Difference Between iPad and ebook Reader

Reading is an art intertwined with various other accomplishments. Memory retention, language development, and motivation are a few achievements of reading.


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Reading is the best pastime for all age groups. Both iPad and ebook readers have notable strengths to impress avid readers.

These are multiple sources to enjoy ebooks, and the backlit screen makes reading enjoyable at night. The on-screen task makes navigation easy and spontaneous.

iPad vs ebook Reader

The difference between iPad and ebook is functionality. The iPad uses an LCD screen similar to the laptop and computer. It is attractive as it has a huge screen size and a better battery life. The ebook reader screen has e-ink technology. It has a non-glare screen and provides a better experience while reading under bright sunlight.

iPad vs ebook Reader

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The iPad is a touchscreen tablet manufactured by Apple. The iPad originated in the year 2010.

The iPad utilizes the IOS operating system, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity and is feasibly compatible with 4G. The iPad enhances multitasking.

It seamlessly works among apps. The slide-over or split view works with ease with multiple apps.

The ebook got created by Marin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in 1997. They were voracious readers.

It is a portable electronic device designed primarily to read digital electronic books and periodicals. The device is designed for minimal power consumption to enhance reading time for consumers.

The ebook utilizes e-ink technology for display.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisoniPadebook Reader
UsageIt is a multimedia device. You can watch movies, listen to music, or even read books.It is for the sole purpose of reading. It has a huge collection of books in the e-library.
ScreenThe iPad uses an LCD screen which causes strain to the eyes.The ebook reader uses ink technology. It does not stress the eyes.
BatteryThe battery does not have a long life.The battery lasts for weeks.
WeightThe device weighs around 1.5 pounds / 680 grams, adding strain to your hands.The kindle is 10.2 ounces / 34 grams, and you can read comfortably without any strain.
LightThe iPad is not a good option for nighttime reading.The ebook reader is amazing for nighttime reading, providing the perfect brightness.

What is iPad?

The iPad is a tablet or a small computer. The device launched officially in the year 2010 was the creation of Apple Company.

It was a magical device to browse the net, listen to music, and read ebooks. It can be an amalgamation between iPod, iPhone, and Mac.

The iPad has no keypad or trackpad but a user-friendly touchscreen. The iPad runs on the IOS operating system.

The apps designed to run on iPhone are compatible with the iPad. There are many specific apps developed uniquely for iPads.

The iPad screen is larger than the iPhone, so the apps can include more user interface than the iPhone. The 9.7-inch screen size makes it an ideal ebook reader, and the iBooks app helps download books. The color screen supports art books, illustrated stories, and novels, making the reading experience pleasurable.

The Portrait mode or landscape mode amplifies the reading experience. The iPad is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible.

We can surf the net and download apps to the device. A few versions of the iPad support transferring data.

The original did not support a camera. The iPad 2 includes both rear and front-facing cameras.

The iPad is comparable to mobile. The ease of parental control and numerous apps for children sets it apart.

For a hardcore gamer, the iPad is the ultimate gaming portal. The product’s portability and user interface make it a big selling point.

What is an ebook Reader?

An ebook reader is a movable electronic device for reading digital books and journals. The design provides minimal usage of power for longer hours of uninterrupted reading.

The ebook utilizes an e-ink display, mimicking ink’s appearance on paper. It is less strenuous on the eyes when compared to the LCD or LED display.

The glare-free view allows undisturbed reading even while used outdoors under bright sunlight. The ebook reader comes in various sizes.

The small ebook readers are available in six to seven inches, and the larger versions are available in ten to fourteen inches. The smallest and the lightest ebook readers are not user-friendly.

The touchscreen models are a bit heavy but compact. The ebook reader offers the choice to change the font size.

The incorporated backlight makes it possible to read in the dark. There is a great option to adjust the brightness of the ebook reader screen, adding to the comfort of your eyes.

The battery life lasts for weeks, a great advantage of the ebook. The latest ebook readers are WiFi-enabled, which comes in handy to connect to the internet or even download your favorite books.

You can either download the books from the app library or buy the book from an online bookstore. The dedicated library for ebook users adds to the collection of books available online.

The ebook reader is an exceptional device for voracious readers.

Main Differences Between iPad and ebook Reader

  1. The iPad screen is LCD(Liquid Crystal Display). The ebook reader uses the e-ink technology to imbibe the pen-and-paper effect.
  2. The LCD screen of the iPad strains the eyes. The e-ink technology of ebook readers does not stress the eyes.
  3. The battery of the iPad is not long-lasting. The battery life of the ebook readers lasts for weeks.
  4. The iPad is a multi-utility device. The sole purpose of an ebook reader is reading.
  5. The iPad does not offer much customization for reading options. The ebook reader can adjust the font size and style and offer text-to-speech.
Difference Between iPad and ebook Reader
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