Difference Between Studio and One-Bedroom

When deciding on what type of living situation to find for you and your family, there are many different things to take into consideration. One of the most important aspects of this decision is the size of the apartment: do you need a big house or a small a cosy place to call your own? Studio and one-bedroom are two types of small apartments that are perfect for minimal and cosy living.

Studio vs One-Bedroom

The main difference between a studio and a one-bedroom is that they differ in the portioning of the living space in the apartment. Studios are just one large living area with no physical portioning like a wall but can be otherwise arranged in designated areas while one-bedroom apartments have a distinct partitioning between the living area and the one-bedroom in the apartment.

Studio vs One Bedroom

A studio Or a studio apartment is defined as a small apartment with only one room. The the floor plan is often designed to optimize the use of space so that the apartment feels more spacious than its square footage. This type of apartment is ideal for a single occupant who does not need a lot of room to store a lot of belongings.

A one-bedroom apartment is defined as a set of rooms that includes a living room, a bedroom and a kitchen, among others. A one-bedroom apartment can have a wide variety of sizes and shapes. It is essentially one large area divided into the main living space and another smaller area designated as the bedroom.

Comparison Table Between Studio and One-Bedroom

Parameters of ComparisonStudioOne-Bedroom
SizeStudio apartments usually measure smaller than one-bedroom apartments.One-bedroom apartments usually measure bigger than studios.
Floor PlanStudio apartment usually is one large space with no partitioning walls and this does not have much of a floor plan.One-bedroom apartments have a distinction between the general living area or room and the bedroom.
BedroomThere is no designated place for a bedroom in a studio and it can be set up in any place as wished by the owner. One-bedroom apartments have a designated bedroom. With or without attached bathrooms.
PrivacyStudio apartments do not provide any privacy to the owner in case guests are over  One-bedroom apartments usually provide a slight bit of privacy for owners as a different room is present apart from the living space.
CostStudios usually cost less than one-bedrooms.One bedroom being bigger costs more than studios.

What is Studio?

A studio or a studio apartment is a type of apartment that has minimal living space. In a studio apartment, you’ll find a kitchen and a bathroom, one main room and no separate rooms. The main room usually has a bed and a few shelves/storage units. You’ll often find a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room together in the same room. This allows for a very small amount of space.

These apartments are the most affordable type of apartments due to how small they are, but they’re still not too expensive and can be a great fit for those who don’t need all that space. Some studio apartments are converted from spaces that were originally intended to be larger apartments.

Not only is it more affordable, but it also has other benefits as well. A studio apartment is essentially a large room that contains all the necessities of a typical apartment. The advantages of a studio apartment are that they are cheaper to rent than other types of apartments and they are great temporary living spaces.

The disadvantage of a studio apartment is that it can be very impersonal and small to live in. Some residents may find difficulty in entertaining guests in a studio apartment. Also, managing clutter can be another challenge in a small space as there is no specific area designated for storage and hence modern solutions and innovative furniture is often seen in studios.

What is One-Bedroom?

A one-bedroom apartment is a house where you have a bedroom, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a bathroom. This type of apartment is quite cheap. One-bedroom apartments are found in all parts of a city, mostly in the suburbs. A one-bedroom apartment in a house where a family of two or three people live.

The floor plan of the house or apartment is divided as such that the living area and the bedroom is in separate rooms and hence offers the resident a certain level of privacy and portioning. The biggest advantage of a one-bedroom apartment is the cost. These are cost-effective housing solutions and they cost way less than two or three-bedroom apartments and other housing complexes.

A one-bedroom apartment in a great housing option if you love your own space. They’re cosy and cute, and you get to live with your best friends- your neighbours. Sentence: Three-bedroom apartment means spacious and comfortable.

. It’s also significantly easier to decorate a small apartment than a large one. The number one disadvantage has to be space. Living in a small apartment can be uncomfortable at times. Clutter is inevitable, but that’s something you have to learn how to deal with while living in a small space. If the clutter and airflow in the apartment can be maintained then one bedroom is the most preferred choice of housing to most people who are living alone or just with one partner.

Main Differences Between Studio and One-Bedroom

  1. Studio apartments are much smaller than one-bedroom apartments.
  2. Studios may be more modern as more thought has to be put into making the space livable in comparison to one-bedroom apartments.
  3. Studios don’t have separate bedrooms and living room areas in them. However, one-bedroom apartments are bigger than studio apartments, because one-bedroom apartments have a separate bedroom and living room, while studio apartments are all one room.
  4. Also, the cost of studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments is different. One-bedroom apartments are more expensive than studio apartments because they are bigger and they have a separate bedroom and living room area in them.
  5. Studio apartments face more problems of cluttering and bad airflow and require constant air conditioning as the kitchen is based in the only common living areas.


An apartment is a good choice for someone who wants to live on their own. Apartments today are not only cost-effective forms of housing but are also saving housing space on the surface as apartments can be made of various levels and heights. Overpopulation and crowding in cities have led to the innovation of various types of apartments of which studios and one-bedroom are the small apartment types.

Studios are apartments made for personal living with minimal effort while one-bedroom are more traditional and offer the resident a slight bit of privacy from the general living space. All in all, they both are excellent choices for single or small nuclear families and are increasingly becoming popular nowadays.


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