Xbox 360 Pro vs Arcade: Difference and Comparison

You can hear the echo of Xbox 360 games in every corner of the gaming world as it provides the best gaming experience. It not only allows users to play games but to do much more.

Microsoft provides different versions with different features. Here we will talk about Xbox 360 Pro and arcade.

Key Takeaways

  1. Xbox 360 Pro features a 20 GB hard drive, while Arcade has no hard drive but includes 256 MB of internal memory.
  2. The Pro version supports HDMI output, offering better video quality than Arcade’s composite video output.
  3. Xbox 360 Pro includes a wireless controller, while Arcade has a wired controller.

Xbox 360 Pro vs Arcade

The difference between Xbox 360 Pro and Arcade is that Xbox 360 Pro comes with 20 or 60 GB of storage, whereas Arcade comes with very small onboard storage. Xbox 360 has an ethernet cable, whereas Arcade has a composite AV cable. The experience is comparable, with a slight difference.

Xbox 360 Pro vs Arcade

Xbox Live comes with a storage of 20 or 60 GB, which is not enough. But it becomes important as it allows you to download and keep data like video game demos. The console has a beautiful Matt white body and has a Chrome disc tray.

It is costlier than other versions of the game.

Xbox 360 Arcade is another version of Xbox 360 games that comes with only 256 MB of onboard storage. It is the most basic flaw of the version, as you cannot store enough data.

Given the features of Xbox 360, the storage is very less, and when added with an external HDD, the overall cost is much more than the pro version for a similar amount of storage.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonXbox 360 ProXbox 360 Arcade
CostIt is costlier.It costs less comparably.
StorageIt comes with an HDD of either 20 GB or 60 GB.It comes with onboard storage of 256MB.
HeadsetIt comes with a headset in all its versions.It doesn’t come with any headset in any of its versions.
Color of the disk trayIt comes with a chrome disk tray.It comes with a matt white disk tray.
AccessoriesIt comes with an ethernet cable, wireless controller.It comes with a wireless controller and composite AV cable.

What is Xbox 360 Pro?

Xbox 360 Pro, which is also called Xbox Premium, came with 20 GB storage but was discontinued in 2008. It was replaced with 60 GB storage at the same price. The Xbox games with the “Go Pro” subheading are also the same version.

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The HDD is detachable and can store game data and downloaded content. In 2007 it appeared with the Zephyr motherboard. It had an improved GPU heatsink and 1.2 HDMI output.

It also came with the latest Falcon motherboard which had a 65nm CPU.

It has various features and allows users to do much more than play games. It allows you to play games online and stream music and videos. It also comes with the Xbox Live feature, which is common in every Xbox 360 version.

It first appeared in the year 2007 and continued till 2009.

The version can be identified by the unique look of its console. It had a Matt white appearance with a Chrome disk tray. It came with all the features of the Xbox 360 core but had some additional values as well.

The addition included a hybrid composite cable that had an optional optical output. It was a replacement for a good old AV cable in the core version.

xbox 360 pro

What is Xbox 360 Arcade?

The package came with the tagline “Go Play”. It came as a replacement for the core version of the Xbox 360 series of games. It came surprisingly at the same price as the core version but with an upgrade.

It comes with a wireless controller and a 256 MB storage capacity.

It came with five Xbox Live Arcade titles. Boom Boom Rocket, Luxor 2, etc., and UNO on just one disk with a welcome video and a lot of game trailers and demos. It kept itself cosmetically identical to the core console with a white wireless controller.

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It replaced the core version at the entry level on September 20, 2007.

Its upgraded version came with a Jasper motherboard which had an internal storage chip of 256MB. In 2009 the chip was replaced with 512MB of internal storage.

It came with a solo Xbox 360 hard disk which is essential for Xbox software backward compatibility.

The official announcement for the version came very late, as it was available in stores before the announcement date. The price for this version skyrocketed in the UK as the premium version was discontinued.

It finally came to an end and was replaced with a 4 GB Xbox 360 s version at a certain price tire.

xbox 360 arcade

Main Differences Between Xbox 360 Pro and Arcade

  1. Xbox 360 Pro came with a storage of 20 GB when it appeared first, which was replaced with 60 GB storage afterwards, whereas the Arcade came with only 256 MB of storage, which was later upgraded to 512 MB.
  2. Xbox 360 Pro is costlier than the arcade version.
  3. Xbox 360 Pro comes with altered cosmetics when compared to the ‘core’ version, whereas Arcade has the same cosmetics as the ‘core’ version, which it replaced.
  4. Xbox 360 Pro comes with an Ethernet cable, whereas the Arcade version lacks this accessory.
  5. Xbox 360 pro came with the “Go Pro” subheading, whereas Arcade came with the subheading “Go Play”.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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