellfire was launched in Year -2008, May. On the other hand, The Toyota Alphard was launched in Year -2002. 
LooksThe Toyota Vellfire featured a steady front look near the hood. The Toyota Alphard featured a sporty look with a thick grill design on the front.
InteriorVellfire has launched an interior instrumental panel with bright lights in 16 shades. Alphard contains luxury leather seats and lighting as per mood shades inside every corner of the car.

What is Toyota Vellfire?

The Toyota Vellfire is one of the Luxurious cars of the Toyota brand having the uniform front model with an increased wheelbase of 50mm.

It makes your long-distance journey less exhaustive and unmatchable comfort to the captain. Vellfire is accompanied by three-way temperature control technology. It also has daytime LED running lights in it.

The theme of the design is quite bold and fearless in the appearance of the car. It is an entry-level car among MPV’s or the premium car of Toyota Japan.

In external design, it has a roomy cabin displayed blacked-out quarter Piller expressing the royalty of the car. The Toyota Vellfire is designed with very extreme supervision as the flawless model with capacity is outstanding.

Wide plated front bars are an eye-catching thing in the minivan with dual headlamps above the front tires making it dynamic. Vellfire is accompanied by a panoramic view monitor that makes visibility wider from the driving seat.

Although the minivan is robust and speedy still it has a good track record in control of carbon emission.

Special technology and design of Toyota Vellfire includes powered tail-gate, smart entry with push start buttons, electronic parking brakes, JBL-sourced 17+ speaker for music, Upholstery, ingenious self-charging, and automatic side doors.

What is Alphard?

The Alphard is the sporty car of Toyota Japan launched as a Minivan and produced since the year 2002. Toyota Alphard is available in petrol and hybrid model with the seating capacity of 7-8 people at a time in the car.

The name Alphard was given based on the brightest star in the constellation Hydra. The Hybrid models of Alphard are on the market since 2003.

It is initially introduced for Japnese Market only and later on launched in Bangladesh, Russia, and Southeast Asia. The Alphard is classified as the luxury car of Toyota Japan. 

The first generation of Toyota Alphard was facelifted in the year 2005 with the new improvements in rear lights using the alloy wheels also.

A hybrid model of the car is Ultra-Emmision low Vehicle which is seventy-five percent as compared to other cars in the market. The first model of the Toyota Alphard was named ANH10.

The Second model of this car was named ANH20 launched in the year 2008 and the third model was launched in the year 2015 namely ANH30 having elegant look.

Measurement of the third generation of Alphard is 1850mm width, 1895mm height that makes it look so huge in appearance. 

Main Differences Between Toyota Vellfire and Alphard

  1. Off-Road: The Toyota Vellfire is not compatible with off-road driving adversely Alphard is capable of giving a good off-roading experience with great comfort.
  2. Transmission: CVT- The Toyota Vellfire has continuously variable transmission on the other hand the Toyota Alphard 6-speed automatic with sequential shifter.
  3. Output and Torque: In the capacity, Toyota Vellfire has an output of 180PS @ 6,000rpm and torque of 235Nm @ 4,100rpm whereas Alphard has an output of 271ps at 6,200rpm and torque of 340Nm at 4,700rp.
  4. Power: The power of Vellfire is 2,494 in-line 4, 16 Valve DOHC with Dual VVT-i, and Alphard has the power of 3,456cc V6 petrol, 24-valve DOHC with dual VVT-i.
  5. Features: The main feature of Toyota Vellfire is LED headlamps with auto-leveling and daytime running lights on the other hand Alphard has Seven airbags, ABS, electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), brake assist, vehicle stability control in it.
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