Difference Between Dell G3 and G7

Many laptop types are available in the Dell brand. They are launching different types every year.


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Some of them are useful for professional use and assignments. The two best gaming laptops launched in Dell are Dell G3, and the other one is Dell G7.

They are useful for game players and support them with good battery life. 

Dell G3 vs G7

The difference between Dell G3 and Dell G7 is that Dell G3 is good for gaming purposes. Dell G7 is good for playing games, and it won’t like aggressive gaming laptops as it has alienated support. Dell G3 can support 8 GB of RAM. But Dell G7 laptop can support 16GB of RAM. Dell G3 laptop comes in one frame size. Dell G7 laptop comes in two frame sizes. 

Dell G3 vs G7

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Dell G3 is a laptop that is used for gaming purposes along with some side of small school or college homework. But you cannot completely rely on it for your assignment or professional works as it will not support you like it supports gaming.

It will do a good job for the money that you invest in the laptop. The battery life of the laptop is also amazing. 

Dell G7 is a laptop used by gaming people because of the best gaming features provided in them. It has two options for core count.

The first option will allow you to have a 4-processor core count. The second option will allow you to have a 6-processor core count.

It also has processor thread count, speed, and cache. It is very easier to upgrade the Dell G7 laptop. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell G3Dell G7
Evolution23rd July 202023rd June 2020
Weight2.53 kg2.60 kg
Model numberG3G7 15 7588
Colors availabilityWhiteBlack

What is Dell G3?

Dell G3 is a windows 10 laptop that has a good resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. If you want good gaming laptops at a reasonable price, then Dell G3 is a perfect choice.

Using normal laptops for gaming purposes will make the laptop inefficient after a few days. It is not worth using normal laptops.

But Dell G3’s ultimate gaming features will make the laptop super-efficient and will support you during gaming. This gaming laptop can run many games such as Fortnite, PUBG, and some other commonly played games.

It is recommended to use the biggest PC games. It is not good for college assignments. But if a college student wants to use it for gaming purposes and wants to take a break from college work, then they can use it.

When it comes to working and assignment purposes, they should consider some other laptops. You can also control the brightness with the help of keyboard shortcut keys.

You don’t need a mouse for doing that. 

This laptop provides a single-core performance, so running Minecraft will be very easy than your anticipation. It is one of the perfect choices for open-world games.

The dedicated memory type of Dell G3 is DDR4. It will not provide SSD.

It has a backlit keyboard option. It does not provide a fingerprint sensor.

The number of USB ports available is 1. It comes with a headphone and mic combo jack which is also a perfect add-on for game lovers.

What is Dell G7?

Dell G7 is a good laptop that contains Alienware. If you want a laptop that should not look aggressive with powerful gaming features, then Dell G7 is the perfect option for all your gaming needs.

It comes as a midrange gaming laptop. It also comes in two sizes, 15 inches, and 17 inches.

Depending upon your usage, you can consider buying them. It has a good battery life that can last up to 5 hours and 37 minutes. 

It has many Bluetooth options. You can connect the one that you want without any hindrance.

It enables two displays, both 4K and 8K. It allows a transfer speed of 40gbps which is amazing to use.

The weight of the laptop will vary sometimes depending upon the type of configuration that we order. This laptop does not offer touch screen facilities.

If your Dell G7 is overheating, then you have to contact the BIOs, which will be available in the customer settings. 

You can even replace the thermal paste of your laptop. Some other common things are using a cool pad so that you can avoid heating to some extent. You can even expand RAM up to 16GB. It comes with a headphone and mic combo jack which will be very useful while playing games.

It has a good processor and has a base clock speed of 4.1 GHz. It has good webcam support, wifi 6, RGB keyboard, and windows 10 home.

Main Differences Between Dell G3 and G7

  1. Dell G3 laptop came on 23rd July 2020. On the other hand, Dell G7 came on 23rd June 2020.
  2. The weight of the Dell G3 laptop is 2.53 kg. On the other hand, the weight of the Dell G7 laptop is 2.60 kg, but the weight will differ on the type of configuration you order.
  3. The RAM support of the Dell G3 laptop is 8 GB. On the other hand, the RAM support of the Dell G7 laptop is 16 GB.
  4. The model number of the Dell G3 laptop is G3 itself. On the other hand, the model number of the Dell G7 laptop is G7 15 7588.
  5. The colors available in the Dell G3 laptop are white. On the other hand, the colors available in Dell G7 are black. 
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