Dell Keyboard vs Logitech Keyboard: Difference and Comparison

A Keyboard is an input device connected to a computer that has special character keys, media function keys, numbers, alphabets, and connectivity keys. Many companies manufacture and sell keyboards with a variety of functionalities.

Some keyboards are wired keyboards, and some are wireless. Dell and Logitech are the two international companies that manufacture and sell keyboards that differ in their design, functionalities, and color.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dell keyboards come bundled with Dell computers, while Logitech keyboards are standalone.
  2. Logitech keyboards offer a broader range of features and designs, catering to various consumer preferences.
  3. Both Dell and Logitech manufacture quality keyboards, but Logitech often has a slight edge in terms of performance and customization options.

Dell Keyboard vs Logitech Keyboard

Dell keyboards have a simpler layout and limited features, making them ideal for basic tasks. Logitech keyboards come with more advanced features, such as customizable hotkeys and multi-device connectivity, catering to a wider range of users, and are known for their ergonomic design.

Dell Keyboard vs Logitech Keyboard

Dell Keyboards have spacious chiclet keys. The keyboards are full-sized keyboards with shortcut keys and multimedia keys.


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The wireless keyboards and smartcard wired keyboards to connect to the applications and internet security with 128-bit AES encryption. Dell keyboards are available in only black and grey.

Logitech keyboards have three different keyboard layouts- full-sized, compact, and minimalist. The company also provides gaming keyboards with a phone stand, rechargeable keyboards, and palm rest pads.

The keyboard keys are comfortable and give smooth typing.  The keyboards are available in a variety of colors and combinations with a mechanical, deep profile, and laptop keys.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonDell Keyboard Logitech Keyboard  
Keyboard layoutIt has a full-sized layout only.It has full-sized, compact, and minimalist.
ColorsBlack and grayBlack, gray, white, rose, and blue
Key modelsSpacious Chiclet keysIt has mechanical keys, deep profile keys, and laptop keys keyboards.
No. of devices connectedthreesix
Phone standThere is no phone stand available on keyboards.There is a phone stand available on Logitech keyboards.

What is Dell Keyboard?

Dell Technologies is an American multinational company founded by Michael S.Dell on February 1, 1984, headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, US.

It manufactures, sells, repairs, and provides support services related to computers and their related products. Dell Keyboards are designed to speed up productivity. The keyboards provide comfort and reliability to the users when used with Dell Pcs.

Dell has various models of keyboards, each featuring differently. It has wired and wireless keyboards. It has business-related smartcard keyboards with various multimedia functions enabling users to speed up their operations.

The wireless keyboards and mice come with 36-month battery life along with a three years exchange warranty.

Dell Keyboards are customizable with the Dell peripheral manager, allowing users to customize keyboard shortcut keys. Dell wireless keyboards and mice are sold in a combo. Dell keyboards are suitable for both home and office.

Some of the wireless keyboard and mice models available are

Dell Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse-( KM7120W, Premier- KM7321W)

Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – (KM636#, Pro model- KM5221W)

Dell Wireless Combo – KM117#

Some of the Dell Wired keyboards models are

Dell Smartcard Keyboard – KB813

Dell Multimedia Keyboard – (KB216#, for business-KB522)

Dell also provides 2-in-1 keyboards that provide a laptop, mobile, and tablet experience.

Dell Latitude 115000 Series 2-in-1 Keyboard with model number- (5175/5179, slim keyboard)

Dell Latitude 125000 Series Keyboard -( slim and Premier)- 7275,

Dell Latitude 5285 Travel Keyboard

dell keyboard 1

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What is Logitech Keyboard?

Logitech is an international company founded on October 2, 1981, by Daniel Borel, Giacomo Marini, and Pierluigi Zappacosta, headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Logitech manufactures and sells computer peripherals that are small, convenient, and flexible to use. It aims and accomplishes to connect people with the digital world with its multinational brand products.

One of its products is the keyboards that have multiple features, supporting every operating system, including a mobile OS. It has different keyboard collections suitable for education, home, and business purposes.

It has an ergonomic keyboard with an attractive design, comfortable keys, and a palm rest that allows users to type comfortably for hours.

The Logitech keyboards are available in wired and wireless with keyboard layout sizes- full, compact, and minimalist.

It has features like Bluetooth connectivity, a rechargeable battery, programmable keys, quiet keys, switch device keys, media keys, and a phone stand. The keyboards are available in a variety of colors.

The company also provides gaming keyboards with mechanical keys.

The wireless minimalist keyboards are flexible to carry and can offer laptop and tablet features. The wireless keyboards have two years battery life and a one-year hardware warranty.  All Logitech wireless devices can be connected using the unifier.

The multi-device keyboards have keys to switch between the devices and power management features.

logitech keyboard

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Main Differences Between Dell Keyboard and Logitech Keyboard

  1. Dell Keyboards are manufactured and sold by American multinational company Dell Technologies, founded in 1984, and Logitech keyboards are manufactured and sold by a Switzerland-based international company founded in 1981.
  2. Dell Keyboards have full-sized layouts, and Logitech keyboards have three full-size, compact, and minimalist layouts.
  3. Dell keyboards are available in only two colors, black and grey. Logitech keyboards are available in rose, black, grey, white, and blue colors.
  4. Dell keyboards have chiclet keys, and Logitech keyboard keys are available based on requirements like mechanical keys, laptops, and deep profile keys.
  5. Unlike Logitech, Dell keyboards are simple and do not have built-in palm rests and phone stands.

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