Difference Between Microsoft Keyboard 850 and 900

Wireless keyboards have been popular for a long time since they are easy to keep and install on your computer.

Microsoft, the industry leader, produced their original Bluetooth keyboard in 2002, and they’ve been untouchable since then with their unparalleled wireless Bluetooth keyboards, producing a variety of distinct models and specs that set them apart.

The Microsoft keyboard 850 and 900 are two of these versions. 

Microsoft Keyboard 850 vs 900

The main difference between Microsoft keyboard 850 and 900 is that Microsoft keyboard 850 has a battery backup of 15 months however Microsoft keyboard 900 has a battery life of 24 months.

Additionally, while Microsoft keyboard 850 weighs 28.8 ounces, keyboard 900 weighs 41.12 ounces.

Microsoft Keyboard 850 vs 900

Microsoft Keyboard 850 features a simple layout and a conventional keyboard design. It’s exceptionally light and compact, making it easily transportable.

The keys’ concave design keeps your fingertips in the proper place, reducing mistakes. However, its con has been that it does not seem to have a wrist rest.

Microsoft keyboard 900 has a modern and simple black design. It has quiet-touch keys that are quick and allow for precise typing.

It contains configurable buttons for fast access to routinely used tasks and a wireless reach of up to 30 feet thanks to the transceiver. There’s also a full-size mouse with accurate navigation.

Comparison Table Between Microsoft Keyboard 850 and 900

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft Keyboard 850Microsoft Keyboard 900
Release DateJanuary 2016September 2015
Wireless Connectivity Range510
Height1.39 inches1.13 inches
Width17.94 inches16.77 inches
Depth6.24 inches6.09 inches
Weight28.8 ounces41.12 ounces
Extra FeaturesAdvanced 2.4 GHz wireless, Windows shortcut keys, media keys for music and video control.Full-size mouse, quiet-touch keys, ambidextrous design, customizable buttons.
Battery Life15 months24 months

What is Microsoft Keyboard 850?

Microsoft keyboard 850 features Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technology, which encrypts your keystrokes to help safeguard your data.

No important information is ever communicated over the air since each keyboard is securely connected with its receiver at the manufacturing.

Certain Windows shortcut buttons are integrated into the Keyboard 850 for faster access to widely used tools. There’s a calculator, zoom, audio commands, and so on. There are other media keys designed specifically for controlling music and video.

It has a battery lifespan of up to 15 months on average. When the battery is low, there is a distinctive battery status display that illuminates red. This keyboard also features a transceiver storage compartment.

When you’re eager to work, connect the wireless receiver into your desktop USB socket, then clip it into the base of your mouse when you’re on the go, and the cursor will switch off automatically.

Microsoft keyboard 850 also features an incredibly responsive cursor command thanks to its accurate optical surveillance technology. It is also powered by two AA batteries, is wireless, and operates at a 2.4 GHz frequency.

At last, not without its flaw, this keyboard is infamous for not possessing backlighting and mechanical switches.

What is Microsoft Keyboard 900?

Windows 11 Home/ Pro/ 10/ 8/ 8.1/ 7, macOS X c10.4-10.10.3 are all supported by the Microsoft Keyboard 900.

It operates at a 2.4 GHz frequency. In open spaces, it has a reach of 10.06 meters while in a traditional office setting, it has a range of 4.57 meters.

Many variables influence its RF range, including surrounding metallic objects and the relative location of the mouse and receiver.

Two AAA alkaline batteries are required for the keyboard, and two AA alkaline batteries are required for the mouse. On average, their battery is known to last for 24 months.

The mouse has a power button that shuts it off promptly after it is clicked, which helps to save battery capacity.

LED optical technology is employed in the keyboard 900’s tracking mechanism. USB 1.1, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 are all supported. DDr3L-1600 SDRAM is the computer storage type.

It has a maximum acceleration of 10 G. On this keyboard, two significant qualities stand out. And those are the Calculator and the Windows Start key.

This keyboard is also known to be ambidextrous, therefore it may be used with either your right or left hand easily.

For greater encryption, it employs 128-bit AES encryption. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a data encryption protocol developed by the NIST.

The US national government later accepted it as an acceptable encryption technique under the FIPS-197 criteria.

Main Differences Between Microsoft Keyboard 850 and 900

  1. Microsoft keyboard 850 was released in January 2016 while keyboard 900 was released in September 2015.
  2. Microsoft keyboard 850 has a wireless connectivity range of up to 5 and Keyboard 900 has up to 10.
  3. The height of Microsoft keyboard 850 is 1.39 inches and the height of keyboard 900 is 1.13 inches.
  4. The width of Microsoft keyboard 850 is 17.94 inches and the width of keyboard 900 is 16.77 inches.
  5. The depth of Microsoft keyboard 850 is 6.24 inches and the depth of keyboard 900 is 6.09 inches.
  6. The weight of Microsoft keyboard 850 is 28.8 ounces and the weight of keyboard 900 is 41.12 ounces.
  7. Some of the extra features of Microsoft keyboard 850 are Windows shortcut keys, Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless, and media keys for music and video control. Some of the extra features of keyboard 900 are quiet-touch keys, ambidextrous design, customizable buttons.
  8. The average battery life of Microsoft keyboard 850 is 15 months and of keyboard 900 is 24 months.


Throughout its lengthy history, Microsoft has developed a large number of keyboards, and there is also a high chance you’ve used them once.

The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 850 is a simple wireless combo that is reasonably priced but lacks several of the capabilities offered by its counterparts. So, while it might not survive for years, it will suffice for your home office.

Meanwhile, the Microsoft keyboard 900 is a straightforward product that accomplishes exactly what it claims. It’s a reliable keyboard and mouse that lasts a long time on a single charge.

It has a Numpad and a complete key layout. Strong enough to withstand being slung about all day in a backpack


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