Elite Dangerous vs Star Citizen: Difference and Comparison

Space game lovers have trouble choosing and buy and play both Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen since each provides different area experiences in either single-player or multiplayer mode.

Both games provide players the liberty of exploring, researching, and earning the ability, information, riches, and power.

Key Takeaways

  1. Elite Dangerous is a space exploration, and trading game focused on realism, featuring a massive, scientifically accurate galaxy.
  2. Star Citizen is an ambitious, crowdfunded project that aims to create an immersive space simulation with a persistent universe and player-driven economy.
  3. Both games cater to fans of space simulations, but Elite Dangerous offers a complete experience, while Star Citizen is still in development with a broader scope.

Elite Dangerous vs. Star Citizen

The game Elite Dangerous simulates real-life combat and space to give the user an experience. Elite Dangerous is suitable for large-scale gameplay with both single-player and multiplayer options. Star Citizen allows users to interact with the virtual universe by providing a multiplayer option only.

Elite dangerous vs Star citizen

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonElite DangerousStar Citizen
Playable inMicrosoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4,Only in Microsoft Windows.
Status of the gameStarted in 2012 and got released in Dec 2014.It started in 2011. However, it continues to be not released.
Micro-transactionsOffers players the power to shop for many paint jobs for their spaceshipsPacked with micro-transactions and shopping for currency, spaceships, and virtual land plots.
LongevityWith amazing plans, it appears to be meant to last for some timeMeant to last a minimum of decades when it’s released
Target playersOffers players the power to shop for many paint jobs for their spaceshipsPlayers play through a computer network in endless potential virtual events with numerous venues to find and explore.


What is Elite Dangerous?

One of the most well-known games, Elite Dangerous, includes an infinite galaxy, engineered on a 1:1 scale much like the milky way galaxy.

Each player has the opportunity to select what to try and do freely and the way to put in writing their stories with the help of a dynamic society and economy.

The stress is on the active approach of using some of the previous titles from the series, trying to create all the combat engagements desired when you’re within the middle of the combat.

You can favor playing solo, with friends, or in open-play mode. Curiously, if you decide on solo, you should continue playing online and playing on the servers; you don’t get to act with alternative players.

In open play, you can be a part of a server consisting of up to thirty-two players with an auto-matching system that puts players of comparable ability levels along.

elite dangerous

What is Star Citizen?

Cloud Imperium Games was founded by Chris Roberts in 2010; he started to create the foremost aspiring space simulation the globe has ever seen.

One factor is certain; once he got determined to find a way around normal publishers and hunt for investors by beginning a crowdfunding project, it was quite certain and obvious that he was able to fire up the imagination of millions of fans around the globe.

The inflow of cash grew very fast despite one’s expectations, achieving one goal after another, to the surprise of everybody concerned with the project, as outside people too.

It has been noted that by the start of 2018, the funding of Star Citizen had exceeded $175 million and is currently present within the Guinness Book of Records because of the largest open crowdfunding project ever done, with none serious competitors in view.

The main aim of Star Citizen is to create an area simulation where players have the opportunity to fly around across the galaxy in ships.

star citizen

Main Differences Between Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen

  1. The main aim of Elite Dangerous is to serve people who need to play for a few hours in the virtual world, either alone or with friends. In contrast, Star Citizen gets players’ attention through a computer network and offers endless potential virtual events with numerous venues to find and explore.
  2. With amazing plans, Elite Dangerous appears to last for some time, whereas Star Citizen is meant to last a minimum of decades when it’s released.

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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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21 thoughts on “Elite Dangerous vs Star Citizen: Difference and Comparison”

  1. Avatar of Richardson Jayden
    Richardson Jayden

    Elite Dangerous is the perfect choice for those who enjoy space simulations and a complete experience, while Star Citizen is still in development with a massive scope.

    1. Avatar of Harrison Green
      Harrison Green

      I agree, Elite Dangerous is a fantastic game. It offers an incredible sense of freedom and immersion.

  2. Elite Dangerous prioritizes the complete experience of space exploration and trading, while Star Citizen continues to draw attention through its crowdfunded development and player-driven economy.

    1. Avatar of Joel Richardson
      Joel Richardson

      The ongoing development of Star Citizen keeps the community engaged, waiting to see the game’s potential fulfilled.

  3. This analysis provides an insightful comparison between Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen, highlighting their distinct characteristics and potential for the future of space simulations.

  4. While Elite Dangerous focuses on realism and provides a complete experience, Star Citizen offers a more ambitious project with a persistent universe and a player-driven economy.

  5. Both Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen cater to fans of space simulations, but their approaches to gameplay and development differ significantly.

    1. It’s interesting to see the distinctions between these two games and how they appeal to different aspects of space exploration.

  6. Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen present distinct visions for space simulations, each with unique strengths and potential for immersive player experiences.

    1. It’s impressive to see how these games are shaping the future of space simulations and redefining the possibilities of virtual universe exploration.

    2. I am intrigued by the different trajectories of Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen, particularly in their interactive multiplayer features and gameplay dynamics.

  7. Elite Dangerous provides the opportunity for players to freely explore and write their stories within an infinite galaxy, while Star Citizen aims to create a rich space simulation through crowdfunding.

  8. Elite Dangerous emphasizes an active approach to in-game combat engagements, while Star Citizen has achieved significant crowdfunding success with its ambitious project.

    1. The active approach to combat in Elite Dangerous adds a layer of excitement and intensity to the gameplay.

  9. The long-term plans of Elite Dangerous suggest its potential longevity, while Star Citizen’s crowdfunding success reflects its ambitious scope and continuous development.

  10. Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen offer different experiences, appealing to players with varying preferences in space simulations, economy, and multiplayer interactions.

    1. The diversity in space simulation experiences provided by these games reflects the complexity and depth of the genre.

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