Difference Between Microsoft Keyboard and Logitech Keyboard

There are different types of keyboards are available.


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Microsoft and Logitech are two big tech giants producing computer hardware. They produce different types of keyboards nowadays.

Microsoft Keyboard vs Logitech Keyboard

The difference between Microsoft Keyboard and Logitech Keyboard is their height. The Microsoft keyboard is 1.8cm, and the Logitech keyboard is 2cm. The width of the Microsoft keyboard is 42cm, and the width of the Logitech keyboard is 43cm. The weight of the Microsoft keyboard is 0.4kg, and the weight of the Logitech keyboard is 0.8kg. The operating force of the Microsoft keyboard is 63gf, and the operating force of the Logitech keyboard is 61gf.

Microsoft Keyboard vs Logitech Keyboard

The Microsoft keyboard has an excellent quality. The bottom is made up of plastic, and the top is made of aluminum.

The keyboard has slight flex at the side, but it does not affect the long-lasting ability of the keyboard. It has greater durability and long last run.

Magnetically the battery cover is held and has very lightweight. It has a cool look compared to the Bluetooth keyboard developed by Microsoft.

The surface keyboard has no backlighting. Up to five degrees of maximum inclination is available on the Microsoft keyboard.

Logitech is a Swiss international computer hardware producer. Logitech is best known for its quality of office keyboards.

Logitech MX keys have the best usage in the industry. For office use, the Logitech keyboards are good ergonomics.

The keyboard has a well-built metal frame, and it even has white backlighting. It is easy to work in a dark place.  

Bracken P. Darrell is the chief executive officer of Logitech company. Using Bluetooth or a USB receiver, you can connect to different devices.

You don’t feel any type of delay in gaming connections.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonMicrosoft KeyboardLogitech Keyboard
Bluetooth LatencyThe Bluetooth latency of the Microsoft keyboard is 25.9 msThe Bluetooth latency of the Logitech keyboard is 16.2 ms
Individual backlight keysMicrosoft keyboard has no backlight keysLogitech keyboard has backlight keys
Connector typeMicrosoft has no cablesLogitech is connected by a USB-C type cable.
Lock indicatorMicrosoft has no indicatorsLogitech keyboard has caps lock key indicator
Key switchesThe key switches in the Microsoft keyboard are Rubber DomeThe key switches in the Logitech keyboard are Scissor

What is Microsoft Keyboard?

Microsoft is one of the popular tech giants and produces many quality computer hardware and software. Microsoft keyboard comes with media control keys that are used by fn keys.

To access Windows settings, calculator, brightness, task view Microsoft comes with shortcut keys. Microsoft keyboards have macro programmable keys that have dedicated media controls.

It has great typing quality when compared to other models. But it takes more travel distance.

The key places are well spaced with typical accuracy for a better typing experience, and it has excellent compatibility. The keys are stable and produce different sounds for each key.

It has a desperate and attractive look. Only scissor switches are used in the surface keyboard.

Scissor switches help to get over the tactile bump. Microsoft surface keyboard has a low pre-travel distance that makes it responsive.

In Microsoft keyboard, 90% of keys work on windows, and 10% work on Linux. But when you use the Microsoft keyboard for macOS some shortcut keys won’t work.

The key like Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Context key, calculator does not work on iPad and Android. Microsoft keyboard is a low-profile wireless keyboard.

It is easy to use and does not make any noise. Microsoft keyboards are office suitable.

When compared to other models, Microsoft keyboards are lack programmable keys and backlighting.

What is Logitech Keyboard?

Logitech is also a popular computer hardware producer. Logitech keyboards are low-profile and incredible keyboards for gaming.

Like the Microsoft keyboards, the Logitech keyboard also has a low pre-travel distance which makes it responsive. Logitech keyboard comes with GL clicky or Linera keys.

It has an option to customize the backlighting through Logitech G HUB. Logitech keyboards are wireless, and you can connect with other devices easily.

The keyboard is made of metal frames with flexes. It has a slight upward bend which does not affect its long-lasting ability.

The keys are made up of plastic which absorbs oil and shine. In the Logitech keyboard, you can not reprogram any keys.

The Logitech keyboard comes with three kinds of profiles, and you can switch between them. It has many customization layers.

Logitech is excellent for office and gaming purposes. For mobile devices, Logitech K380 is the best by testing.

It is a simple and effective keyboard. You can easily carry it anywhere at any time.

It has decent quality and a frame flexed keyboard. Logitech comes with media hotkeys that help to play your music without effort.

By using Logitech Options Software, you can reprogram a few function keys. Since it is a proprietary device, you can not connect through Bluetooth.

Devices that do not support Bluetooth are well connected with Logitech keyboards.

Main Differences Between Microsoft Keyboard and Logitech Keyboard

  1. The typing quality for the Microsoft keyboard is 7.5 out of 10, and the typing quality of the Logitech keyboard is 8 out of 10.
  2. The Microsoft keyboard has no compatibility with macOS, and the Logitech Keyboard has greater compatibility with macOS.
  3. Microsoft keyboard has no cloud sync availability, whereas Logitech keyboard has clod sync availability.
  4. The actuation force for the Microsoft keyboard is 49gf and for the Logitech keyboard is 36gf.
  5. Microsoft Keyboard has no proprietary receiver, but the Logitech Keyboard has a proprietary receiver.


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