Difference Between Markten Elite and Juul

Nicotine is not only harmful to one’s health, but it is also a difficult nut to crack. As you must be ready for what it implies. E-cigarettes pick up the slack in this situation. Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are a good option for cigarette smoking, reducing the health hazards associated with tobacco use.

This is why today’s people choose to use E-cigarettes over conventional cigarettes. Vape is one of the healthier alternatives to smoking tobacco, and it is also beneficial for the health of people around you. According to reports, the usage of e-cigarettes is steadily increasing.

Markten Elite vs Juul

The main difference between Markten elite and Juul is that Markten Juul comes with a lot more flavors and the interchangeable pod contains less nicotine when compared to the Juul e-cigarette. However, Markten has been discontinued due to marketing reasons, but the surprising situation was, despite the Markten being superior in options and quality, Juul remained the favorite of major smokers because of its cheap price and nicotine content.

Markten Elite Vs JUUL

The world of e-vapor did not exactly overrun the smoking business, but the main brand Markten certainly generated a storm. However, the storm persisted until December 9th, 2018, when the product was terminated due to a severe decline in sales and growing public discontent.

“We understand that eliminating these goods may cause our customers to be disappointed. This judgment is based on all these products’ present and projected business results, as well as legislative constraints that limit our ability to boost them fast “, according to the firm’s assertion. However, businesses like Juul, which offer a great e-cigar at a fair price, keep the e-vapor industry alive and well.

Juul on the other hand did a fairly good job in maintaining its market stand with a continual supply of Juul e-cigarettes. Juul e-cigarettes are lithium-ion powered and use a liquid that transforms into a vapor to provide nicotine. JUUL is more discreet and resembles a USB drive, and the e-liquids range from fruit flavors to musk flavors that appeal to youngsters. Other e-cigarette brands may resemble phones or other tiny, attractive electrical items. Cartridge-based Juul e-cigars include nicotine salts, which do not generate vapor or visible fumes when the item is used and may increase the product’s addictive potential.

JUUL says that some of its pods contain the same dose of nicotine as a pack of smokes. Juul e-cigarettes have been the most popular known carcinogen among teenagers for several years.

Comparison Table Between Markten and Juul

Parameters of ComparisonMarktenJuul
AppearanceThe Markten ELITE series came with a bold black metal body with sharp edges and polished steel finish. It was designed for adults and businessmen.Models: alto, ciro, solo, vibe, ELITE.Juul e-vapor is sleek and matte finished available in grey color. It is slim and pocket friendly as well as is delivered with 2 flavored cartridges. Some models of Juul e-cigarettes are equipped with blue-tooth trackers to track your vaping frequency.
FlavoursClassic, Menthol, Winter mint, Caribbean oasis, Smooth cream, Summer fusion, etc.Mint, Classic tobacco, Virginia tobacco, Menthol, Fruit, Cucumber, etc.
Market StatusMarkten has discontinued its e-vapors since 9th December 2018.Juul still persists in the market of e-vapor with absolute dominance.
Nicotine per Cartridge1.5ml pods with a nicotine content of 1.8 percent.Each 5% (nicotine-by-weight) cartridge provides about 40 mg nicotine every pod and is roughly comparable to one pack of cigarettes.
Verdict and ReviewThe Markten Elite was a product designed for the upper economic sector of people with elegant features and designJuul labs is a multi-verdict company with e-cigarettes ranging from cheap to costly. It provides decent quality and unique flavors.

What is Markten?

The MarkTen Supreme is a popular e-cigarette model that comes in the shape of a compact pod changer that is useful and tastes in convenient packaging. Altria Group, the world’s largest cigarette company, owns MarkTen. Altria Group, based in Henrico County, Texas, is among the biggest suppliers of cigarettes, tobacco, and hygienic and smokeless goods.

The MarkTen Elite is a capsule e-cigarette that uses 1.5ml pre-filled pods and has a nicotine content of 1.8 percent. The MarkTen Elite, like some other spore e-cigarettes, is straightforward to use; the tiny gadget accepts pre-filled e juice cartridges that fit into the Elite current battery adhesive top slot. The pods come in a broad variety of tastes.

So, if you wish to try something new, simply delete the old one and replace it with the fresh one. As of December 2018, MarkTen goods are no longer available to order. The MarkTen Elite is a compact pod mod that is one of the most popular e-cigarette devices yet it failed to retain its e-vapor into the market due to various reasons.

Juul, on the other side, is a new form of digital cig that relies heavily on nicotinic salts. A Juul pod carries the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes, and its USB memory drive-inspired appearance appeals to both teenagers and adults. Hence, Altria group faced quite a lot of competition from the affordable and client favorite Juul.

What is Juul?

Juul is a famous vaporizer tool and a novel form of electronic smoking that relies heavily on nicotinic salts as its main component. Juul is one of the healthiest solutions to cigarette smoking, having been designed with smokers in mind.

A Juul pod has the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes, but Juul’s biggest feature is its elegant appearance, which looks like a USB flash drive. Juul’s popularity among teenagers and adults is due to its electronic aesthetic.

With no buttons or levers, the Juul is far easier to get used to and transport than just a pack of cigarettes. To make vapor, the gadget employs nicotine salt-based liquid cartridges that dissolve quickly in the air.

A single Juul capsule contains around 5% nicotine and may provide up to 200 breaths when placed into the gadget, which is about the same amount of nicotine as a pack of smokes. The nicest thing about the Juul is that, unlike other e-cigarettes, it has no controls or settings.

Although the graph reveals that Markten did a better job of keeping the nicotine content to a steady 1.8 percent, Juul is the most comparable alternative to the traditional cigarette. Juul e-cigarettes with cartridges, such as JUUL, include nicotinic salts, which do not generate vapor or visible pollutants when the item is being used may increase the product’s addictiveness.

Main Differences Between Markten and Juul

  1. Markten was manufactured by The Altaria group whereas the Juul is manufactured by Juul labs.
  2. Markten is discontinued since 9th December 2018 whereas Juul is still dominating the e-vapor market.
  3. Markten contains 1.5ml pods with a nicotine content of 1.8 percent but Juul has a higher content of nicotine per capsule.
  4. Markten Elite contains pre-filled juice pods that magnetically attach to the device but Juul uses nicotinic salts liquid cartridges that are interchangeable.
  5. Markten used to have more variegated flavors when compared to the Juul which still serves traditional fruits and musk flavors.


However, unlike MarkTen Elite or indeed any e-cigarette, Juul offers a safe and affordable option to tobacco in a streamlined, user-friendly design that recalls a Memory stick. While they appear to be almost comparable, Juul is smaller and easier to handle; in fact, it fits nicely into the clenched fist.

But when it comes down to health, the Markten Elite provided a safer side by the usage of non-nicotine juice pods with an average of 1.5% nicotine in a cartridge and the price however was sky high! However, the e-vapor market turned out great for Juul labs whereas the Altaria group had to back off due to their reasons.


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