Camping Trailer vs Motorhome: Difference and Comparison

Having a shelter or a home to live in and a vehicle is one of the important parts of an individual’s lifestyle. Road vehicles are of many types, and some are bicycles, cars, buses, trucks, and some vehicles also provide accommodation to some extent. Two main examples of such vehicles are camping trailers and motorhomes.

Key Takeaways

  1. Camping trailers are towed by a separate vehicle, while motorhomes are self-propelled.
  2. Motorhomes offer more amenities and living space than camping trailers.
  3. Camping trailers are generally more affordable and easier to store than motorhomes.

Camping Trailer vs Motorhome

The difference between camping trailers and a motorhome is that camping trailers are smaller as compared to motorhomes. A camping trailer is a recreational vehicle which generally used for small camping trips, whereas Motorhomes can be huge, like a truck, to medium-sized, like a van or caravan. Motorhomes have a greater number of tires as compared to Camping trailers due to their size difference.

Camping Trailer vs Motorhome

Camping trailers are vehicles that are specially designed for camping, holiday, or picnic trips. A camping trailer is a small place to rest but has no space for cooking. These trailers are designed well with windows sideways and also above to watch the sky. Camping trailers are of the size of a caravan or even slightly smaller and are perfect for short trips.

While motorhomes are also one of recreational vehicles but these are humongous in size. They are slightly bigger than a caravan. Motorhomes have greater space inside than a camping trailer, i.e., beds, a bathroom or toilet, a small kitchen for cooking, etc. Motorhomes aren’t detachable like camping trailers.


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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCamping TrailerMotorhome
SizeSmaller in size. Humongous to medium caravan like sized.
Accommodation Can accommodate a maximum of 2 to 3 people at once. Can accommodate 8 to 10 people at once.
FacilitiesProvides a window and to the most can only allow a roof light and an outdoor shower. Provides a bed for 8 to 10 people, a toilet, space for fridge, a cooking and dining space too.
LuxuryIt is not very luxurious. The Class-A motorhomes are very luxurious.
CostThey can medium ranged to even costly ranged and are best for smaller trips. They are generally very pricey and only the Class-B motorhomes are slightly less expensive.

What is Camping Trailer?

The Conestoga Wagons and the Gipsy travel wagons were the first caravans that were used long back in the United States. The contemporary or twenty-first-century camping trailers marked their origin from these gypsy travel wagons. Camping trailers have a compact interior and are designed for small trips, picnics, holidays, and camping.

The camping trailers are of multiple types depending upon the trip planned. These are of major 6 types; the teardrop camp trailer, cricket camp trailer, retro camp trailer, turtle camp trailer (casual), homegrown camp trailer, and bike camp trailer. The teardrop camp trailer has a huge roof light or a bay window to watch the sky lying relaxed in the vehicle without even coming out. This camping trailer also has a small space for even cooking.

The cricket camp trailers are weightless and can trail 4-cylinder cars. This trailer focuses on the comfort of the traveler, so it has a heater indoors and a shower for bathing outdoors on a break journey. The retro camp trailer is slightly bigger than the teardrop camp trailer as it accommodates two people and provides space for carrying a mobile water tank. It also provides a tarpaulin over a ragtop. The turtle camp trailer is beautifully designed or made up of wood with an aluminum shelter on the top.

The homegrown camp trailer is bigger and more spacious. It is as big as a play area room. There’s so much space that it can board in a tiny fridge, a small toilet, two beds, and a small cooking space with windows. The bike trailer is the best small towable trailer that the word itself describes that can tow with the help of a motorbike.

camping trailer

What is Motorhome?

The first motorhome was launched in 1910 by the Pierce-Arrow motor company. Motorhomes can easily accommodate 8 to 10 people at once and also has that number of beds for sleeping and resting. These vehicles are humongous in size and can be used for longer trips.

The benefit of living in a motorhome is that an individual would not have to change house every time they live in a town or city, motorhomes act as their mobile homes. A motorhome also has a compartment area comprising of the driver’s and commuter’s seats. These seats frequently hinge and, within no time, become a part of the sleeping space.

The vehicle has a dining space, which allows a buffet and seating space designed for eating meals. There are generally three classes in which the motorhome is classified; class-A motorhome, class-B motorhome, and class-C motorhome.

The Class-A motorhome runs on diesel gas and can accommodate a hefty of people inside. The Class-A motorhome is generally used by high-class people who have a packed schedule. This class of motorhome is generally categorized as luxurious, and it is very pricey. The Class-B motorhome doesn’t have a spacious interior similar to the Class-A motorhome, but it is best for a luxurious camp trip and can adjust 3 to 4 people. The Class-C motorhome is not as expensive as the Class-A motorhomes, and they’re designed as regular rig chassis. It makes people feel much more enjoyable driving them than the huge, bus-style Class-A motorhomes.


Main Differences Between Camping Trailer and Motorhome

  1. Camping trailers are best for shorter trips, whereas motorhomes are designed for longer trips and daily use.
  2. Camping trailers are smaller, while motorhomes are humongous to medium caravan-like.
  3. Camping trailers are only for picnics and holidays, while people use motorhomes cab to make it their only shelter and means of transportation.
  4. Camping trailers are cheaper and can also be towed by a bike, whereas motorhomes are bulky and run-on diesel.
  5. Camping trailers do not have more space, whereas motorhomes are very spacious and cozy.
Difference Between Camping Trailer and Motorhome
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