Difference Between YouTube Studio and Brand Account

YouTube Studio is the platform supported by Google to create and manage channels by an individual. Ideally, YouTube studio can be accessed by you as a user if you are using your Google Account.

Brand Account is an exclusive account that can be created by you to create and manage YouTube Channels. As such, the email address that you use to create a brand account can be your one, but it shall not be known to anyone.

Comparison Table Between YouTube Studio and Brand Account

Parameters of ComparisonYouTube StudioBrand Account
Google Profile InformationThe Information is available for people to view.You can hide the information. Moreover, you can also edit your user name, and it need not be the email address.
Custom URLYou can create a custom URL if you have 100 or more subscribers.You can readily customize your URL for brand credibility.
User AccessOnly one person who holds the user name and passwordMultiple Users can access the channel if the owner gives them access.
Personal Log in SecurityPeople can access your personal google information.You can deny the access even for the ones you have added to the brand account as managers.
URL NameIt has the user name of your email address mentioned in it.You can customize it and hide the user name of our email address as well.

What is YouTube Studio?

YouTube Studio is an exclusive tool supported by Google to create and manage your channel effectively. You can use this tool to create a channel of yours and upload videos, live stream using it and also edit the videos as you like.

The YouTube channel can be viewed by many google account holders. They can comment their views on your channel, and it is an excellent PRO tool that shall help you communicate with the audience too.

Of course, YouTube is all about Videos. You can access the Upload tab to upload a video or click on Live to live stream a video too.

YouTube Studio allows settings that shall help you add thumbnail pictures for your uploaded video as well as an end card.

  1. How many people the video has reached
  2. What is the overview of the video?
  3. What sort of engagement has happened?
  4. You can also view the audience response percentage across the videos uploaded.

What is Brand Account?

As with many social media platforms, Google has introduced an exclusive platform for businesses to use videos as their promotional weapon towards brand presence and visibility.

As such, these brand accounts are created by businesses and helps in collaborating with the team to manage the channel effectively. As you are the Owner, you can add your team members as

  1. Manager
  2. Communication Manager

The managers have full access to the YouTube channel while the Communication Manager stays redundant in the channel. At the same time, you have the master control of permitting your team members.

Another good news is, you as an owner can access the Brand Account using your personal Gmail account. You need not explicitly mention it to anyone, and none does know this fact too.

Main Differences Between YouTube Studio and Brand Account

  1. YouTube Studio can help create channels but cannot hide your email address from getting displayed, but this does not happen with Brand Account
  2. YouTube Studio allows you to create custom URLs. However, you must have at least 100 followers to do so, while Brand Account helps you create customized URL to increase brand presence.


Both YouTube Studio, as well as Brand Account, offers excellent analytics for the users to know how far is their performance.

At the same time, there are possibilities that your YouTube channel might have been converted to brand accounts. The best advantage of the Brand account is, multiple users can upload multiple contents, and it drastically improves your online visibility.


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