Pixel 3 vs Pixel 3xl: Difference and Comparison

Mobile phones have become essential in everybody’s life. Every company in today’s era launches new phone models to beat the market’s competition.

Google also launched two phones to beat the competition in the market. The two phones were Pixel 3 and Pixel 3xl, which have various features.  

Key Takeaways

  1. Pixel 3 is a smaller, more compact smartphone than its larger counterpart, the Pixel 3XL.
  2. Pixel 3XL features a larger display and higher screen resolution than the Pixel 3.
  3. Both phones share similar internal specifications, camera capabilities, and software experiences.

Pixel 3 vs Pixel 3xl

The difference between Pixel 3 and Pixel 3xl is that the two phones do not look similar and have different design that represents them differently from the outer side.

They differ in price range and have different features that make the consumer choose wisely.  

Pixel 3 vs Pixel

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Pixel 3 was launched under the Google flagship in the year 2018. Google launched Pixel 3 in a smaller size than the previous phones.

The phone is smaller and has a smaller display, but it does not scarify the look and the features it contains. It is a competitive phone in the market.  

Pixel 3xl was a phone which was launched in the year 2018 under the Google flagship.

The phone was launched with a more significant and attractive display to attract customers and compete with the competitors.

The phone’s camera is well-built, which attracts customers to buy the phone.  

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Pixel 3 Pixel 3xl 
Size  Smaller in size Bigger in size 
Display 5.5 inch 6.3 inch 
Battery Low battery power High battery power 
Price  Comparatively less Comparatively high 
Dimensions 68.2 x 145.6 x 7.99mm, 148gms 76.7 x 158 x 7.99mm, 184gms 

What is Pixel 3?  

Pixel 3 is the mobile phone which was launched under Google flagships in the year 2018.

The phone was launched to attract the maximum of consumers in the market and compete with the existing phone models.  

The phone was launched in a smaller size compared to the previous phones. The smaller size of the phone was portrayed as the ‘playing safe strategy’ by the company.

The phone is smaller in size and looks very elegant and compact.  

The phone’s camera was considered good with a dual camera facility, making the clicked pictures more attractive and transparent.

Being small, it is very comfortable to carry anywhere and looks very compact in the hands.  

The drawback that the phone had was a low battery power compared to the other phones. The phone has a 64GB and 128 GB storage capacity.

The storage capacity of the phone is quite good.  

Pixel 3 had a RAM of 4GB, which is a good feature that the phone persists. The phone has some unique features too.

Pixel 3 has a water resistance capacity.

It provides wireless customer support for the charger, which makes it more convenient for people to charge their phones.

The phone was comparatively of a lower price so that the people in the budget may consider it for buying.  

pixel 3

What is Pixel 3xl?  

The Pixel 3xl is the mobile phone launched under the Google flagship in 2018 to make a competitive place in the market.

The phone was launched along with the google pixel 3 under the flagship.  

The deep notch display attracted the maximum consumer, making the phone’s design very attractive and appealing.

It had a huge display, making the phone look more powerful and elegant.  

One of the most appealing features that the phone offered was a standard camera which made the clicked photos competitive with the cameras.

The photos by phone were quite competitive with the high-standard cameras prevailing in the market.

The phone was must grab for people with an interest in photography.  

The other unique feature that Pixel 3xl has is waterproof protection which protects it from water, dust, dirt, sand, etc. The waterproofing part made the phone more protective for the customers.

They don’t have to worry about the water damaging the phone. It was an added feature for the safety of the phone.  

Pixel 3xl has a 4GB RAM. The phone had a sound battery system which made the phone last longer in comparison to other phones in the market.

Pixel price was comparatively higher than the other phones launched in the flagship, but the higher price serves many advanced features.  

Pixel 3xl has a wireless support system, a convenient way to charge the phone for the consumers.

A good quality headphone was an add-on with the phone, which provided the customer with the phone box.

The phone is a great deal for people who wants to buy a good quality phone at a reasonable price.  

google pixel

Main Differences Between Pixel 3 and Pixel 3xl  

  1. Pixel 3 was launched smaller, whereas Pixel 3xl was comparatively bigger and had a huge display.  
  2. Pixel was launched with a display of 5.5 inches, whereas Pixel 3xl was launched with a collection of 6.3 inches.  
  3. Pixel 3 has a low battery compared to Pixel 3xl, whereas Pixel 3xl has a very good battery system, making it very appealing to customers.  
  4. The price of Pixel 3 is less, whereas the price range of Pixel 3xl is comparatively high and offers some advanced features.  
  5. The dimensions of Pixel 3 are 68.2 x 145.6 x 7.99mm, 148gms, whereas the dimensions of Pixel 3xl are 68.2 x 145.6 x 7.99mm, 148gms.  
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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