MS LifeCam Studio vs Logitech C920: Difference and Comparison

It is a video camera that receives videos and photos. Webcams are small cameras which are devices that can be attached to the computer.

In some computers, it is part of the hardware.

The webcam plays an essential role in our lives as there is a physical distance between our loved ones. So when you feel lonely or there are special moments, you can talk virtually to your loved ones.

A virtual meeting is a critical feature with the business establishment flung far due to globalization. The MS LifeCam Studio and the Logitech C920 are the best-selling webcams.

Key Takeaways

  1. MS Lifecam Studio has a higher resolution compared to Logitech C920.
  2. MS Lifecam Studio has a wider field of view than the Logitech C920, which captures more area in the frame.
  3. MS Lifecam Studio has a higher price point than Logitech C920 due to its superior features.

MS LifeCam Studio vs Logitech C920

MS LifeCam Studio is a high-definition webcam made by Microsoft that records at 1080p and offers good resolution and is known for its wide-angle sensor. Logitech C920 is an HD webcam that records 1080p video and stereo audio. It is made by Logitech and comes with a dual microphone.

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The MS LifeCam Studio lightens the video conference due to the TrueColour Technology. The microphones are of high quality and capture natural sound, and the webcam can pivot at 360-degree gives access to wide-angle views.

The Logitech C920 is compatible with Windows 8 and has two microphones to capture realistic sounds.

The optimal lighting conditions produce crisp picture quality. The feature of recording and editing to customize your video is an added advantage.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMS LifeCam StudioLogitech C920
ColorIt is available in black and silver color.It is available only in black color.
Supported Operating systemWindows and Mac.Windows and Linex.
DimensionWidth: 1.77 inches, Height: 4.49 inches and depth: 1.77 inches.Width: 3.74 inches, Height: 1.1 inches and depth: 0.94 inches.
Noise reductionIt does not have a good noise reduction system.A good noise reduction system is available.
Microphone propertyThe sound quality is good, but it does not have a stereo effect.It has a good stereo effect.

What is MS LifeCam Studio?

The MS LifeCam Studio from Microsoft is a high-definition webcam with good resolution and records at 1080p. The crystal clear audio and the wide-angle sensor is the best webcam to communicate with family, friends and business colleague.

It is available in black and silver color. The CMOS sensor technology is responsible for quality pictures and video.

The diagonal view is responsible for the ideal picture angle and video, and the 360-degree rotation has eliminated the hassle of moving the laptop for an overall view. The wide bandwidth microphone captures the sound quality and eliminates all the background noises.

The TrueColor Technology of the webcam with face tracking effortlessly controls the lighting condition to focus on the face, which is the most crucial element of the video call. The 720p video supports video recording of the entire conversation.

The high-precision glass element of the lens provides clarity and sharpness to the image. The webcam’s wide lens helps capture more people and the surroundings.

The AutoFocus features precision is from 4 inches to infinity. The built tripod eases the camera position at a suitable angle.

The MS LifeCam Studio rotates at a 360-degree angle but needs extra hands to handle the device. It is compatible with Windows and macOS.

The LifeCam from Microsoft is certified form Skype users. The Lithium-Ion Battery lasts for two to three years or three hundred to four hundred charges.

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What is Logitech C920?

This webcam gets the best of you concerning sound or facial expression. The high-quality microphone and the precision camera capture the best images and voice during the conversation.

The dual-microphone ensures stereo sound, and the five-element glass lens precisely tuned autofocuses enhance clarity and detail. Logitech provides high-definition video chat and a full HD high-pixel video call for Skype or Mac.

It captures all the details in the recordings to post on your blog, Facebook or Youtube. It saves the time of compressing the file of the recording.

The Logitech technology H.264 records and compresses the file at the same time. This stand-alone webcam has a wide range of vision, rich color, and fluid video motion that can get the best from a video conversation.

We can adjust the angle and aim the webcam to a specific point without affecting the clarity. Two microphones on either side of the webcam provide the natural stereo sound.

The background noise is completely filtered out, and the clarity of sound improves. The Logitech webcam’s automatic light correction technology provides crystal-clear videos during dim or low light settings.

The webcam’s design with a full HD glass lens and premium autofocus mode, the five-element glass lens captures razor-sharp, crystal clear images. The autofocus adjusts smoothly to provide a constant high-definition video call.

The Logitech webcam requires the installation of software from the official website to ensure uninterrupted video calls.

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Main Difference Between MS LifeCam Studio and Logitech C920

  1. The MS LifeCam Studio has a high-precision glass lens. The Logitech C920 has a full HD glass lens.
  2. The MS LifeCam Studio has a wide-band Microphone. The Logitech C920 has two stereos on either side of the webcam.
  3. The MS LifeCamStudio is certified by Skype. The Logitech C920 has so such a certification.
  4. The MS LifeCamStudio is compatible with Windows 8. The Logitech C920 is compatible with Windows 7.
  5. The Warranty period of MS LifeCam Studio is three years. The Logitech C920 offers a warranty period of two years.

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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