Difference Between Arduino and Elegoo

Have you ever become enthusiastic enough to come up with a new idea about technology that can be revolutionary enough? That new idea can even be so powerful that it will possess the potential to make you the sole king in the market.

Such two technologies that emerged are Arduino and Elegoo, to help those with lack primary knowledge about microcontrollers, like students, people, kids.

Arduino vs Elegoo

The main difference between Arduino and Elegoo is that Arduino focuses upon manufacturing electronic kits (the digital devices having the potential to interact with the physical globe) that are interactive and on their marketing. Whereas Elegoo, which is popular in the manufacturing and designing field, manufactures Arduino boards. The former is an open-sourced software and hardware firm, whereas the latter is an open-sourced hardware firm that also does research.

Arduino vs Elegoo

Arduino came into existence in 2005. The total firm is led by a group of engineers and also takes charge of the maintenance of the Arduino IDE and open-source Arduino board design.

In Italy, they are also responsible for manufacturing and selling authorised Arduino boards. Arduino provides high-quality microchips and microcontrollers and also funds the Arduino project.

Elegoo has no ties with Arduino. It is a China-based or Chinese company.

It is located in Chinese Silicon Valley in Shenzhen. It is an open-source research and hardware company. It is associated with the production and development of Arduino kits. Elegoo is one of the renowned production and manufacture of Arduino electronics kits. 3D printers, STM32, Raspberry Pi, are developed, produced and marketed by Elegoo.

Comparison Table Between Arduino and Elegoo

Parameters of ComparisonArduinoElegoo
Type of FirmOpen-source software and hardware firm. Open-sourced research and hardware firm.
BasicsManufactures and markets interactive electronic kits.Manufactures and markets Arduino boards.
ToolsThe in-built capability of software is present.Arduino IDE is taken separately.
Starter KitsArduino starter kits are much expensive in comparison to Elegoo.Elegoo is half of the price of Arduino, provides a greater buying advantage.
PriceArduino costs high.Elegoo is reasonable in price, cheaper than Arduino.
Reliability issuesArduino does not possess any reliability problem, as it comes IDE in-built.Elegoo possesses reliability problem as the Arduino IDE is supposed to be taken distinctively.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is a software and hardware firm selling and marketing microchips and microcontrollers. It focuses upon the development and creation of environment and programs, output/input board, tiny computers that interact with the physical globe.

Arduino is associated with tools that build and manufactures tiny computers which are highly interactive. It is comprised of three main components, Arduino IDE, external hardware and Arduino board.

From mobile phones to automobiles and other electronic systems, all are based on Arduino technology. These are very interactive for kids to gain knowledge about electronics.


What is Elegoo?

Elegoo is a research and hardware-based firm that mainly focuses on the development and production of Arduino boards.Elegoo is much cheaper in comparison to other firms like Arduino.

Elegoo is a sustaining technology firm that sells microchips and microcontrollers at reasonable prices. Elegoo is budget-friendly. For beginners, the Basic Starter Kit of the Elegoo UNO Project acts as the cheaper and most basic Arduino project.

This is a very interactive and fun way to mess up with electronics. This can serve as the best example to study and research the basic structure of an Arduino project and Arduino program for beginners.


Main Differences Between Arduino and Elegoo

  1. Arduino is an open-sourced software and hardware firm, whereas Elegoo is an open-sourced hardware firm that also does research.
  2. Arduino focuses upon manufacturing electronic kits that are interactive and on their marketing. Whereas Elegoo, which is popular in the manufacturing and designing field, manufactures Arduino boards.
  3. Arduino sells Arduino kits in which inbuilt software capability is also present, which can help a person having little or no experience in software from facing any issues. Whereas Elegoo specialises in manufacturing and providing Arduino and other electronic kits as well. However, it doesn’t have any support for the Arduino project or Arduino IDE inclusion.
  4. Arduino UNO is expensive as many projects are worked upon on the same bench, whereas Elegoo priced half of Arduino regarding starter kits is more advantageous for people buying them.
  5. Arduino is priced higher in comparison to Elegoo as it sells both software and hardware, whereas, Elegoo is priced much lower than Arduino. But the best combination is to pack Arduino IDE with Elegoo.
  6. Arduino does not possess any reliability problem, as it comes with an in-built IDE. Whereas, in the case of Elegoo, reliability can be considered as one issue as Arduino IDE are taken separately.


In this article, we studied the differences between Arduino and Elegoo. One can now choose between Arduino and Elegoo according to his or her choice and free will. For example, if the hobby is the priority, then Elegoo can serve as a better option.

Although, in today’s world, both Arduino and Elegoo manufacture high-quality microchips and microcontrollers and are well built, possessing a very negligible difference in quality between Arduino and Elegoo.


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