Difference Between Logitech Harmony Companion and Elite

Logitech Harmony is known for producing high-quality remotes packed with an excellent bunch of features. Two such products are the Logitech Harmony Elite and Harmony Companion. Both remotes use Harmony Hub for controlling Smart Home devices.


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While Harmony Elite is incredibly expensive, Harmony Companion is nowhere near to its price range. But still, both of them have some similarities in their features and functionalities. The setup and custom activities in both devices are the same.

Harmony Elite is included in the range of Logitech flagship remotes. It consists of a touch screen, unlike the Harmony Companion. On the other hand, Harmony Companion is a simple remote that is much more affordable.

The Harmony Hub is nothing but the control centre for Companion and Elite remotes. It is identical in both devices. It does the work of sending signals to each of the IR components.

The Hub contains IR Blasters to control the same. In Elite, the number of IR Blasters is two, while it is one in case of the Companion.

Distinctive in several aspects, the Harmony Companion and Elite remotes are two of the best options available to satisfy different types of users.

Logitech Harmony Companion vs Elite

The difference between Logitech Harmony Companion and Elite is that they have different designs. The Companion is comparatively smaller and consists of more physical buttons and no touch screen, whereas, the Elite is larger and has a customizable touch screen.

Logitech Harmony Companion vs Elite

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonHarmony CompanionHarmony Elite
SizeThe Harmony Companion has dimensions of 4.16×4.88×1.0 inch.The Harmony Elite is larger with dimensions of 7.56×2.13×1.14 inch.
WeightIt weighs around 110.56 g. While it weighs around 163.8 g.
Touch ScreenIt has no touch screen feature in it. Whereas, it has a highly customizable touch screen in it.
IR BlasterIt consists of only one IR Blaster in the Hub. It consists of two IR Blasters in the Hub.
Ergonomics It is more ergonomic as it is very simple and convenient to use.It might be a complex device for some users and is less ergonomic.
BatteryIt does not have a rechargeable battery and uses a small battery. While it has a rechargeable battery that is quite large.
PricingIt is available at a much lower price. Whereas, it is priced at a higher rate.

What is Logitech Harmony Companion?

Logitech Harmony Companion is a simpler device that comes with easy to use interface. At a much low price, it still has fully-featured connectivity. It contains the Harmony Hub as its control centre just like all the other higher-end Logitech remotes.

The remote has the USB Type-A cable support and consists of a single IR Blaster. It has the access to smart home devices due to the presence of the Hub, but the lack of a touch screen does leave a void. The physical buttons do not have the access to all the programmed activities.

The Harmony Companion feels up its lacuna by doing a brilliant job when it comes to ergonomics and usability. Having extremely convenient and simple usability, it is also very ergonomically sound. It does not take much adjusting to reach something on this remote.

Unlike the Elite, it becomes much more difficult with the Companion to address a problem and fix it. The Companion does not come with a rechargeable battery.

But as it does not have a touch screen, the power consumption is quite low, this is why it uses a three-volt coin cell lithium battery.

The Harmony Companion is an ideal option if one has other ways such as the Amazon Echo to control the devices. It does have some missing features but its price makes it worthy for it all.

What is Logitech Harmony Elite?

Very similar in functionality with the Harmony Companion, Logitech has yet another universal remote which is an expensive unit and is high on features; the Logitech Harmony Elite. It tops all charts when it comes to universal remotes.

The remote has the support of USB Type-A cable and uses Bluetooth technology to connect with the Harmony Hub. It comes with two IR Blasters.

It is compatible with a wide range of smart home devices and contains a highly customizable touch screen, which is a big plus point over the Harmony Companion.

Although the remote has a decent ergonomic value, it is certainly not as good as the Companion in this case. It does not consist of a dedicated number pad, rather it is on the LCD screen. It might get a little complicated for some users as it is full of millions of customisations.

Just like the Companion, Harmony Elite makes use of the Harmony App. Moreover, the remote comes with a rechargeable battery along with a charging cradle. The battery is also replaceable as in the case of the Companion.

The Harmony Elite, undoubtedly, has the ability to be the control centre alone. It can deliver a satisfying performance without needing the help of any other apps or devices.

Main Differences Between Logitech Harmony Companion and Elite

  1. The Elite is larger than the Companion.
  2. Touch screen is available only on the Elite.
  3. The Companion does not have a rechargeable battery, while the Elite does.
  4. Companion is more ergonomically sound.
  5. Elite is costlier than the Companion.



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