Difference Between Dell KM717 and Logitech MX Keys

Dell and Logitech are widely used system hardware-making companies. They build hardware devices including monitors, keyboards, and mice to enhance productivity and performance for everyday life.


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Dell and Logitech are widely known for wireless mouses and keyboards for people having office work, data entry, and trading stuff regularly.

Dell KM717 vs Logitech MX Keys

The main difference between Dell KM717 and Logitech MX Keys is that Dell KM717 is a package combo set of a mouse and a keyboard for enhanced desktop experience whereas Logitech MX Keys is just a keyboard that gets compatible with the system but doesn’t offer a mouse or a trackpad.

Dell KM717 vs Logitech MX Keys

Dell Premier KM717 is the combination of a keyboard and a mouse. These are compatible with every computer or desktop system.

The main advantage of this package is that it offers wireless functionality. The keyboard features soft keys and sleek elegant designs and the mouse has a good latency and comfortable fit.

Logitech MX Keys is a keyboard built by Logitech. It has a premium and flagship graded performance in productivity because the offering by Logitech with wireless functionality with MX Keys is worth enough.

Logitech MX Keys come with a solid feel with no flexing and adequately backlit keys for top performance.

Comparison Table Between Dell KM717 and Logitech MX Keys

Parameters of ComparisonDell KM717Logitech MX Keys
DimensionsIt offers a 4.57-inch keyboard with 42.95×11.61×2.31 cm dimensions and a highly responsive mouse.Logitech MX Keys is a less compact keyboard with 43×13.16×2.05 cm dimensions.
Connection technologyDell KM717 has 2.4 gigahertz wireless and Bluetooth dual-mode technology with USB and Bluetooth.This offers connection to the system through a Logitech Unifying Receiver by USB-A port or Bluetooth mode.
Operating systemThe operating system offered by Dell KM717 is Android.Logitech MX Keys has an operating system supporting Linux, Windows, Mac, and many others. 
Blinking indicatorsDell KM717 does not come with LED lights at night but it has caps lock and num lock LEDs.Logitech MX Keys have been coming with blinking LED lights which are good for usage in dark.
PriceDell KM717 combo comes with a price segment of around Rs. 6000Logitech MX Keys has a bit expensive price segment of around Rs. 12000.

What is Dell KM717?

Dell KM717 is a package of the most useful hardware devices that can be used with a system. These hardware devices are a mouse and keyboard.

The mouse that comes in KM717 is highly responsive and comes with high latency. However, some consumers have grip problems with the mouse.

This depends on the hands. The system requirements which these devices demand to get compatible with are 2.4 gigahertz servers and a Bluetooth connection.

The package works upon the operating voltage of 1V to 5V and has two AAA alkaline batteries for the decent battery life it offers. The combo gives a seamless switch between a maximum of up to three connected devices.

It also offers knobs or buttons to switch between them for typing. Only one green blinking light is offered at the top which shows the charging status of the keyboard.

The small mouse is also advantageous for the portability factor and a compact system device just near the keyboard. Reviews have shown that the mouse works smoothly and well.

The battery life it claims is not so good as the marketing has shown. The appreciable battery drain is observed. The keyboard also has the bottom rear legs to stand out the keyboard. 

What is Logitech MX Keys?

The Logitech MX Keys is a keyboard. Unlike the Dell KM717, it comes with lighting around the keys. The keyboard has very clicky keys and they are soft.

The travel is also right for touch typing. The illumination is also spot on and makes an ambient feel around the keyboard to work with.

This enhances the vibe and makes it worthy of its price. This is also advantageous in its use in dark places. The Logitech keyboard comes with Logitech Unifying Receiver.

This makes the connection process a bit easier and more sustainable for long-term use. The keyboard is designed in such a way that no user can get bored of it. A single receiver can be paired up to six devices that the keyboard offers.

The Logitech MX Keys’ price is kept at a higher segment. This makes it a bit unaffordable but the product is worth enough. Its compatibility is also a big advantage because it gets connected with Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, etc.

The design is also sleek and hand-friendly. If the budget allows, the MX Keys is worthy in every category. The battery life is also excellent, it runs ten days(average) on one charge.

Main Differences Between Dell KM717 and Logitech MX Keys

  1. Dell KM717 works on physical batteries whereas Logitech MX Keys has a charging system for battery life.
  2. Dell KM717 has a non-operational cable whereas the Logitech MX Keys comes with a detachable cable type.
  3. Dell KM717 is a big-budget option and is best-in-class with its price, with also a mouse offering whereas Logitech MX Keys can be categorized as a flagship keyboard.
  4. Dell KM717 lacks several blinking indicators and illumination whereas Logitech MX Keys, rich in illumination, come classy.
  5. Dell KM717 has several compromised hardware internals like the old USB connectivity whereas the Logitech offers Unifying technology for connectivity.


Dell and Logitech’s keyboards are widely used in the world to increase productivity. Dell’s lineup and the Logitech are worth comparing but it strongly depends on one’s pocket and the requirement one can make to choose between the two.

Logitech has a big retention time whereas Dell has both the offerings of a mouse and a keyboard. The pricing is a big deciding factor.

Logitech’s MX Keys is a better option than Dell’s KM717 according to the upper report’s inspection. The internals is needed to be taken care of if the work requires concerned serious productivity.


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