Difference Between Dell Keyboard and HP Keyboard

Dell and HP are both reputed brands when it comes to the world of computers and their accessories. Since the use of computers is connected with our daily lives, the competition in the market is also high.


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Brands provide excellent value for money computer accessories to stay competitive. Two such brands are Dell and HP, which provide quality keyboards, and hence confuse the customers while purchasing.

Dell Keyboard vs HP Keyboard

The difference between Dell Keyboard and HP keyboard is that Dell keyboards come with simple and sleek designs whereas HP keyboards are more design-oriented and stylish. Even though all keyboards including Dell and HP serve the same purpose, they differ in weight, typing experience, quality of LEDs, etc.

Dell Keyboard vs HP Keyboard

Dell keyboards are portable keyboards produced by the company Dell for computers. Shortly after the introduction of the company in 1984, it also started producing computer accessories including keyboards.

Dell keyboards have a minimalistic and sleek design and are known for a very smooth typing experience.

HP keyboards are portable keyboards produced by the company named Hewlett-Packard (HP) for computers.

Since the company is much older as compared to Dell, there first portable keyboard came decades after its origin when there was a huge demand for computers. HP Keyboards are stylish in design and are known for their strong durability.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell KeyboardHP Keyboard
Origin of CompanyDell was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell.HP was found in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and David Packard.
Keyboard’s Wire QualityThick and durable wires.Comparatively thinner wires and not as durable.
Keyboard’s WeightGenerally light in weight.A little heavier in weight.
Keyboard’s DesignMinimalistic designs and feel in all models.Best-in-class looking designs in all models.
Customer ServiceSatisfactory customer-care services.Below average customer-care services.

What is Dell Keyboard?

Dell keyboards are portable keyboards produced by the company Dell for computers. The company was introduced by Michael Dell in 1984 as a local computer technology company and is now one of the largest corporations in the world.

Dell sells computers, computer accessories, data storage devices, cameras, printers, and other electronic devices too. Currently, Dell is ranked at 34th position in Fortune 500.

Since its foundation, Dell has been making portable keyboards for computers as an added accessory. The keyboards are sleek and minimalistic in design. Dell keyboards are generally lightweight and have less noisy and soft keys.

Not only wired, but Dell also provides wireless keyboards with the latest connectivity technology. Some keyboards are available with the backlit feature, making them easy to use with no surrounding light. The typing experience is also smooth and seamless.

One area where Dell keyboards lack behind is durability. Since the keyboards are compact and light, they are prone to damage if dropped from a certain height.

Dell’s flagship keyboards are best-in-class. Features like uninterrupted connectivity, less typing delay, LED‘s quality, etc., are nothing short of excellent. On top of that, the customer service Dell provides is also top-notch with good user reviews.

What is HP Keyboard?

HP keyboards are portable keyboards made by a company named HP. HP stands for Hewlett-Packard. This company was introduced by Bill Hewlett and David Packard in 1939.

Initially, it produced a line of electronic test and measurement equipment. In the 1970s, HP was identified by a few magazines as the producer of the world’s first personal computer.

Since then, HP has been producing portable accessories for computers including keyboards.

HP keyboards are much more design-oriented and are appealing to the customer. These keyboards are generally a little heavier and bulkier than other brands. As a result, HP keyboards are also the most durable.

HP keyboards are available in wired as well wireless models with the latest technology including Bluetooth 5.0, no typing delays, etc. While the typing experience isn’t as smooth as the Dell keyboards, it is still good enough for most casual users.

One area where HP keyboards lack behind is the company’s customer care service. Since the rise of competition over the years, the customer care services now are not nearly as good, which has resulted in negative reviews over various platforms.

On top of that, the malfunction rate of the accessories has also risen in recent years. Regardless, the sales are still high as the company is one of the most experienced in this field.

Main Differences Between Dell Keyboard and HP Keyboard

  1. The wireless keyboards of Dell have better battery life as compared to HP keyboards.
  2. As Dell keyboards are lighter in weight, they are also less durable as compared to HP Keyboards.
  3. Dell Keyboards’ wires are thicker and more durable as compared to HP keyboards.
  4. Dell offers better customer service to its customers. On the other hand, HP’s customer services are just below average.
  5. Dell offers an abundance of keyboards when it comes to choices whereas HP provides only limited ones.


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